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Housing in Frisco, Texas

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HousingFrisco, TXUnited States
Median Home Age735.1
Median Home Cost$246,200$153,800
Home Appreciation1.85%1.62%
Homes Owned72.26%57.69%
Housing Vacant5.68%11.38%
Homes Rented22.06%30.93%
Property Tax Rate$19.83$11.20
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Less Than $20,0000.45%2.72%
$20,000 to $39,9990.70%4.03%
$40,000 to $59,9990.99%5.58%
$60,000 to $79,9991.34%7.09%
$80,000 to $99,9992.66%8.80%
$100,000 to $149,99914.54%21.26%
$150,000 to $199,99924.01%14.87%
$200,000 to $299,99932.41%16.82%
$300,000 to $399,99914.82%7.83%
$400,000 to $499,9995.48%4.04%
$500,000 to $749,9991.75%4.05%
$750,000 to $999,9990.46%1.26%
$1,000,000 or more0.41%1.64%
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1999 to 200566.69%13.71%
1995 to 199825.04%14.31%
1990 to 199425.04%14.31%
1980 to 19894.69%13.87%
1970 to 19792.33%16.17%
1960 to 19690.64%11.70%
1950 to 19590.33%11.08%
1940 to 19490.11%6.02%
1939 or Earlier0.17%13.15%

The median home value in Frisco, TX, is $246,200. Home appreciation is 1.85% over the last year. The median age of Frisco, TX, real estate is 7 years.

Frisco, TX Apartments and Rentals

Renters make up 22.06% of the Frisco, TX, population. 5.68% of houses and apartments in Frisco, TX, are unoccupied (vacancy rate).

Frisco Housing SperlingViews

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