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Allston - 4/20/2011
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where is allston?

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Haverhill, MA

LOVE MY MA - 2/23/2016

SOOOO proud to be from Massachusetts. We have it all here. Great colleges, ethnic and cultural diversity, an hour either way from the pure heaven of the Cape, North Shore, and Western MA not to mention going over the "Bordah" to NH and RI. The food is phenomenal and eclectic with our many farms, fishing ports and dairies, the people reserved and clannish but are made of long term friendship material. A sense of work ethics, a bit starchy but a great dry sense of humor. And we like our independence....oh yeah. We were the ones who broke the King's piece. History and cutting edge medical research. A dichotomy of staunch New England townies, preppies and Brahman intellectuals and Alternate therapy non conformists, wiccan new age hipsters and blue collar sports fans. There's a place for everyone here

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Hubbardston, MA

If you like high taxes and poor weather move here. - 2/27/2014

Corrupt Politicians, terrible roads and signage, terrible weather, liberal idiots who couldn't live without the government intervening in their freedoms. Oh, high cost of living and high taxes.

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Hubbardston, MA

If your a liberal, that loves bad weather and corr - 2/27/2014

Extremely high cost of living. Corrupt and Inept Democrat politicians who never answer for any mis deeds. Taxes that get wasted on money laundering unions and illegal aliens into democrat voters. Police and politicians who want to control your whole life. Horrible weather most of the year. Terrible roads and confusing road systems with poor signage. The politics get better the further you move west, but the roads don't and all money flows towards Boston, and generally silences out those in Central MA who do have some brains in their head and can think for themselves.

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Albany, NY

Boston is great! - 7/30/2013

I love Boston. It's the most beautiful american city. Lots of stuff to do even if you don't have much money.

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Dorchester Center, MA

Boston: dirty, deteriorating infrastructure, mean, - 5/7/2013

I have lived in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Washigton DC, and have to say living in Boston has been an education on what I DO NOT want. At first I was excited moving to a city with a wealth of history and a history of wealth. Boston has played a major role in America, but its hay days are long over. With horrible government, weak mayors, race relations gone to hell, and lacking leadership for business and industry, today, Boston is filled with ageing infrastructure (bridges and roads are the worst in the nation), the worst drivers ever, poor schools, and the people that are inward looking and selfish. I have never lived in a city which is dirtier and were people living in the city have to deal with so many issues that degrade their quality of life. If you buy property in Boston, be sure to chain and bolt down anything in your yards, or visible from the street. I live in what could be called a re-emerging neighborhood with homes, gaining in value and expensive by national standards. But it is impossible to maintain even a middle class level of living, The trash thrown into yards,sidewalks, and the damage done to any car left on the street is amazing. This city is in decline. This is not a city for people in love with city living.

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Canton, MA

Is Boston nicer than other major cities? - 4/22/2012

Tow days ago, I moved to Boston area with excitment to learn about the city and people. So far, I have encountered people on the streets and the hotel that I am staying and they have been either mean or offensive. For instance, at the I-95, when I stoped to yield to the traffic before I entered the I-95 people in cars behind me started to shout and stuck their arm out of their cars giving me obscene gustures. I was shocked that people get outraged so easily for me observing traffic rules. By the way, I drive a Z4 BMW and don't consider myself a sluggish driver. I have a speeding tickets to provit too. Another example, at the hotel the the front desk clerk yelled at me when I informed him about the broken refregirator in my room. There are a few other similar examples which I won't bore you with. I am looking for better encounters in Boston. I am sure there are nicer people in this city.

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Hurlock, MD

thank you - 3/13/2012

thank you

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Boston, MA

good times city living - 12/22/2011

I moved to the South End sector of the city 10 years ago after living i the suburb of Norwell for 15 years. I am close to everything so very walkable for everything I do. I love my commute which means walking across the street to work! The city is very financially sound which is a big plus today.

