Citrus county, FL (a better place to live?)

 C.W. Krantz
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I highly disagree that Citrus county is a better place to live. It is a bad place to live. One is dictated at every facet of living or improving ones life or property. Just to do the simplest task must be done with the purchase of permission, or permits according to a "code". This county is a leader of having become a dictatorship aligned with that of Germany some 70 years ago with storm trooper enforcement goons tramping on your personal property (without permission) hiding behind the excuse that a neighbor tattled on you. The inquisition if you will, searching behind every tree, under every rock, and interrogating as they go. The citizen is a criminal in their eyes and they will prove it according to every ridiculous and demeaning "code" a commissioner can dream of and hustle through every other Tuesday at (when?) 1PM on your work day afternoon.

A good guy, bad guy scenario is in existence in Citrus county whereby the neighbor whose friendship you should be enjoying is encouraged to tattle on you for any ridiculous reason, creating a hate and animosity amongst citizens. This is divide and conquer type of control by government against the citizen. Control officers now stomp across your property, trespassing, uninvited, and intimidating. An individual on a power trip, with camera in one hand and clipboard in the other, judge and jury against the property owner knowing they have the backing of governmental extortion if you do not comply with their wishes. If you do not cooperate fully, be blackmailed. This unfriendly government will fine you and lien your property from you. As a property owner you are at the disadvantage as you can see.
As a Constitution abiding, citizen born, raised, and taught in this United States of America, I want the rights I have been promised as I grew up and then spent time in the Army and adult life to enforce. I want the privilege I have by nature to think and learn for myself. I do not want the hell of embarrassment, harassment, threats, and intimidation brought against myself and my neighbor who build, repair, invent, create, new ideas, and think by a narrow minded government who demands every one and everything be uniform and sterile.

I am selling out of Citrus County (and out of FL). I, as a free American, can not and will not attempt to survive my retirement years under a dictatorship or anything akin to it. It affects ones mental and physical health. I have many thoughts and much to say on this subject. Th



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Annie B.

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We moved to Citrus County, FL from Los Angeles County, CA. And with us we moved our business as well. Since then we have bought a couple of properties, and both were sitting in limbo before our purchase. Now, the property taxes are once again being paid to the county. We are, slowly but surely, improving them to help raise property values in the neighborhood, and/or at the very least not helping in the decline of value. It is unfortunate for us that we have learned that the neighbors living next to us are, well how can I put it, less than desirable to live next to. It's true much can be ignored, as we have been doing, however these particular neighbors are only fueled to be more of a bother and nuisance when ignored. Another neighbor who has lived in the area for over 20 years says that those next to us have made it their job/profession to insistently lower the quality of life for those around them. Most of our neighbors are awesome and, like ourselves, wish to have and help others around them achieve a happy, peaceful existence in a clean and healthy community and environment. After nearly three years of dealing with the bad neighbors and their destructiveness to the environment, the people and the animals in the neighborhood, it's about all we can take. We have been through court appearances and dealings with the sheriff, county officials, etc. They have dirtied the area with garbage running an illegal junk yard. They continuously pollute the ground water with chemicals, and the air by expelling noxious gases to drain tanks they plan to scrap. They have committed larceny by raping clean the abandoned and foreclosed homes in the area. The list goes on and on and no one seems to want to do anything about it. After threats were made, our cat went missing. Our tires have gone flat more then a few times now, I have been grabbed at in a sexually harassing manner, forced to deal with stalker behavior, they continue to encroach upon our land as well as public land too, and this is only a mere fragment of what is and has been going on. We love our home, our neighborhood, and almost all our neighbors too, but unless the county, city, and state, in other words someone does something about the problem, we will be forced to move ourselves and our business elsewhere. I would think that the county would want to help those paying their taxes and rid itself of the dirt-bags who try and have succeeded at taking advantage of the system as much as they can and at every turn. Lowering the quality of life, liberty, and happiness of anyone around them merely for their own amusement which has been the "reason" they gave me for being such bad neighbors. So with this all said and ranted out, cheap therapy I guess, I have only this to say. Personally, I still hold hope, but would very much like to see the support of our community to a better, healthier, more productive environment then what it can be when rogue dogs are left going wild and rabid to terrorize those around them without repercussions. I implore you, Citrus County, to protect us and yourself from such vile destruction. Just writing this, I am left feeling quite frustrated. I would much prefer be writing a wonderful review of how amazing Florida, and especially Citrus County, is and how we are in process of buying yet more still and sitting properties to help stimulate the depressed economy and keep taxes on these properties paid. However, unfortunately my opinions have been clouded with the horrendous negativity brought to me by Citrus County's high tolerance for such bad and destructive persons. Unfortunately it may be time to start looking elsewhere for a community more interested in helping people like ourselves rather than persons like them. We are doing our part Citrus County it is now time you too take a part in maintaining a prideful community throughout the county, not just in select areas! thank you for reading.



Annie B.

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I would like to give an update to My last post on Citrus County. The bad neighbors we were dealing with had since moved after being issued an injunction forcing them to stay 500 ft from Me and My home. At first they moved only exactly 500 ft from Me and then a few months later moved from there but left behind them most of their trash all over the neighborhood. However, all in all the neighborhood is finally coming into peace and in process of healing. Though our cat has not been seen since and in fact they claimed to have trapped him and then ate him. Shows you what kind of sick people we had been forced to deal with, very sad!!! We very much miss our feline friend and though still scarred we are relieved to no longer have to deal with the multiple daily attacks by these more then invasive persons. With luck they will stay away and we can go on enjoying running our businesses without such harassment. Florida is beautiful and Citrus County is a very lovely environment complete with the Gulf of Mexico, multiple rivers one of which is the Withlacoochee River which btw is one of only a few rivers in the world that run North. It flows west, then north, and then turns northwest and finally west again before it empties into the Gulf of Mexico, pretty awesome and I love peddle boating up and down it when I can which is never often enough for Me but working to support My businesses isn't easy work, Thankfully I am a workaholic. With the bad neighbors out of the neighborhood I feel a bit safe to explore and plan to adventure about to see the many natural springs, wild life refuges, rivers, lakes, and social spots too. Recently we visited a little bar and grill named "SAUCED HOGS" on a Sunday when I was feeling restless and needed to venture out and about. To our surprise they had live music with a singer and guitarist named Walt who was really good and play fun music. We ordered food which took a little long to get to us but was well worth the wait, they were packed btw, and had the best sweet potato fries I've enjoyed yet!!! Anyways I don't want to turn this into a long drawn out submission here I simply wanted to update you all to the environment in which we live and it's improvements, which I am happy to report! Thanks for reading ;-)



This writer indicates citrus county may be a very good choice. You cant believe the human trash that lives in FL. they dont care if they fill their yards with junk cars, their houses rot apart or their septic tanks overflow. If citrus tries to enforce codes to maintain property values these white trash "landowners rights" people go live together. You can tell by the paranoid tone of the indignation there may be other mental problems too, frequent in florida, which is why we have the governor we do driving away jobs and trying to take away all protective consumer laws and eliminate teachers. Im leaving as soon as i can retire.



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