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  EDUCATIONMaple Grove, MNUnited States
  Expend. per Student  $14,724$12,435
  Educ. Expend. per Student  $11,702$10,495
  Instr. Expend. per Student  $7,865$6,405
  Pupil/Teacher Ratio  17.815.3
  Students per Librarian  507803
  Students per Counselor  600513
  Grade School Educ.  0.81%6.05%
  Some High School Educ.  1.87%8.23%
  High School Educ.  17.07%28.24%
  Some College Educ.  21.15%21.29%
  2 yr College Grad.  10.31%7.70%
  4 yr College Grad.  34.14%17.88%
  Masters Grad.  11.25%7.43%
  Professional Degree  2.15%1.96%
  Doctorate Degree  1.26%1.22%

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