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The unemployment rate in Wichita, Kansas, is 5.20%, with job growth of 0.93%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 36.67%.

Wichita, Kansas Taxes
Wichita, Kansas,sales tax rate is 7.50%. Income tax is 4.60%.

Wichita, Kansas Income and Salaries

The income per capita is $24,921, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $45,907.

  ECONOMYWichita, KansasUnited States
  Unemployment Rate  5.20%5.20%
  Recent Job Growth  0.93%1.59%
  Future Job Growth  36.67%37.98%
  Sales Taxes  7.50%6.00%
  Income Taxes  4.60%4.60%
  Income per Cap.  $24,921$28,555
  Household Income  $45,907$53,482
  Family Median Income  $58,855$65,443
  Income Less Than 15K  13.70%12.55%
  Income between 15K and 20K  6.67%5.36%
  Income between 20K and 30K  12.10%10.42%
  Income between 30K and 40K  11.62%9.80%
  Income between 40K and 50K  9.37%8.80%
  Income between 50K and 60K  8.57%7.90%
  Income between 60K and 75K  10.23%9.93%
  Income between 75K and 100K  11.37%12.16%
  Income between 100K and 150K  10.50%13.01%
  Income between 150K and 200K  3.05%5.04%
  Income greater than 200K  2.83%5.03%
  Management, business, finance  13.11%14.54%
  Engineering, computers, science  5.19%5.34%
  Community, social services  1.91%1.67%
  Legal  0.80%1.16%
  Education, library  5.63%6.13%
  Arts, design, media, sports, entertainment  1.55%1.91%
  Healthcare practitioners and technology  5.30%5.67%
  Healthcare support  2.84%2.51%
  Firefighters, law enforcement  1.35%2.23%
  Food preparation, serving  6.07%5.76%
  Building maintenance  3.66%4.01%
  Personal care  3.36%3.65%
  Sales, office, administrative support  24.84%24.36%
  Farming, fishing, forestry  0.16%0.73%
  Construction, extraction, maintenance/repair  10.13%8.24%
  Production, transportation, material moving  14.12%12.09%


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Wichita Economy
The economy here can be very, very scary! They call it the "Air Capital" for a reason and when aircraft isn't doing well neither is anything else in this... (read more)
Wichita....I great place to live and work
Wichita is going through a boom right now. There are lot's of job's available and a strong growing economy. The issue with Wichita is simply the fact that we need... (read more)
Good place to live...if you can find a job
This is a town with lots of potential that no one really knows how to unlock. Outsourcing and low paying jobs have put a big strain on the economy. There are some family... (read more)
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I do not recommend anyone ever move here
Terrible schools, they are behind schools in California, Washington and probably every where else. The worst doctors I have ever encountered, I have lived in NM, WV, CA,... (read more)
American Dream Is Alive and Well In Oz
I've lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, (25 years), Scottsdale and Newport Beach, Ca, yet amongst all the places I've lived there is no better than Wichita for a... (read more)
Not a Nice Place to Live
For years I have been listening to my neighbor beat on his drum set. As he's gotten older, he's also gotten stronger, and beats on his drums even harder. I talked to... (read more)
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