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 Laura Graves
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Star Rating 6/4/2010
To all who have written horrible reviews calling Cleveland "disgusting" with its inhabitants all "crabby, cranky, and pale", I say that I'm sorry that you feel that way, but if you don't like it you can leave. We don't need any more negativity here. Obviously you have not bothered to explore any of this city other than the local sports bar, where of course you will see people drinking and watching sports (which is all you claim Cleveland has to offer). On Anthony Bourdain's travel show he claims that the episode where he explores Cleveland was his favorite. Why? Because we've got character. Yes the weather is rough in the winter, but we have beautiful fall, spring, and summer seasons as well. If you are not tough enough to brave a little snow, move back south. We could do without driving behind you while you are going 10 miles an hour with an inch of snow on the ground anyways. Downtown has its rough parts but also has very bustling entertainment districts with bars, comedy clubs, theaters, etc. such as E. 4th Street, W. 6th Street, and Playhouse Square. Sure it has its poor surrounding neighborhoods, but also has wonderful up and coming as well as historical neighborhoods such as Ohio City, Tremont, University Circle, Coventry, Little Italy, Asiatown, and the Detroit Shoreway with its growing Gordon Arts district. All these neighborhoods feature wonderful restaurants (4 of the James Beard Award semifinalists are chefs from Cleveland), concert venues, boutiques, art galleries, and more. And I challenge you to name any U.S. city that doesn't have its areas where crime is more prevalent. Cleveland has the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, the Cleveland Playhouse, The Cleveland Symphony, Cleveland Institute of Art, and Museum of Natural History. Throughout the year Cleveland's neighborhoods constantly offer free and family-friendly festivals celebrating art, music, food, and culture. Yes our sports teams, with the exception of the Cavs, can be frustrating. Yet every season we come back and support them in full force with new hope, because Clevelanders have heart. So, I challenge you to put just a little effort in getting to know what this city has to offer before pigeonhole the entire geographic area and all its people. The fact that Cleveland has its problems, yet Clevelanders remain tough as well as hopeful is just why I like it.



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