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The unemployment rate in Pensacola, Florida, is 4.30%, with job growth of 0.92%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 37.53%.

Pensacola, Florida Taxes
Pensacola, Florida,sales tax rate is 7.50%. Income tax is 0.00%.

Pensacola, Florida Income and Salaries

The income per capita is $28,844, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $46,424.

  ECONOMYPensacola, FloridaUnited States
  Unemployment Rate  4.30%5.20%
  Recent Job Growth  0.92%1.59%
  Future Job Growth  37.53%37.98%
  Sales Taxes  7.50%6.00%
  Income Taxes  0.00%4.60%
  Income per Cap.  $28,844$28,555
  Household Income  $46,424$53,482
  Family Median Income  $63,644$65,443
  Income Less Than 15K  14.31%12.55%
  Income between 15K and 20K  6.32%5.36%
  Income between 20K and 30K  11.85%10.42%
  Income between 30K and 40K  11.26%9.80%
  Income between 40K and 50K  9.75%8.80%
  Income between 50K and 60K  8.18%7.90%
  Income between 60K and 75K  9.73%9.93%
  Income between 75K and 100K  11.96%12.16%
  Income between 100K and 150K  10.20%13.01%
  Income between 150K and 200K  2.87%5.04%
  Income greater than 200K  3.58%5.03%
  Management, business, finance  13.31%14.54%
  Engineering, computers, science  4.13%5.34%
  Community, social services  1.45%1.67%
  Legal  2.30%1.16%
  Education, library  7.37%6.13%
  Arts, design, media, sports, entertainment  2.20%1.91%
  Healthcare practitioners and technology  7.67%5.67%
  Healthcare support  3.42%2.51%
  Firefighters, law enforcement  1.31%2.23%
  Food preparation, serving  7.84%5.76%
  Building maintenance  3.99%4.01%
  Personal care  3.14%3.65%
  Sales, office, administrative support  26.62%24.36%
  Farming, fishing, forestry  0.02%0.73%
  Construction, extraction, maintenance/repair  8.00%8.24%
  Production, transportation, material moving  7.23%12.09%


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missed potential
Nice beaches, no education, bribery in politics, no taxes so no law enforcement, no upgrades in pollution control, lots of murder, drugs, people here turn a blind eye to... (read more)
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Sunshine and Sand
The quality of life here is very poor. It's hot, humid and sticky almost year round and suprisingly there's still a lot of housing without central air. Bugs and flying... (read more)
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