Manhattan is its own city now let's save the plane

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You are misleading your readers by including Manhattan, New York in with New York City, in which you state that 8 counties are included with that one city ... Ummmm NO and the population for Manhattan is definitely not over 8 million people with a median household size of 2.6 or whatever. But they have done the same thing in Los Angeles (taken most but not all of the cities within the County of Los Angeles calling it one city (including the San Fernando Valley starting in Woodland Hills which now has matching signs to prove we are indeed Los Angeles with 4 million plus residents and bringing changing the median income, household size, etc ... Bringing the middle and rich down and the poor up. How can u compare for example a million dollar brownstone (owned apartment or townhouse in CA) in Manhattam to anything not in Manhattan or even to rent a place in the "city" costs 4K or more for a one bedroom. That's like in California grouping my 289k condo to whatever u would find in say Watts then taking the average ... Cities r city's for a reason as they have their own zip codes (sometimes 2 or more), post office, library etc, people live where they live because of the area or the weather ... Prime example the weather in Woodland Hills is approximately 10 degrees hotter that the city of Los Angeles itself so how can you group cities into one with such different definitions of hot. You can't. Los Angeles like Manhatten is its own a city but so is Brooklyn, Woodland Hills. You need to stop grouping cities together b/c the climate change is your fault. Cities like people move at different speeds and by putting someone super slow with someone stuck on super sonic is going to have deadly concequences for the world as a whole b/c it can't be pulled in every direction and eventually like tendon it's going to snap.



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