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35.76% of the people in Las Vegas, Nevada are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 18.57% are Catholic; 6.38% are LDS; 3.63% are another Christian faith; 0.31% in Las Vegas, Nevada are Jewish; 0.83% are an eastern faith; 0.06% affilitates with Islam.

  RELIGIONLas Vegas, NevadaUnited States
  Percent Religious  35.76%48.78%
  Catholic  18.57%19.43%
  LDS  6.38%2.03%
  Baptist  2.98%9.30%
  Episcopalian  0.14%0.63%
  Pentecostal  1.51%1.87%
  Lutheran  0.74%2.33%
  Methodist  0.41%3.93%
  Presbyterian  0.21%1.63%
  Other Christian  3.63%5.51%
  Jewish  0.31%0.73%
  Eastern  0.83%0.53%
  Islam  0.06%0.84%


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lack o f AOG Churches
Assembly of God The true old fashioned Assembly of God Churches do not exist in Las Vegas like the do in Southern California. We are moving out of town and I will once... (read more)
re: Evangelism - 12/25/2007
that is sooooo true !!!! the lord is coming soon... (read more)
re: Evangelism - 12/25/2007
you should hand out fliers next to the Mexicans handing out their porn on the strip!! ha... (read more)
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A balanced review?... fancy that!
I have a love-hate relationship with my city. Actually, it's not that intense, it's more like a like-dislike relationship, which may just net you a pretty balanced... (read more)
re: Las wages - 4/8/2016
Great post, I like... (read more)
Las wages
Born and raised in Las Vegas. 37 yrs.old In this Glittering Concrete Hole, that I call Home. My home brings confusion. Anxiety lingers, filled with my Regrettable... (read more)
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