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Health in Lake Wylie, South Carolina

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HealthLake Wylie, SCUnited States
Air Quality (100=best)90.493.9
Water Quality (100=best)4555
Superfund Sites (100=best)2071
Physicians per Cap.144261
Health Cost93.6100

There are 144 physicians per 100,000 population in Lake Wylie, SC. The US average is 261.

Lake Wylie, SC Health Index

Air quality in Lake Wylie, SC is 90 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). This is based on ozone alert days and number of pollutants in the air, as reported by the EPA.

Water quality in Lake Wylie, SC is 45 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). The EPA has a complex method of measuring watershed quality using 15 indicators.

Superfund index is 20 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). This is upon the number and impact of EPA Superfund pollution sites in the county, including spending on the cleanup efforts.

Lake Wylie Health SperlingViews

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