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Daphne Middle School - Daphne, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Daphne Middle SchoolOne Jody Davis Cir
Daphne, AL 36526
(251) 626-28457-8BaldwinpublicBaldwin County Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic71.98142009
Black, non-Hispanic23.52942009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.7739942009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.238392009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr James William Oliphant2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/4/2011otherThis school is one of the worst. Most of the teachers don't care about the kids and the front office workers isn't concerned with any of it and are very unwelcoming. This school doesn't give the kids any freedom. They have to sit with the class that they had the period before at lunch instead of their friends. They won't even let the janitors clean up the cafiteria! They make the students do it! Very little effort goes into the average student. One of my teachers doesn't even know my name and we're in the thrid quater. The students are horrible and incosiderate for anyone but themselves. Everything about this school is image and sports. They punish the entire grade for a couple people failing. All they care about is our test scores and grades. They don't care about you/ your kid. I suggest if your thinking about this school, don't. WORST school I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot.
4/24/2010studentThis school is horrible!! The teachers do half their jobs, I have been bullied and talked about mainly by minority students, which is sad because I am a minority too and have not said a word to them. I come home crying on average every other day. This is a bad uneducated enviorment. Thank the lord I am transferring! (due to these problems)
11/30/2009parentThis school is okay. Two of my children have went to this school. The office personnel aren't welcoming. Some of the administrators could be better
12/14/2008studentLittle miss/ Mister I am sorry, This school is great! i am graduating in May to go to the High School! And i so far have had no problems what so ever, so i don't think that you go there so you can just hush!
1/19/2008studentI like this school because thier teachers are excellent. I like this school because of the Environment.This is the best school that I have been to
9/19/2007parentWhat a terrific school system. We recently moved from Mass. and recieved nothing but exceptional assistance from the principle, office staff and teachers. Our sons love it and say it is the best school they've been in and has the nicest students.
8/7/2007parentI have had nothing but problems with this school from the day we moved to Baldwin county. I have ahd the run around at every turn and found this to be the worst school I have ever had to send my children too. I find that the staff at this school are rude. I will spend my time getting my children out of this school. I feel that anything is better than Daphne Middle School.
12/1/2006parentMy child is having a horrible time with bullies in the school. The assistant principal was rather unconcerned with due process or justice. It is very disappointing . We do have a better opinion of the principal, however.
8/21/2006parentNew Principal Dr. Ernie Rosado for 2006-2007 school year has established himself as a kid friendly administrator. He even answers the telephone if the secretary is swamped. My 7th grader has even agreed she likes him. Even though there have been staff changes the school has a calmer atmosphere than last year.
8/15/2005studentI think the school has a wonderful staff. Its not really as organized as it could be. The princapal is not very freindly he doesnt get to know any of the kids like Mrs.DeShields and coach broaie does. The sports program is very good. But also the principal does not give the kids a chance to talk whenever they get in trouble he doesnt give them a chance to explain what happened and he thinks that whatever he thinks is going to be better but actually sometimes it gets worse. He doesnt like when people prove him wrong but if he would let people help him out a little bitt then he probably wouldnt get into some of the stuff he gets into. but everything else is just about at its best. The teacher are great and so are all the other staff members. Thats my point of veiw.
8/11/2005studentI think the school is awesome it is one of the best organized schools i have seen it also has a good sports program and that is a good thing.
11/20/2004parentUpon enrolling my child at DMS, I noticed that a couple of staff members seemed unfriendly. Could have been just having a bad day, but I was less than impressed. Also, the drop off is inadequate for the amount of cars in an out of the facility, but when riding the bus - my child has to be at the stop at 0640 - an hour before school starts. I think that it would serve them well to split the route.
9/24/2004parentI am not impressed with this school. There are three new administrators and I must say that they are trying but they are not being received well by the community. The school is cold feeling from the time you walk in the door. Maybe with a little more time the school atmosphere will improve.
4/20/2004parentThis school is extremely overcrowded and the facility is not designed to accomodate the current number of attending students. This presents a valid safety issue. Supervision is also suspect due to the large number of students enrolled. The school is sports oriented with significantly visible cliques (student and parental) which affects the advancement or appreciation of the 'ordinary student'.
4/5/2004parentSchool is overcrowded. Cafeteria is a nightmare. Hallways are so crowded when changing classes, it's a fire hazard. School does not offer many electives. With the amount of students that the school has, you would think otherwise. The principal is now chasing good teachers off. He is not very supportive of the gifted children or band students. As with all public schools, it's always sports, sports, sports.

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