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East Mountains New Mexico - 4/2/2006
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I can't think of a more perfect place to retire.
Great climate. Kind people. Close to a big city, university and major medical but it is like being far away from all of that.
It is peaceful, and yes enchanting.

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Land of entrapment - 10/27/2016

The only way to survive your stay in NM is to srT home while you plan to move out I came here as a volunteer 2 years ago and have lived in 5 states Unless you are filthy rich the natives are ext rude and menacing, the women are pretty jealous and treT single pretty women like you are trash. I as well as other single white or black women have actually been threatened. You can't go hiking because your cR will be vandalized or burnt when you return. I've it happen in northern NM NM in the north along 285 is the thoroughfRe for the Mexican cartel going north There is no work here for intelligent people. I was told to dumb down my resume, and even with that I've walked into places inquiring for work and before I can get my speak out the hiring managers who are ethnic sY there are no jobs and to leave And the wY the ethnics public ally scold their husbands D's us atrocious and the poor guys just hang their heDs in embarrassment If it wasn't for music I think I would've lost my mind these last 2 yeRs I won't have to spend time in purgatory,ive already lived it Si if you're stuck here save your pennies, pray and leave asap .

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Rio Rancho, NM

Living in NM - 8/1/2016

I have lived in New Mexico for 6 months and I cant wait to leave, I have 4 months to move. This is the biggest armpit in all 50 states. The entire state is broken in every way from transportation, money, laws, everything. This being a Liberal and sanctuary state you can get 5 DUI's and kill someone in a car acciedent and get off with a few months in jail. The people are rude and the cost of living is expensive, all major companies either do not come here or they leave like Intel did, the city doesn't want to grow or progress they are content to be a lower class non productive state......that's why they call it the land of entrapment..

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Houston, TX

No Comment - 2/28/2016

Just signed up to look for new place to retire and live on a budget. Love tennis.

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Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico is the worse place in the universe to l - 12/9/2015

After reading some of the listings about how good it is here, I say where? Unless you live in one of the exclusive gated communities. Which there are very few. The reality of the stench of New Mexico will over power and destroy you.

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Albuquerque, NM

Love it here - 10/21/2015

Weather here is great. Cost of living is low. People are friendly. Food is amazing. Lots of outdoor activities.

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Rockville Centre, NY

Retire in Santa fe - 10/4/2015

Opinion of Santa fe

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Littleton, CO

67 yr old single woman retired - 4/16/2015

Looking for a friendly, reasonably priced town to live and grow in. looking to buy.

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Tucumcari, NM

New Mexico SUCKS - 3/12/2015

I have been in New Mexico all my life for 54 years, if you are a smart person, you will never come here. Our state is a 3rd world country. Our state leaders do not give dam about you, just your money. This state sucks.

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Denver, CO

New Mexico robbed me of 5 years of my life - 10/22/2014

Somehow ended up in New Mexico. This was the worst decision I've ever made. After the allure of Santa Fe wore off (the facade doesn't last long--your realize it's full of rich white people, passive aggressive natives, and the poorest of the poor--and the art? That's terrible, too.), I moved to Albuquerque to try to start a new career as a nurse. I've never been more depressed, more anxious, more frightened that I would succumb to the pit of hell that is New Mexico. New Mexico is full of thieves, swindlers, and people perfectly content to sit in their mediocrity. If you need to get anything done, from renewing your car registration to paying tuition to getting your toilet fixed by a landlord or plumber---the infrastructure does not least not in the way it should. You will be cheated. You will be taken advantage of. You will not get want you need. Nothing makes sense there, as nobody follows the law, or even just common sense and decency; it's the wild west, and it's full of outlaws and corrupt people (including the state's leaders). You'll be threatened. And when you question why things are so awful, everyone will be aghast at your suggestion. Because everyone in NM thinks it is the most wonderful place on earth! There is nowhere else. And of course the balloons and green chile make up for the depravity. Even though the schools are bankrupt, the drug use is rampant, the teen pregnancy rate sky, i's the best place ever. In New Mexico, I worked in schools, taught at community college, worked EMS, and in the hospitals as a nurse. I wouldn't return to NM if it were the last place on earth. There is something deeply unnerving about a place so far isolated, but one that is so in love with itself, so content to stay the same, with no movement towards improving itself or the status of its residents. The lack of greenery, the poverty, the bitterness--it's awful. People in New Mexico will not show you kindness, they will show you prejudice and disgust. And there is nothing heroic in sticking around to offer help, assistance, or insight to those who reside there. They don't want your help. They're happy just where they're at. Stay away from New Mexico. It will take pieces of you that will take a long time to get back. I am still working on that. It took a concerted, multi-year plan to finally get out of that place. Finally leaving was like fleeing from an abusive captor. I will never, ever return.

