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59.70% of the people in Morris Township, NJ are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 42.63% are Catholic; 0.37% are LDS; 4.31% are another Christian faith; 1.61% in Morris Township, NJ are Jewish; 1.55% are an eastern faith; 0.91% affilitates with Islam.

  RELIGIONMorris Township, NJUnited States
  Percent Religious  59.70%48.78%
  Catholic  42.63%19.43%
  LDS  0.37%2.03%
  Baptist  0.89%9.30%
  Episcopalian  1.15%0.63%
  Pentecostal  0.44%1.87%
  Lutheran  1.22%2.33%
  Methodist  2.10%3.93%
  Presbyterian  2.52%1.63%
  Other Christian  4.31%5.51%
  Jewish  1.61%0.73%
  Eastern  1.55%0.53%
  Islam  0.91%0.84%

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