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The unemployment rate in Flint, Michigan, is 9.30%, with job growth of 1.11%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 32.93%.

Flint, Michigan Taxes
Flint, Michigan,sales tax rate is 6.00%. Income tax is 5.25%.

Flint, Michigan Income and Salaries

The income per capita is $14,527, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $24,679.

  ECONOMYFlint, MichiganUnited States
  Unemployment Rate  9.30%5.20%
  Recent Job Growth  1.11%1.59%
  Future Job Growth  32.93%37.98%
  Sales Taxes  6.00%6.00%
  Income Taxes  5.25%4.60%
  Income per Cap.  $14,527$28,555
  Household Income  $24,679$53,482
  Family Median Income  $29,095$65,443
  Income Less Than 15K  32.15%12.55%
  Income between 15K and 20K  9.52%5.36%
  Income between 20K and 30K  15.20%10.42%
  Income between 30K and 40K  12.19%9.80%
  Income between 40K and 50K  8.25%8.80%
  Income between 50K and 60K  6.67%7.90%
  Income between 60K and 75K  6.48%9.93%
  Income between 75K and 100K  4.91%12.16%
  Income between 100K and 150K  3.53%13.01%
  Income between 150K and 200K  0.68%5.04%
  Income greater than 200K  0.42%5.03%
  Management, business, finance  5.99%14.54%
  Engineering, computers, science  2.32%5.34%
  Community, social services  1.77%1.67%
  Legal  0.54%1.16%
  Education, library  4.13%6.13%
  Arts, design, media, sports, entertainment  0.88%1.91%
  Healthcare practitioners and technology  4.75%5.67%
  Healthcare support  6.13%2.51%
  Firefighters, law enforcement  2.25%2.23%
  Food preparation, serving  9.24%5.76%
  Building maintenance  5.10%4.01%
  Personal care  6.82%3.65%
  Sales, office, administrative support  24.75%24.36%
  Farming, fishing, forestry  0.31%0.73%
  Construction, extraction, maintenance/repair  6.06%8.24%
  Production, transportation, material moving  18.97%12.09%


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Coming Home
I have lived in Jacksonville, FL for the past 11 yrs and am coming back to Flint because my family is still there.My mother,aunts, and uncles are retired GM employees... (read more)
Ready to move...long time coming!
The city is very high in crime. Most of the people are closed minded and do not fight for their city. I live in a somewhat nice neighborhood where it is very family... (read more)
Anticipation of the future
It can not get any worse here in Flint, only better. I'm very excited to see where this town ends... (read more)
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Have Faith
After reading many of the former comments, there are a lot of mixed views on Flint. Flint was once a great place to live with plenty to do and a provided a good quality... (read more)
Flint's population being over 400,000
I don't know who came up with this number. This place is a ghost town, every other house abandoned, no jobs, crime rate qualified us to be one of the worst cities to... (read more)
My name is Michael Green. I used to live in Flint, Michigan. I went to Bunche, Longfellow and Northern! I graduated in 1981 and immediately went into the service (U.S.... (read more)
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