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Anthem School - Anthem, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Anthem School41020 N. Freedom Way
Anthem, AZ 85086
(623) 376-37001-8MaricopapublicDeer Valley Unified District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic88.17322008
Black, non-Hispanic1.372762008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Pat Yennie2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/18/2012parentThis is my daughter's 9 th year at Anthem. She loves her school, teachers, and the total Anthem experience. The staff have mentored her to be a confident, creative, caring, free thinker with strong achedemic and leadership skills. This school has encouraged her to believe that she can accomplish anything that she wants and her SSAT scores were high when compared nationally to 8th graders.
10/23/2011parentWe have been at Anthem Elementary for 1 year now and we love it! We love the teachers,and the students have been great helping us get acclimated. I wish the test scores were higher (we're from Chandler where test scores are in the 80's & 90's), but Anthem has been great in helping us with our 5th grader that struggles with ADHD. Great school with great staff.
10/19/2011parentMy kids have been going to Anthem Elementary for 7 yrs now and they love it. I have really loved all their teachers. Despite all the education budget cuts, these teachers really strive to give the best education. The Principal, Mr. Yennie, has always addressed any of my questions with respect. I absolutely love how seriously our school is taking the Anti-Bullying Campaign. My kids are excited to learn and be a part of making a change. It is not preaching to the kids, yet showing them positive ways they can be a part of making a positive change. Joli in the front office is amazing at handling all of the issues that come up and isI always see her treating parents with kindness and respect. She has been a HUGE help to me over the last few years! Love this school!
8/5/2011otherI had to pleasure to work with Anthem School's Prevention committee on August 4 and 5, 2011, providing the Olweus Bully Prevention Program training. I am a certified Olweus trainer, consultant, counselor, and crisis therapist. The Olweus Bully Prevention Program (OBPP) is the most researched and best-known programs available today. OBPP has over 40 years of research behind it and has been implemented throughout the world. The program has received two of the highest honors a prevention program can obtain. The administration and staff at Anthem School are dedicated and passionate about school safety and bully prevention! As a result, they selected the best program because they want the best for their students! They will implement the Olweus Bully Prevention Program this October, 2011. This comprehensive program addresses bullying on the school level, classroom-level, individual-level, and Community-level, involving parents throughout! I will continue to consult with Anthem's prevention committee for the 2011-12 school year. I am excited to see the amazing prevention efforts that Anthem School puts forth!
5/26/2011teacherDuring the past week, the school counselor taught a lesson about friendship and conflict/resolution strategies to the 5th and 6th grade students. The feedback from the students, teachers and parents was very positive about the impact that the lesson had on the children. More lessons like these will continue next school year. In fact, the staff, students and parents will have the opportunity be trained in areas such as bullying prevention, raising the social/emotional quotient of children and other topics that are challenging our students today. Education and collaboration about how to prevent and address some of the difficult situations and choices that our children face is the key to maintaining a safe, happy learning environment
5/11/2011parentAnthem School has been named National Aerospace Eduction School of the Year by Civil Air Patrol. And, even more exiting, one of our Kindergarteners has been named, National Aerospace Student of the Year! Way to to Anthem Schoool!!
4/26/2011parentWe haven't met but I wanted to let you know that you and your students significantly impacted my life and lives of many Haitian families. It is a tough week physically but more so emotionally. We met so many wonderful people and it's hard to understand how these people live like this everyday. I'm writing this email to you to let you know that the dresses that you and your students made were the highlight of my experience in Haiti. After installing the RainCatchers, we get to give gifts to the families. This gifts are typically some candy, granola bars or some used clothing. Bob handed my group the pillow dresses from your class and asked us to pass these out. I cannot tell you enough what absolute joy these dresses brought to these young girls.. And if you thought the little girls smiled, well you should have seen their mothers, they beamed with joy. It was so awesome. I wish you could have all been there to see the love and joy that you spread that day. I personally want to thank you and your students. The experience you gave me will never be forgotten and the love you all have for your fellow mankind shows so brightly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Patty
4/26/2011teacherAnthem School has been chosen by Deer Valley Unified School District to explore the placement of strings/orchestra back into schools. In 2011-2012 all 3rd graders at Anthem will have an orchestra unit built into their general music classes. Students will get to touch, play, feel, and experience the violin during their general music instruction. In 2012-2013 we will offer Orchestra to the 4th grade as an option for performance in our schools (just like band and chorus). Anthem School staff believe that the arts are important to a well rounded curriculum and this is a wonderful opportunity for our students and community. This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for Anthem Students who love the arts!
3/12/2011parentThis school is horrible when it comes to recognizing and dealing with bullying. I have compliained numerous times to the principal and assistant principal about incidents with my son and nothing ever gets done. Several instances with one particular child bullying my son had bordered on criminal conduct but were never handled properly. I wish there was a lower rating to give for this review. Rob
11/14/2010parentWhere do I start? My 7th grader now has a STEM class which has nothing to do with STEM, but each of her academic classes is now shorter because of it. I was told it was to support the new "Aerospace Academy." When did we vote this in? Or did the principal or the district decide it? The bullying and harassment are unbelievable. The administration has no consistent approach to discipline. This campus seems to be in a state of confusion. Why can't we just get back to teaching the basics? Maybe parents of third graders are happy with the helicopter visit, but my daughter is about to enter high school and needs more time with reading and math and less time with making paper airplanes.
