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Buckhorn High School - New_Market, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Buckhorn High School4123 Winchester Rd
New Market, AL 35761
(256) 379-21239-12MadisonpublicMadison County Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic69.8082009
Black, non-Hispanic21.37872009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.30892009
Native American or Native Alaskan6.020942009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Tommy Ledbetter2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/29/2011studentI am a senior at Buckhorn High School. I have to admit that there are a few teachers that seem like they do not care about you. At times it feels like the only thing those teachers care about is the sport in which they coach. On the other hand there are teachers who would lay their life down for you. I was enrolled in JROTC until my junior year, Colonel Hartley and SGM John Johnson were my two favorite teachers at Buckhorn High School. Unlike like all of the other teachers, they showed thier cadets that they actually cared. Colonel and SGM would go out of their way to help any student at Buckhorn out. They do not judge you by your past or even the people you follow. However, they taught me not to be a follower but to become a leader, so that I would be able to help someone get out of a "sticky situation". Colonel Hartley and SGM Johnson turned my life around, and help me turn my best friends life around. They are my heros! SGM Johnson's favorite line is "Oh how I love it here." and he and Colonel Hartley made me love it here at Buckhorn High School.
3/24/2011studentAs a senior at BHS, I've really enjoyed my high school experience. I have moved around quite a bit and Buckhorn is by far the most welcoming school I've ever been to. Of course there will always be those parents who hate the world because their child has social problems or is lagging in math, but this really is a great school. Every teacher offers tutoring and there are many programs which you can enroll in to get help and make friends. All the kids are good ole southern kids so if you're from around here, you know what I'm talking about. The teachers actually care here, they want their students to benefit from every class. THey care about thier students in and outside of school. I would suggest this school to anyone moving into the area.
2/3/2011parent I don't believe Buckhorn is a school that can really improve the lives of students. My son went to school there and needed extra help and was told to come in early, which he did, and the teacher wasn't there. This happened on more than one occasion. There was little encouragement and the students themselves are rude and non-accepting of students who haven't lived in the area all their lives. There is not a high bar set on excellence and respect. I was very disappointed in the entire experience.
1/20/2010parentBuckhorn is great! I just moved my family here from Denver and we wanted to be in a not so congested area. Even though people say Winchester Road is so congested, they havn't lived in Denver! Buckhorn High is great and they really work with my job. I don't really care for her counselor, but other than that the faculty and the administration are wonderful! I did a little research to find out that Buckhorn is one of the top schools in North Alabama and its one of the fastest growing!
12/4/2009studentBuckhorn is an average school, period. I graduated 2 years ago and can honestly say that even though I took several AP classes - the 'highly qualified/AP certified' teachers did not teach at an advanced level. As a college sophomore, I am not as academically prepared as my classmates seem to be. BHS classroom expectations for advanced classes are not, in my opinion, as challenging as they should be. I honestly think I would have learned more by taking the regular classes versus the AP/Honor's courses. Grading is a joke in the AP classes and not reflective of learning at all. I had a 4.0+ GPA and yet I failed many tests and didn't complete many assignments(due to not understanding). Sure we 'covered' all the material but that was about it. ~Let Down in Bama
10/22/2009studentBuckhorn High School is an excellent school in all areas. Academics 1st of all are most important and Buckhorn faculty understands that. The teachers work well with all the students, and are always availabe for extra help if needed. Counselors are personable and really help students prepare for college. Principals are understandable and nice. Athletic division at Buckhorn is great as well football is getting better with every season, Basketball is great as it always has been, Cross Country is growing and placing in all races, soccer team, track,tennis,Cheer,dance, and Wrestling are some more of the many sports Buckhorn has. There are more clubs and orginizations at buckhorn than you can count. Overall Buckhorn is a great school filled with great teachers and students.
7/15/2009parentMy child was a Freshman last year and and he is a slow learner. I have to say his teachers and the counsler was very helpful. He had a very good yaer. Thanks to all the teachers and adminstrator staff for eveything you do.
3/20/2009studentI am currently a junior at said school and I firmly believe that what I learn and experience there will not only prepare me for college but life after. I agree that I have not seen the head principal often but I believe he is doing more important things than standing in the hallway watching us. Though the work is challenging and the drama department is in desperate need of a theatre not just a gym stage, I truly do learn something new everyday and am enthralled with the ingenuity of our drama teacher/leader, even though he has little to work with he puts on amazing productions. As a student I believe other students, as well as myself, take our advantages for granted and do not acknowledge the truly outstanding school we attend.
