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 Stephany White
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Star Rating 5/30/2012
Kentucky is one of the worst places you can live. I've lived in Edmonton, visited other towns/cities here, and right now am living in Cave City. All places in KY are basically the same.
The people here are TRASH no matter where you go. The people here are really stupid and half can't spell to save their lives. The education systems here is insanely bad so that's why. Almost everyone here is on food stamps, disability, and/or SSI.
Cave City looks like a giant slum. And Cave City people, and KY people in general, LOVE to gossip about people and cause trouble. KY is the worst place I've ever moved to and was the worst mistake I ever made. I'm leaving here ASAP.



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Renee A.

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My goodness Stephany, that is quite a broad generalization of the people and the entire state of Ky wouldn't you say? I mean, you may also want to "proof read" what you type before accusing people of not being educated there. Have you lived in EVERY city/town in Ky? I highly doubt it. I lived in Ky for years. There are excellent schools in Ky, it's a great place to live and raise a family. It's hard if you live in a city or town that you don't like but it isn't fair to generalize all of the people that live there because that makes you as ignorant as the statement you made.



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