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Zion Chapel High School - Jack, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Zion Chapel High School29256 Highway 87
Jack, AL 36346
(334) 897-6275K-12CoffeepublicCoffee County School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic94.30692009
Black, non-Hispanic1.98022009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.2475252009
Native American or Native Alaskan2.351492009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Bob J Hartwell2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/31/2012otherI attended Zion Chapel from middle school through High school. I can agree that the community here is tightly knit, but the education here is remedial at best. There are too few electives offered and only one foreign language available. If you do not fail a class, you will find yourself taking the same class twice anyway, such as two or three home ec or ag classes, because there simply isn't enough variety. The educators do strive for their best, but the funding and supplies are limited. Many individual teachers are superb, but there were a few bad apples too, that gave crossword puzzles and word finds rather than actually teach a structured class. When I reached college, I was challenged to keep up with the requirements and expectations of college level education. The school also tended to fall victim to cliques, where you either belonged, or you didn't. Please take this into account if your child doesn't fall into the narrow social expectations of this rural school.
11/10/2011otherI am a graduate of ZC and I can say, I loved the being at a small school. Students get that 1-on-1 attention they need to be successful and having teachers who REALLY care about them being successful. I'm sure of how things are going now, but I believe that my HS education set the foundation for my successful career. ZCHS Class of 1997.
7/21/2011otherAttended Zion Chapel in the 90's and am so glad I got out and moved to California after years of remedial education I finally got into the University of San Diego.
6/20/2011otheri myself attended this school 13 yrs ago and loved it. The students and faculty are close and kind with eachother. Best school i ever attended.
4/22/2009parentAt first, I wasn't sure about my elementary sudent and my high school student attending this small school. It took a few months to adjust, it is a very close nit communtiy. The academics of this school are great! The sports program, it seems that if your child has not already been playing for years at this school - they do not make the cut. My opinion is that the school should be more involved with supporting the youth sports program, because the youth sports program accepted any of the childre with open arms! After all...this is were the fututre atheletes for Zion Chapel are learning their sports abilities!!!
11/3/2008parentGreat place to raise a family around and send your bright kids to.
1/8/2008parentMy husband graduated from ZC. Untill I met him and he's sisters, I had never heard anyone say that they loved the school that they went to. But, now since my children go there I can understand. It is a very close nit community that does put a lot of attention and time to their children. The only thing that I have had problems with is the way the elementry is so slow to let the parents know when things are going on at the school or field trips that the parents can participate in. The children may have a fild trip and the parents not know about it unitl one week before it happens. Other than that it is a great school!
11/30/2007parentThis is the best school you could possible send your children to. The education that my child is receiving is top rate. The teachers are very helpful and understanding.
8/28/2007former studentI am a Zion Chapel graduate. I did fine in college. I had a great math teacher in high school and I actually help my friends' kids with their math. I love Zion Chapel and if I lived closer I would send my children there.
5/5/2006parentMy personal opion on this school afaid to say isn't very good.The academics offered at this school are very poor.The elememtray i have to say has made a vast improvement but it is as if when the student get to the high school their education is of no importance.I have a child who has graduated from this very school and she as well as her fellow classmates srtuggled thru college.The band has asloo improved ,but our sports remains the same.Their is not alot to do for extracurricular activities either.The invovlement at the school is actually pretty high. Having said all this i do not wish to just insult this school but i iwant to bring their attention to their may faults.thank you.
10/10/2005parentZion Chapel is an excellent rural small school. If you like that setting, with smaller numbers of students and a safe, pleasant environment, I highly suggest it. My wife and I are both graduates of ZC, and our kids now attend as well. The band and sports programs are on the upswing, and our athletic club membership is at one of it's highest levels in years! Volleyball, basketball and softball are available for girls, with basketball, baseball and football for boys. The band membership is at a high level, and growing. The softball, baseball and football teams made the playoffs last year, and should all have a shot again this year. FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, FCA, SGA, etc. are all available for students who are interested in those areas. The elementary school was recently expanded due to the growth of the school, with another expansion being considered.
8/10/2005studentI like ZCHS it is a good school and it has a great Band! It also has sports!

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