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The median home value in Prescott, Arizona, is $300,500. Home appreciation is -7.92% over the last year. The median age of Prescott, Arizona, real estate is 24 years.

Prescott, Arizona Apartments and Rentals

Renters make up 29.00% of the Prescott, Arizona, population. 15.49% of houses and apartments in Prescott, Arizona, are unoccupied (vacancy rate).

  HOUSINGPrescott, ArizonaUnited States
  Median Home Age  2437
  Median Home Cost  $300,500$185,800
  Home Appr. Last 12 months  5.54%3.74%
  Home Appr. Last 5 yrs.  17.42%16.02%
  Home Appr. Last 10 yrs.  -7.92%-0.68%
  Property Tax Rate  $6.54$11.80
  Homes Owned  55.51%56.34%
  Housing Vacant  15.49%12.45%
  Homes Rented  29.00%31.21%
  Studio Apartment  $615$712
  1 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $615$825
  2 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $810$1,027
  3 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,183$1,379
  4 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,185$1,601
  Vacant For Rent  2.29%2.34%
  Vacant Rented  0.13%0.46%
  Vacant For Sale  0.73%1.20%
  Vacant Sold  0.11%0.46%
  Vacant Vacation  8.89%3.97%
  Vacant Other  3.34%4.02%
  Less Than $20,000  4.52%4.57%
  $20,000 to $39,999  2.31%3.37%
  $40,000 to $59,999  1.11%4.19%
  $60,000 to $79,999  1.56%5.74%
  $80,000 to $99,999  3.43%6.79%
  $100,000 to $149,999  8.81%15.19%
  $150,000 to $199,999  11.66%14.69%
  $200,000 to $299,999  26.60%18.15%
  $300,000 to $399,999  19.11%10.43%
  $400,000 to $499,999  10.57%5.70%
  $500,000 to $749,999  8.33%6.39%
  $750,000 to $999,999  1.15%2.41%
  $1,000,000 or more  0.86%2.39%
  2010 and newer  1.00%2.03%
  2000 to 2009  26.56%14.63%
  1990 to 1999  21.13%14.01%
  1980 to 1989  15.96%13.70%
  1970 to 1979  14.51%15.66%
  1960 to 1969  21.13%14.01%
  1950 to 1959  4.40%10.63%
  1940 to 1949  2.51%5.25%
  1939 or Earlier  6.67%13.09%


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Prescott sucks! Not what it used to be...
Ive lived here since I was 14. When I first came to this place, it was a nice little city compared to where I used to live (Buckeye, AZ). But my views have changed 100%... (read more)
Estimated household bills - especially water
Can anyone currently living in this area give me a good idea of what estimated household bills would be. I am especially interested in what the water bill will be. I... (read more)
I moved here over 11 years ago.
I moved to Prescott from the Midwest. Yes, the cost of living is higher here than the Midwest and other parts of Arizona, but the weather year round and the vast amount... (read more)
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Omg!!!! Warning, warning warning!!!!!! DO NOT MOVE
I grew up in Arizona and I will tell you that PRESCOTT "used to be" a wonderful place to live. What happened is a ton of California investors moved in, tore this town to... (read more)
General quality of life in Prescott
I am thinking of relocating back to Arizona after supposedly settling north of Portland OR. Too wet. Way too wet. I invite all comments about Prescott and the... (read more)
Prescott has a small town feel
Prescott has a small town feel, with a courthouse square in the city center. This is unusual in the West. Most Western small towns are strung out along the main road,... (read more)
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