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Farmington, NM

Dry and sunny - 1/27/2013

For the most part, NM has wonderful weather. Lots of sunny days with bright blue skies and no humidity! However, if you have something like dry eye syndrome, this may not be a good place for you to live.

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Chicago, IL

New Mexico - 10/18/2012

SperlingView, I'm so happy to read your response because it totally echos mine -- minus the daughter on the way to college. I knew I would live in NM at the age of 12 when my parents allowed me and 2 cousins to take a train ride to CA to visit my aunt. The train stopped in ALBQ and we were allowed to get off for a while. I almost missed the back on part, as I was in awe of what I saw. I have never lost that vision and someday I knew I would live in NM. I currently in Chicago and also on the early retirement track. I've been a lot of places and seen a lot of faces and not much phases me either. I'm totally about clean living, museums, theatre, good conversation and decent people. Perhaps we can compare notes, as I am planning a visit mid-year 2013.

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Bullhead City, AZ

Arizona is very hot and i have and chronic obstruc - 9/3/2012

I can't travel far so i am looking into the states that are close by and california cost to much.

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Santa Fe, NM

Best Places to Live - Santa Fe, NM - 8/15/2012

New review for Ida. I've lived in New Mexico off and on since 2003 and have been coming through this area for even longer. I have my vacation home here due to a seasonal gallery but would never live here permanently. It has changed so much from the New Mexico that I once knew. It is now a tourist trap and the locals that once made this place what it was are no longer here. They've moved. I just bought a lake cabin in Tennessee and am now looking for a place in Italy for retirement. That's not for everybody but what I am saying is that New Mexico is all but "enchanting." I hate it here and have tried to find reasons to stay. The only reason? The tourists. My gallery does well with a captured audience but you will only find me here May through September. Otherwise I am gone. I know you're from Texas and most Texans either come to New Mexico or Colorado but both states are not what they used to be. I lived in Colorado for 20 years and left because there are just too many people there with the same idea in mind. Not for me.

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Livingston, TX

searching for a new place to live - 5/28/2012

we have been in Santa Fe with our RV. Enjoy the climate and the beauty of the Santa Fe area. Trying to find out where to put down our roots. Northern New Mexico is very beautiful but does have its' challenges.

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Taos, NM

I traded my birthplace SF CA for an improvement in - 12/4/2009

I came to NM 13 yrs. ago. I was able to purchase acreage at 500.00 per acre and build an adobe home for under 30k. I escaped the greedy loan sharks and liberated myself from landlords after spending in my 25 yrs. over 150k in rent. I live more, work less and my house is paid for.I have solar hence no utility companies and 100.00 a month in propane and wood costs and a flat rate 35.00 month in a phone bill. The people are nice and more real as are the politicians compared to Caliwood. Never thought I would find a place preferable to Cali. and when I miss the more temperate climate and go back to visit, I am reminded of the horrendous traffic,over crowdedness,lack of breatheable clean air and prevailant gang activity. NM is rated as poor, econmically but it is rich in community, family values and more people are down to earth. I and many here are living proof that you can get out from underneathe the economic slavery.My friends in Calli thought I was a wingnut but now as they are facing the reality of the times they think I am lucky. Oh another thing is that the sun always shines here even with snow on the ground it comes nearly 360 days a year.

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Albuquerque, NM

Land of EnTRAPment - 9/17/2009

New Mexico is a beautiful state but the beauty is not worth living here. Crime is up, there are lots of immigrants who drive without a license and cause lots of accidents, DWI is a serious issue. In Albuquerque, (the largest city) there is nothing to do but drink if you are young. Downtown has a few bars but gets very boring after a few times. If you do go downtown some drunk idiot will most likely try picking a fight whit you or someone else. The only activities to do are some concerts, the state fair, watch a movie, go to a Lobo game or get outta town! Jobs are hard to come by and Santa Fe is the only place to work if you want to make a decent living but you will end up paying an arm and a leg just to be able to live in the "bad part" of town. If you enjoy hiking there are many trails you can go on plus some hot springs but honestly not worth it.

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Rio Rancho, NM

Climate - 7/8/2009

Will always keep you guessing . .

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Albuquerque, NM

In General - 9/21/2008

Has 300+ Days of Sunshine and is very dry. Almost no Tornadoes and No Hurricanes and almost no snow unless in the Mountains

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Phoenix, AZ

Ha! You think it is hot there!? - 2/15/2008

I just have to laugh at folks that say NM is hot. Oh yeah big deal 105 F in the summer? HA! I live in Phoenix Az and in July it gets to an average 118 F...this lasts until September...then It is 105-110 until October.... The weather starts to get warm in May and by June it just gets hotter...July comes am just glad it is dry heat! Much much MUCH better then humidity. Oh and another thing...the pop in Phoenix is 1.5 Phoenix about traffic...I just don't understand all these people on here complaining about heat and traffic?

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Rio Rancho, NM

Question - 1/17/2008

What will happen in 2008?

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