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Prattville High School - Prattville, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Prattville High School1315 Upper Kingston Rd
Prattville, AL 36067
(334) 365-88049-12AutaugapublicAutauga County School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic71.80282009
Black, non-Hispanic23.66792009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.642982009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.065722009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Lee A Hicks2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/22/2012parentThe new principal, has greatly improved this school since he took over in Aug. 2011. This year 2012-2013 is even better. I have an AP student who has attended 8 schools over 12 years and she is thriving with caring teachers. We are a military family on our second assignment to Maxwell AFB. Our oldest graduated from LAMP when we lived on base and it was a fine school for her. PHS has given our other child a broader view of socioeconomic situations and academic levels. Our teen was accepted at LAMP since we thought we would move to Montgomery, but we decided the broader spectrum of sports, clubs, and students at PHS would be a better option and selected to live in Prattville.
5/9/2012parentPHS is one of the worst schools we have ever dealt with. Teachers do not communicate with parents unless you contact the Principle or Asst. Principle to get things handle. Teachers leave in the middle of the year and parents are not notified, they expect the students to tell their parent which leave parents with no contact information. Students have to redo work done in class because either teacher or teacher s aides have lost or not graded the work. Parents are expected to purchase Inow website in order to keep up with how their children are doing in school however teachers do not update them until months later if they do at all! I have contacted the counselor when we found out we were moving, left a message and NEVER received a return phone call. This school only cares about their sports team ...especially FOOTBALL so if you would like to be on a winning FOOTBALL team PHS is your school but if you want a school that cares about your children run the other way and find another school.
1/30/2012otherI'm appalled at how teachers and other staff members are ignoring the blatant bullying problem at this school. A girl I am very close to almost shot herself last night after having read several notes with hateful, hurtful, and otherwise deplorable comments on them. If this continues, I will most definitely be contacting administration. This is not okay and has to stop!
12/4/2011parentMy daughter graduated from Prattville in 2009 and my son is poised to graduate this May. Both my children have received educations that have prepared them for the next stage in their lives. My daughter is currently enrolled at UAB and my son plans to attend Stamford University. Prattville High is not undisciplined or substandard in any way. It goes back to parenting and not expecting the school to be your children's guardian. The adage "Garbage in/Garbage out" is true of any program. That said, Prattville offers AP and Honors courses for the students who expect to be challenged. If you don't like its focus on football, ask -- no, plead for a transfer out of this area of the country, because it is a huge part of our heritage in Alabama and across the southeast as well. Go Lions!
11/14/2011studentThis school is great. My whole four years of going here were the best years of my life. I just recently graduated from Prattville and the school is not a zoo. Considering how many kids go there it is doing very well. All schools have things they aren't proud of, like fights. It doesn't just happen at Prattville. I was apart of the band and that was wonderful. We don't just care about football. Academics are more important that football. Just because we are good and take pride in it doesn't mean that is all we focused on. I would recomend this school to any teenager.
9/2/2011studentTo all the parents who dont actually go there, you obviously have no idea about it. There is control, especially with the arival of Mr. Dennis. From people not attending the school, it does look like its all about football, but trust me its not!!! I have teachers that are extremely hard, and I'm a straight a student. Band is great, the pep rallies are amazing and the classes are challenging. Please do not post about what you dont know.
7/17/2011parentPrattville high school is a big public school with a wide variety of kids and interests. In general, they do a good job in maintaining discipline. Academically the kids do well in the honors and AP classes and many come out with extremely high SAT and ACT scores. In the regular level classes there are quite a few that aren't there to learn. My big complaint with the school was that they require a class time for varsity athletics. When you combine that plus some of the health class requirements for freshman it doesn't leave a lot of academic classes for college bound kids. If you aren't going to be there through graduation I would raise a ruckus over the health classes. They will work with you on this if you complain high enough.