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Boston, MA

Interesting place to live - 12/6/2011

Boston is small but big.One can walk or take public transport everywhere. History, museums and, of course, sports. Lots and lots of educational opportunities. Easy to get in and out of with respect to travelling in the nuS or overseas. The airport is easily accessible by subway. There are outdoor activities for all seasons like skiing, boating, golf tennis and woods to explore.

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North Andover, MA

Ahhhhh, Boston - 10/23/2011

Boston, in my opinion is truly one of the greatest cities in the country, if not world. Boston is drenched in history, and is full of creative and inspiring minds. Yes, Bostonians may come off as rude at first, but once you get to know them, they will be some of your most loyal friends. Boston has a sense of community unrivaled by even my rural town in Virginia. The drivers, by all accounts, are as crazy and as insane as many say they are. My road tip? Be aggressive. Letting others cut you off, or using your turn signal is a sign of weakness all throughout Massachusetts. The food here is astonishing and you will never run out of things to do. get sick of the city? It is a short hour and 45 minute drive out to Amherst where you can hike, bike and hangout.

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Jamaica Plain, MA

Not a comfortable place to live - 6/23/2011

Look, here's the real scoop on Boston. I've lived here for 5 years, moved here from the South. also lived in DC and NYC. Boston is, yes, VERY cold. If you have a car and aren't able to get it covered, prepare to spend hours every winter shoveling. Also, you need to know Bostonians are extremely POSESSIVE of "their" parking spots. Prepare to see random chairs and trashcans on the CITY PUBLIC street. People want to reserve "their" spot, even DAYS, WEEKS after a snow fall. One guy on my street in Jamaica Plain has his trash can out there almost YEAR ROUND. It's so difficult b/c I do home visits for my job (I'm a family counselor) and I can drive down a street and I have to park blocks away b/c people are unecessarily possessive. They will SLASH your tires, key you, so something if you MOVE "their" chair.. I am NOT kidding. My dad was visiting a while back and moved a chair and he got a note in red lipstick warning him not to park there!! Also, I think Bostonians are rude on the surface. Heard of Massholes? They are proud of it! OMG People have bumper stickers with it.. can you imagine, being proud of being rude? I don't get it!! okay..BUT proud massholes are not too many.. AND once you get to know most Boston people, many Bostonians are NICE people. Most just come across as gruff and really keep to themselves. Ruder people than NYC, DEFINITELY. They also drive, as you've heard, INSANE. They will make up their own rules. If I had a buck for everytime someone came up to a RED LIGHT, stopped, looked both ways, and PROCEEDED to cross the intersection.. I'd be able to pay rent in Boston for a month (a very large sum!).. It's preposterous!! What is this, a third world country? road rules are very 'bendable' here. Cops do let a lot more rule breaking slide on the roads. ALSO, a plus for these MA folks--they drive very defensively, so this is how they avoid accidents. Compared to the south, you will definitely notice a difference. People here expect you to do CRAZY *ss things on the road, so this is why there aren't accidents all the time. Lastly, taxes. Do you know where they go? UNIONS out the yin yang. Very good benefits for low-income folks (good... but it's EXCESSIVE!). The accents sound like finger nails on a chalk board to me, but perhaps a southern accent (which I do not have even though I'm from there) sounds bad to them, I get it. ALSO, foget fast food joints. A FRACTION on the number from the south. I know for many people, this is a good thing :) but for me, I don't want to have to fight for parking, walk a mile, then buy my dinner, or worse, take the subway to eat. EVEN in the suburbs, not as many restaurants -- my theory? I will tell you: you don't have enough disposable income here to afford eating out. PERIOD. Go to Dallas, TX and compare... it's as clear as day (also go to to see real numbers.) I would love to be able to drive up somewhere, park, get my meal, done. Also, everything is INCREDIBLY expensive and expect to live with a dozen people or live in an attic. seriously, it breaks the bank here. A THIRD of my income goes to taxes (federal, state income tax, car tax, high sales tax, union dues ($600/yr). I make 40K and I can hardly make enough to live. I can't afford a newspaper subscription or to buy a book. my budget is SOOOO tight. OKAY, if you make enough money, you are young-ish, like the cold, like the "feel" of the north, like to travel (great location)... come to Boston! Otherwise, NYC or DC or Chicago will do the trick.

