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I've lived in Washington, New York and Arizona. I enjoy Washington overall but there are some problems with the state for me that irritate me.

It's varied with its terrain and climates. Western WA is wetter and mild/cool, whereas Eastern WA is a swing between hot and cold and much drier, like California and Arizona. The mountains are beautiful and there's tons of work in select markets. The problem is that, as of the last few years, it's become expensive to live in the greater Seattle area and there have been a surge of increased taxes and insane politics from rabid liberals that have really cut through what was a more moderate place in cost and politics.

I love the sports scene in the state, though it's mostly the west side that gets all the high profile teams (makes sense). I've lived in several cities in/around Seattle as well as the Tri-Cities area. I'm considering moving to Spokane in the future depending on a few things. I love living in this state but if the local governments were to get more radical and push taxes even further, I'd be tempted to go back to Arizona, where I really enjoyed myself despite the hot summers.



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