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Norridge, Illinois, schools spend $15,230 per student. There are 15 pupils per teacher, 1,108 students per librarian, and 554 children per counselor in Norridge, Illinois schools. Explore Schools in this Area.

  EDUCATIONNorridge, IllinoisUnited States
  Expend. per Student  $15,230$12,435
  Educ. Expend. per Student  $13,103$10,495
  Instr. Expend. per Student  $7,789$6,405
  Pupil/Teacher Ratio  15.115.3
  Students per Librarian  1108803
  Students per Counselor  554513
  Grade School Educ.  7.31%6.05%
  Some High School Educ.  8.19%8.23%
  High School Educ.  39.48%28.24%
  Some College Educ.  17.65%21.29%
  2 yr College Grad.  7.55%7.70%
  4 yr College Grad.  13.45%17.88%
  Masters Grad.  5.59%7.43%
  Professional Degree  0.58%1.96%
  Doctorate Degree  0.19%1.22%

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