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Star Rating 2/22/2011
My family and I relocated here in 2009 from Southern California with modest expectations. If your expectations are like ours, you won’t be too disappointed. Just don’t expect a utopia of jobs, low priced homes, republicans and friendly people – San Antonio has catch.

Despite the summer heat (which is really no worse than most of the Southern U.S.), the biggest "catch" in this city is the horrible traffic and terrible over-crowding. Keep in mind, I'm from California and I consider traffic a way of life - but San Antonio is ridiculous. Also, where do these drivers come from? Have you ever seen drivers slow down while merging UNTO a rapidly moving freeway? Visit here; you’ll know what I’m talking about. Worse drivers I’ve ever seen – which compounds the overcrowding and traffic issues. Not to mention the wacky freeway systems and “Turnaround” nonsense TEXDOT has designed. Are they joking? You’ll drive 10 miles to cross the street – that’s not an exaggeration.

You also can’t escape the crowds anywhere within San Antonio or surrounding areas. I’m not just talking about downtown, I’m talking about the entire metro area. San Antionio is very much “big city” Texas. Forget the farms and cowboys, that’s’ reserved for other Texas cities with less than 10 Wallmarts. San Antonio has effectively crunched over 2 million residents within a 20 mile radius – ouch!

Allergies? My kids developed Asthma from the Mountain Cedar pollen that chokes the air every winter. It’s the only tree IN THE WORLD that blooms in Winter and its only grows in this general area. Awesome!



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