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Shawnee, KS

Abundance of culture and history - 5/17/2011

Boston is a city you can never get bored with. You could spend years visiting museums, historical sites, Universities, and unique shops. The city if full of culture! And, full of things to do! Shopping, nightlife, organizations to join, the list goes on and on. I have returned many times and still have so much to do and see.

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Burlington, MA

Allston - 4/20/2011

where is allston?

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North Reading, MA

6 feet of snow and counting....... - 1/25/2011

Hi, This is my first post on this site. I just wanted to give all you out there a heads up re: Boston It's WICKED snowy. I mean frigid cold. Depressing. If you like to shovel up to six feet of snow (and counting) then come on by. In the last month we've had four major storms. If you can't afford to live in a complex with covered parking (and I'm betting most of you can't because the average 2 bed in this area is $1200 a month) then you'll be shovelling for hours every storm. It's grueling. Last storm I spent five hours outthere and it's snowing again... and this is just January. We're in Forbes' top snowy cities. On top of that, it's extremely expensive. (see above for ave 2 BR) If you make under 40k, you will never own a home. This is not a place to start a life, a family, or ever retire. we treat our working class.. and middle class for that matter... as if they have no right to have a decent life. I know all this sounds harsh, but it's the truth. I had a brother in law who said (after moving to San Diego and returning for a visit), "Boston, that's a great place to die." Tongue in cheek I know, but if you're over 30, and are concerned for your lower back, young and looking for an opportunity to start a life, own a home, or have a kid, or older and looking for a place to spend those retirement years in peace and enjoyment, then this is not the place for you. Basically if you're human and want to not be depressed or filled with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness then you might want to look elsewhere. On the other hand if you're wealthy, can afford to pay for snow removal and have more that 400k to get into the bottom the real estate market, or otherwise are somewhat of a masochist, them come on by, you'll lov it.

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Middle Island, NY

Boston politics - 8/29/2010

Boston is overated. It is a bastion of liberals, progressives, mindless Democrats who do not think for themselves, but keep the same Democratic party scoundrels in office year after year. Then they wonder why the taxes are high, corruption is rampant. Despite this, Bostonians think they are superior to the rest of the country, more enlightened and progressive, but what they are in effect is a bunch of smug and narrow minded elitists. Boston is a city in which the Democratic party is so entrenched, that there is no competition. Even indepedent candidates, unless they are indeed progressives, do not stand a chance. If a rare Republican is elected, he or she better be pro-gay, pro-abortion, a free spending big deficit Democrat at heart. Thank God much of the country is not like places like Boston. You have to go west of Boston to find sane, reasonable, patriotic, and real Americans.

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Quincy, MA

Jazz and rock'n roll - 5/22/2010

A lot of grass roots jazz and rock'n roll bars.

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Meredith, NH

To Outsiders, From Boston - 2/21/2010

Enough with the negatives about Boston please. The FACTS are that this city has the best hospitals, education, schools, history, and many other wonderful qualities that other cities lack. Also, the FACTS are that: Bostonians are loud, rude, snotty, close-minded, don't know how to drive or get along w/ anyone outside of the Mass. border, and oh yes...the world does revolve around us. These are all known facts around the if you don't like it, leave or just don't visit at all.

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Charlestown, MA

Charlestown - 2/19/2010

Very "vanilla" living experience. Mix of "townies" and young families is nice. Waaay too many smokers to dodge when walking into the post office or super market. People don't seem to want to be healthy around Charlestown.

