People are so rude here.

 Norma Lozano
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Star Rating 3/7/2008
I moved back to Homestead after a few years away. What a mistake!
Is not the same thing anymore. I am not earning not even close to what I was earning at the place where I lived before. People changing lanes without signal light, running late yellow lights already red. This causes so many accidents. If you go grocery shopping, people with shopping carts trying to get ahead of you, and then turning back to give you a bad face. People actually fighting over a spot to the cashier, and what's worst, being rude to elderly persons. I truly want to go back to my other place.
I you consider moving here, please check not twice, but 5 times.
My days get better when I find nice people and I am nice to them. I wish we'd try a little harder. I'm not sure if I want this place for my kids to grow up.



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