3/4/2009studentI am a student at Buckhorn. This school is not given enough crdit for everything they do and the awards the school recieves. People put schools like Grissom and Bob Jones on a throne and they don't want to mention the country school way out yonder. This school is preparing me for college. I couldnt have asked for a better school. This school doesn't try and baby you and just get you out of their system. They give constructivve criticism and try and mold you into a better student. This school, Buckhorn High School, is the best school in Madison County.
11/11/2008studentAs a former student I would like to say that it is a decent school. The theatre department there is in some need of some help, some of the faculty is worthless, and although I graduated last year I only really saw the principal once. My personal belief towards the counselors there is that if you're not smart or rich you don't matter, at least that's how i felt. On a positive note, they did prepare me for college, the teachers not the counselors. To the parents, classrooms are over crowded and the ceiling is falling apart, the a/c and heating really is horrible, but i do believe your children are in safe hands.
11/7/2008studentI am a freshmen this year. I love this school. They seem to have a activity for everything. I love their JROTC program. Sargent Major Johnson is a great man who cares for all his students. The rest of the teachers here are great. They care for each student and try to help in any way possible. If you are a parent thinking of moving to the New Market area and want a good high school, you should pick Buckhorn. It is a 5 star school. Enough said!! :)
10/15/2008parentBuckhorn is a great school. The school is growing every year. Currently, my child tells me there is alot of construction going on to the school. New Cafeteria, classrooms, 9th grade center, new hallways, i havent had any problems out of Buckhorn. They offer a variety of Pre-AP and AP classes. They are all about in enforcing academic excellence
9/23/2008studentI'm currently a senior at Buckhorn. I came here from ohio and I was shocked when I started classes. The kids here are rude and disrespectful. They can barely get through a simple task without complaining. It's really quite nauseating. As far as the teachers go, they aren't bad. The guidance counsIers are great. The dress code is not strict at all. I see girls half dressed all the time. Hope this helps someone.
6/20/2008studentIm currently a sophmore at Buckhorn High School and I think this school is awesome. The academic expectations and achievments are way beyond par. If this school got enough publicity on it s academic acheivement and excellence then maybe this school could grow and expand and live up to its full potential. The atomosphere is great, I have lots of friends, of course there are going to be a couple of bad apples, but thats at every school. The teachers really do care, the administration is involved, the parents are involved, and the COMMUNITY is involved. This school is truly a CLASS A, 5-Star, School.
12/9/2007parentMy child attends Buckhorn High School and the enviroment is so positive and the teachers are all highly certified and dynamic
8/3/2005former studentI am a former graduate of Buckhorn High School, and I think that Buckhorn is a great school. At first I did not like Buckhorn becaue of the dress code and other silly rules. However for the most part Buckhorn was a good school. I had some really extraordinary teachers. As a college student now I have to say that without my great educational background from Buckhorn High School I would be lost. The biggest differnece between high school and college is the teachers. Teachers take much more time with the students in high school, and I have to say that has made all the difference in college. There will always be disagreements with the rules and administration, but I am thankful I was able to attend Buckhorn High School.
5/1/2005parentMaybe Buckhorn may be a great school to some parents that have kids without learning disabilities. Sure the teacher's are going to take the time for those kids, they catch on easy and the teacher doesn't have to help. Well at one time I thought Buckhorn would be a great school, until I sent my daughter there and yes she has learning disabilities. It was the most useless year she has every had. The teacher's do not want to go the extra mile to help the student's, thinking just teach them a little and let that be that just to keep the parents happy. Well I do not send my child to school for nothing else but to learn. It was a struggle the whole time. It's a shame you have to fight for the right to have a education. Never send your child there if they have disabilities. Debra
1/8/2005parentTwo of my sons graduated 3 years ago and I have been involved with other youth from church that attended Buckhorn. There are more excellent teachers than bad and most of the teachers seem to care for all their students.
1/3/2005parentBuckhorn is an excellent school. Since I am a teacher myself, I value academic excellence over all other factors. Buckhorn definitely delivers in this area. They also have very well established sports programs for students who desire sports participation. My youngest child will graduate next year. I have two older children who graduated from Buckhorn very well prepared for college.
10/26/2004former studentThis school is very into teaching. So much that they dont teach to well. I am a former student and I can say that there are more bad to good teaching teachers. The new assistant prin. had done a lot better job running the school less problems because he let up some. If he let up a little more than I believe the school would run really smooth. Hire and fire a bunch of teachers but never get rid of Ricky. Thats about it.
7/13/2004parentBuckhorn High School is the best in the county. The administration and faculty there is very skilled. My daughter graduated from there two years ago, and I decideed to stay in the district so my 9th grader could graduate from there.

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