7/17/2011parentThis school leaves a lot to be desired. It is a zoo. Teachers don't seem to have control at all. It's way too hard to reach teachers and forget getting a call back. my child has done well here but to many troublemakers who have no desire to learn. do not send your child here! Military families look to Mary for better education!!!!!! Football is not is.
6/20/2011parentThis is the worst school in the state. The principal only cares about football and politics. He runs for the office of superintendent, but can't even run this school. He should be replaced immediately.
5/2/2011parentThis school is disappointing at best. The faculty, from the principal to the guidance counsellors are difficult to reach and respond to parents only after being threatened with escalating to their superiors. This school is not about academics and if you read the reviews that say the school is good, you'll notice they were posted in 2007-2008. My son has attended PHS for three years and I have not been impressed by the curriculum or the faculty. I believe that the focus is on simply getting a paycheck and football (not necessarily in that order). Look for other alternatives. PHS is not the place for your children if you'd like a school that actually cares about the students.
11/3/2010parentAlthough there are a few wonderful teachers and some fun clubs to get involved in, overall this school is terrible! The school is better than the Montgomery public schools; however, it is a zoo, and many of the students act like animals. Many teachers do nothing about blatant tabacco use, and fights occur more than frequently. The administration is pathetic, and football is the focus. The four by four block schdule in addition to the overwhelming amount of lazy teachers makes it difficult to truly learn material. Military families avoid putting your teens in this school if at all possible!
4/11/2010parentThis school is OK. The AP classes are a must to be challenged and to get away from toublemakers. The band is great for students to make friends. I feel there is not much leadership from the principal. Dress codes not enforced. Football players get away with way too much. The average student would be kicked out. I think this school is on its way down quickly if they don't move Mr. Agee from the Jr. High to the high school very quickly. It is all about the football, but they have seen the best days already. That said, my freshman all A's band student loves it!
3/10/2010parentTerrible school. no academics all sports. Priniciple only cares about moving up politically. He wants to be superintendent and has run for the office, but can't control his own school
9/25/2009parentNot easy for transfer students to get into. The district makes it difficult to transfer credits. No parental involvement what so ever. And it's all about the football team. Sports is a class vs. an extracurricular, which is hilarious, just to advance the football team.
7/23/2009studentPrattville High School is a wonderful school to attend. To the parent that said the advanced diploma was going to be discontinued at this school, that is not true. I am on the advanced diploma and continue to be on it in the '09-'10 school year. The staff at this school are very caring an are very motivative to me and my peers. School spirt is excellent at Prattville High School. I am in the Pride of Prattville Marching Band and it is excellent! My freshman year was so much easier because I was in the band and I already knew so many people. If you are relocating to Prattville, be prepared to love this school and to join the band :)
6/1/2009studentPrattville High School is a horrible school to attend. Parents may think so but its not. There are too many people and too small of a school. Its apperence is large, but with so many people, its too small.
5/22/2009parentTo the parent below.. The advanced diploma is still being offered in 2009. You were obviously misinformed. Great academics, social life, athletics, and overall school spirit.
4/24/2009parentBiggest complaint - very unmotivated teachers, they are not caring nor have challenged my daughters to excel; I had to send my freshman daughter to a geometry tutor just to be able to comprehend the material sucessfully...their jrotc program totally turned off my formerly motivated jrotc enrolled daughter from her former school and attended in her sophmore year there will now not pursue it further after her experience at PHS. More $$ and attention is spent on their football program than academics. My freshman daughter had to dress out for PE in a hallway of an athletic bldg. There are no locker rooms for the freshman girls enrolled in the mandatory PE class. Their 'advanced diploma' program is now gone (beginning 2009-2010). If I had to do it over again, I would have put my daughters in a private school. If relocating, prepare your children for a huge culture shock.
2/3/2008otherThis school has a mediocre faculty (excluding a few) and needs to reform their system.
10/30/2007parentThe academics at this school are acceptable and challenge my child. There are several extracurricular activities, but the money for them comes from the parents and fund raisers, not from the district itself. The band program is excellent and we haven't had any problems with the teachers or the administration. The football program is one of the best in the state. It's great for school spirit, but it overshadows some of the other aspects of the school.
