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The median home value in Barstow, California, is $85,000. Home appreciation is 24.60% over the last year. The median age of Barstow, California, real estate is 45 years.

Barstow, California Apartments and Rentals

Renters make up 40.49% of the Barstow, California, population. 18.27% of houses and apartments in Barstow, California, are unoccupied (vacancy rate).

  HOUSINGBarstow, CaliforniaUnited States
  Median Home Age  4537
  Median Home Cost  $85,000$170,100
  Home Appr. Last 12 months  24.60%4.90%
  Home Appr. Last 5 yrs.  19.90%-4.60%
  Home Appr. Last 10 yrs.  -1.90%12.70%
  Property Tax Rate  $9.69$12.07
  Homes Owned  41.23%57.34%
  Housing Vacant  18.27%12.47%
  Homes Rented  40.49%30.19%
  Studio Apartment  $744$661
  1 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $857$765
  2 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,087$957
  3 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,537$1,289
  4 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,873$1,490
  Vacant For Rent  5.11%2.50%
  Vacant Rented  1.25%0.46%
  Vacant For Sale  1.26%1.38%
  Vacant Sold  0.23%0.46%
  Vacant Vacation  1.05%3.81%
  Vacant Other  9.39%3.87%
  Less Than $20,000  10.50%3.30%
  $20,000 to $39,999  5.67%3.44%
  $40,000 to $59,999  5.49%4.18%
  $60,000 to $79,999  7.73%5.80%
  $80,000 to $99,999  15.24%7.08%
  $100,000 to $149,999  19.27%15.77%
  $150,000 to $199,999  20.17%15.03%
  $200,000 to $299,999  10.88%18.50%
  $300,000 to $399,999  2.97%10.39%
  $400,000 to $499,999  0.00%5.66%
  $500,000 to $749,999  0.53%6.39%
  $750,000 to $999,999  0.23%2.28%
  $1,000,000 or more  1.34%2.18%
  2010 and newer  0.00%0.29%
  2000 to 2009  7.88%14.18%
  1990 to 1999  6.82%13.96%
  1980 to 1989  12.76%13.99%
  1970 to 1979  16.97%16.09%
  1960 to 1969  6.82%13.96%
  1950 to 1959  26.75%11.05%
  1940 to 1949  4.23%5.59%
  1939 or Earlier  2.91%13.68%
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