Terrible place to live

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The only good comments you will here about Denver or Colorado will come from narrow minded natives. In my opinion, this place should not be called colorful Colorado, it should be called boring, and colorless Colorado. There are not any lakes, or water recreation, unless you call ponds like Chatfield a lake. Any activity you might want to do in the mountains will be regulated be the tax happy government, or the over priced, and overcrowded ski resorts. You may enjoy Colorado if you like paying $1,000.00 for vehicle tags every year, and getting crappy roads in return. And just as the gentleman from Clovis mentioned the people here have zero personality. And if you are a hardcore liberal, or dope smoker, you will love the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF BOULDER. I could keep going on, and on, but I'm sure everyone gets the point.I have given several points on why this is not a very good place to live. Now can anyone give any other reasons other than skiing, hiking, or riding your bikes on the highway, that this is a good place to live.

Born in this hell hole, raised in wonderful Texas, stuck here for last 12 years, can't wait to leave.



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David T.

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Just the opposite for me.... I live in San Antonio Texas and I am originally from Colorado. Texas absolutely sucks and Colorado is an active persons paradise! The post above must have come from a person that is overweight and likes to sit on the couch all day. Plenty to do in Colorado.... Just get off the beaten path Fat Albert and you will find serenity and solidarity at no cost. There are more lakes (ponds) that you can count in Colorado! If you did not realize when you moved there it is a Rocky Mountain State! Not an Ocean or Great lakes State! I would speak for the many there.... GET OUT THEN! You can have your barren desolate state of Texas back! No wonder some animals eat there young! What a depressing person!



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