10/23/2007parentWe are new to the area so we are still adjusting to the school. I am pleased with the different electives offered. I feel it helps to develop a well rounded student.I'm not sure that my child is being challenged with his core classes. The athletic department is very big at this school.It's one of the reasons we chose to live were we do. I can only say I have not been happy with the leadership of the freshman football team, unprofessional and lacking in child educational skills.
10/22/2007parentThis is a great school for the amount of money spent on each student. There are relatively few discipline problems. The kids are great kids.
1/13/2007student'PHS' is a wonderful school I have just started my first year at PHS and the teachers and staff are amazing. It as a much larger school than my old one and in my opinion the difference is amazing.
12/15/2006parentPHS offers a wide variety of classes and allows all students ample opportunity to prepare for college. The community is extremely involved in school athletics which is both boon and burden (Friday Night Lights could easily have been filmed here.). We celebrate excellence, which is great, but unfortunately we also allow athletes to be held to a different standard than everyone else. The teachers, as a rule, are truly gifted, caring, and try to help students prepare for the next level. A state championship is great, and I am very proud for the boys. I am concerned about their ability to succeed in life. We need more accountability.
4/25/2006parentPrattville High School is an excellent school! The teaching staff works hard to promote academic excellence and the athletic department is one of the best in Alabama. My son graduates this spring and received a full scholarship to attend the University of Alabama - Birmingham. My younger daughter starts in the fall and she's excited about attending PHS. Being the only high school in a smaller town means a lot of community support. That shows in parental involvement and the huge crowds at football games.
4/14/2006studentI'm a freshman at Prattville. It is the best place to be. The teachers are the best, and really care about each student. The extra stuff is out of this world as well. Marching band, football, you name it, we have it.
11/6/2005parentPrattville is a good high school that is underfunded for the type of quality students it puts out. It's athletic programs is one of the best in the State and it stresses 'Academics First' in it's athletic programs. It's teachers are more than qualified and are genuinely concerned for the students learning. This school really cares for it's students! With a little more funding from the State, there's no telling what kind of students this school could produce!
6/7/2005parentWe are moving after my daughter's 9th grade year, simply due to a job change. I believe that she has received a good start on her high school education here at Prattville. The school really does an excellent job with the amount of funding it receives. Shame on the people of Alabama for not supporting their public schools! The teachers we encountered were well qualified, helpful, and friendly. They appreciated my daughter's unique gifts and desire to excel. There are a variety of extracurricular activities, and there are many caring parents who volunteer their time. The location of the school is a puzzle... out on the north edge of town, hard to find and hard to give directions to! My biggest complaint is to the funding. TWO custodians for a school of this size. Kudos to those two, but hire more!
1/6/2005parentBlock scheduling leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't allow students to be involved to their fullest. If a child wishes to participate in sports and music or other 'extra-curricular' activities, he loses a class to the sport. Yes, sports actually takes one of the four blocks in the schedule. Block scheduling potentially sets the students up for failure for the SAT/ACT and often the AP tests. If one is unlucky enough to have the AP class first semester, the test is only asministered in spring. Using your skills only half the year doesn't help with retention of information. The arts and music are offered but fitting them into a schedule is difficult if you want to participate in sports as well. I feel that the block scheduling does not allow students to reach their potential.
9/14/2004parentPHS balances academics and extracurricular activities. Coaching staff consistantly support academic achievements by encouraging attending the Honor Roll Banquets and other non-sports activities. The community greatly supports the School activities. PHS is one of the major factors in buying a house in Prattville. Last year's German language class was taught by an exchange teacher from Germany. Drama, Band, AFROTC, Beta, French, German, and many other clubs are supported by the teachers. The school's location in the outskirts of town and parking lots do cause traffic problems. The football stadium is near downtown with parking for about 2000. Avg attendance: 5000+

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