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Kennewick, WA

Boston Doesn't Care What You Think of It and Neith - 11/29/2009

I lived in and around Boston for 22 years. I got out because of high population, very high cost of living (from food to renting to car insurance to owning a pet to owning a car/house and high income tax, it is a wallet drainer), the impossible winters and the ignorance of the typical Bostonian. Since leaving almost nine years ago, I realize that although I wouldn't want to go back to live, there are some great aspects to the city and even the attitude of the people. After living in Michigan, Florida, Nebraska, New Jersey, Maryland/D.C., New Hampshire, and Washington State I can assure you that yes, Boston still possesses the rudest inhabitants and yet, they are real. Rarely do you NOT know where you stand with a native Bostonian. Also, Bostonians can be friendly in their own way - they aren't always bubbly and in your face (although some are) but they take some time to know. I also realize that after people find out I am from Boston, they tend to think they can explain my reserved personality. They expect me to be a bit blunt and sometimes outspoken but they appreciate my honesty. I believe you can find people on both sides of the coin in any city or major metropolitan area, however. Boston does shut down early, unless you know what to look for. Maybe because I lived there for so long I never ran out of things to do - and I am a night owl. Between Harvard Square (which has gotten a bit commercial in the past few years and lacks a bit of the spark it once had) and Faneuil Hall, the MIT area/Central Square, Fenway and Commonwealth Ave, Newbury St, etc., there is always something going on somewhere. And if you're bored of the city, drive up to Cape Ann and visit Rockport and Gloucester, or go further north to the lakes and mountains of NH. I never went to Cape Cod due to the massive tourist influx but that's another option, as well. The Berkshires aren't far and neither is Maine or Montreal. The winters are brutal, I won't lie. Now if you like that kind of thing, that's fine. Just always carry a scraper and a shovel in your car and have Triple A. Summers are hot and muggy and can often be a bit rainy from time to time but generally it's a great time to get out and about and enjoy the nature surrounding Boston - it also cools down at night. The suburbs tend to have a lot of Boston "lifers" which range from really quirky, brash but honest people to ignorant white trash that only know Boston and will only ever know Boston as their home. But you know what? You get that everywhere you go. I see it where I am now and have seen it everywhere I go. You will find yourself working with these people, maybe rooming with them, or meeting them through other friends of yours. It's your choice whether you want to be tolerant and friendly or if you want to despise them for their "ignorance" and "uncultured" outlook. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, there are great opportunities to join bands and it's not hard to make connections to get gigs. You can involve yourself in community theatre, sell and create art, and you can do just about any activity you want from adult voleyball leagues to a variety of martial arts to yoga, art classes of all kind and plenty of schools from which to choose if you want to attend college classes casually or get a degree. Overall, the weather and cost of living are why I will not move back. But you can live easily without a car in the city, and if you can get a high paying job then good for you - the real estate market there has burst a bit and it's not as hard to buy a house as it once was. There is plenty to do, and plenty of people there (too much in my opinion) and for the most part, the area is quite open-minded and diverse. Whatever problems with people and culture you encounter here you will be hard-pressed to NOT find in any other major city around the world. You have to know what you're looking for, have the right attitude and involve yourself if you want to have fun in ANY new place.

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Upton, MA

Housing Prices in Boston & Beyond - 9/23/2009

Boston is a small city, surrounded by smaller cities and townes that are up to 40 miles away. The resession has lower the housing costs in many of the cities and town by as much as 15-20%. New homes are still being built in the $500k to over $1 MIL cost. Most homes in this price range are in some of the "exclusive suburbs", such as Wesley, Concord and other. The housing sizes for that kind of money start at about 2500 sq.ft, and go up. MA towns rely on the homes property taxes to survive. There are no "county" taxes, but each town sets it's own tax rate, which can differ for commerical property vs. private residents. I live ~40 miles west of Boston, in a 1800 sq.ft 2 story colonial home, public water & sewer, in a town of ~ 5,000 people. Volunteer Fire Dept, full time police. 3 out of 4 schools are new and shared with the neighboring school. The house is currently assessed for ~ $350,000, and taxes are $4,300 / year.

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