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 Heather Noble
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Star Rating 7/7/2010
I'm a Tucson native. I've lived here, off and on, forever, and I was raised in the public school system. I currently work at the University.

You will love Tucson if you: hate paying taxes, are from New York or Chicago, think a 45 minute commute is nothing, don't have kids or have kids you can afford to homeschool or send private, want to own a big sprawling home in proximity to nothing, enjoy driving everywhere, love strip malls, don't want to get to know your neighbors, are an engineer and have shady ethics. If you are old boy's network, this town is for you!

You will hate this place if: you are middle class or poor, were raised here, have children who are being bullied in the public schools, you need to work for a living and not off a company that moved here for the 'low cost of labor', you like building missiles or working for the government, you are not a burlesque dancer, you think nepotism or favoritism is for losers from mafia neighborhoods, you don't have a trust fund, and you don't believe in the perma-tan, blonde-steak ethic that pervades this So-Cal wannabe oasis.

I hate this damn town. I have tried for over 20 years to make this work. I've lived in seven diff. European countries and ten diff. US cities, I have a master's degree. This town only works if you are rich and wanna make your dollars go farther, and you wanna be a seflish ass and not give those monies over to the local government to improve education of the lokel yokels. SAD.

If you love subdivisions, you WILL certainly love it here.

Good luck.



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