10/26/2010parentWe have attended this school for four years and have had wonderful experiences at every level. From the smiling faces in the front office to the amazing teachers our students have had. Our Principal has a great open door policy. The PTA rocks and hosts many family friendly, fun events. I couldn't be happier with our time here at Anthem School!!!
10/26/2010parentAnthem School encourages students to reach new limits. My daughter has attended the school for the past 2 years and I have been extremely impressed with her teachers. I look forward to her attending the future years,
10/13/2010parentAnthem School is now Anthem Aerospace Academy! A channel 10 chopper landed on the school grounds this morning so that the kids could see it up close and in person - just another way Anthem School is branching out to the community to involve them in our students education. I also love the Smart Boards that every class now has!
5/13/2010parentMy daughter is in the 3rd grade and has attended the school for 2 years now. We are happy overall and are thrilled that they offer a gifted program for her.
10/12/2009parentAnthem school is full of teachers with many methods to connect with the children they reach out and turn these kids to learning and you see children from all walk sof life waking up to learning. Excelling in their areas of desired knowledge!
8/29/2009studentI am a student here and I have loved the school teaching ways and love that the neighborhood around it.
5/18/2009teacherThis is my 9th year teaching, but 1st year at Anthem. I have never felt so unwelcomed anywhere in my life. The administration does not support teachers. There is a ton of bullying going on and no consistent discipline. I was on the discipline committee and we only met once, at the beginning of the year. As far as education, this is a good school. The teachers are held to high standards. Almost too high. I never once received a compliment from the administration about the teaching I was doing. I know I do a good job. I work my butt off every single day for these kids. But it'd be nice to be recognized by those in charge. I will not be teaching at this school next year and I will not send my students to this school.
4/26/2008parentMy son has attended Anthem School for 4 years and I have found 2 teachers who are true professional educators as well as 2 teachers and a school nurse that should be accountants!
8/17/2007parentMy daughter attended Anthem for 8 years and was on the principals list 29 grade periods. Now she attends Boulder Creek and feels like she was equipped well for high school having attended Anthem Elementary. As a parent and PTSA volunteer, I was pleased with the curriculum and the teachers. The 6 character traits were consistently emphasized throughout her education there. I think that has had a significant positive impact in the lives of our children.
3/27/2007parentAlthough the leadership within the school has improved slightly in the 4 yrs my children have been attendingThere is also a select group of parents who give of the impression that it is only their involvement that matters, while most parents, to the delight of staff, students, and all other parents, are thrilled to be involved in their children's academic careers. PTSA meetings should never be held between 9 and 11 am! It is wonderful that there are finally some after school activities, ie drama, that are not sports related and do not contribute to the national debt. Teachers care a lot. Problems are more w/No Child Left Behind restrictions and teaching towards testing rather than towards student growth, not the educators' faults. Overall Thanks ANTHEM!
9/8/2006parentMy experience with this school has been the worst in my 29 yrs of parenting. My son was to receive special ed services but they were never delivered in the 2 yrs he attended. The principal/vice principal were adversarial and rude. There are physically abusive and verbally abusive students that are not being addressed. School is filled with mostly below par teachers. My son did not learn anything new in 2 years. I left the state to seek better education.
6/27/2006parentVery disappointed in this school. No consistency, too many kids in one class, no discipline whatsover. There is no communication.
4/16/2006parentI have a first and second grader at this school. My second grader has 29 children in his class. I find this unexceptable. There seems to be no place for the child who is not in the 'normal' range. Both my children are above average and they are not given anything more challenging the what the class gets as a whole. Although I do not think this is the teachers fault directly. There is no program in place for children who need something extra. We are switching schools to one that will challenge them even though they might not be 'gifted'. The principal is NOT engaged with parents or students for that matter. Not impressed with him at all. This school has the potential to be a great school, but for some reason they just cannot get there.
2/19/2006administratorMarginal teachers, lots of bullying- Not impressed and will move my children.
1/23/2006parentThis schhol only wants cookie cutter' kids. If a child is below the line or above the line, they will not succeed here. The Principal makes no effort at all to deal with 'high maintainance kids'. His answer is to put various roasdblocks in the way so that the parents have no choice but to withdraw the child from the school. There is no effort to match a child's personality with that of the teacher. I would only recommend this school if you have a child that can blend in anywhere and does not need any special attention since they certainly will not get it here.
8/23/2005parentSeems to be a nice school. It was High Performing, but Performing now.
6/24/2005parentAs a parent with children attending Anthem and a teacher at the school I find myself in an interesting position.We have had a lot of teacher and administrative turnover.This has been difficult on the staff and students.However,we have a positive new principal who has voiced his commitment to our school and our kids.We have several new teachers who live in the Anthem area and I believe will stay on staff.Our school has a lot of room for growth and I hope to be a catalyst for change there.The more parents who get involved (PTSA, classroom, etc) the more you can help to influence the school in a positive way.We do have many great teachers on staff who work very hard to teach their students their very best every day.
3/22/2005parentMy daughter has a great teacher when she is there. There is a high turn over in staff and sub often. Not a lot of supervision on the play ground. Problem with violance and teasing. They have a seperate classroom for art but none comes home. They put an honest effort but there is room to improve. I'd say it is an adverage school.
12/9/2004parentWonderful kindergarten program. Very nice and professional teachers. Good facilities and play area.
11/17/2004parentWe just moved to Anthem just before school started and we love it here. My children love their new school and the staff is wonderful.
3/15/2004parentI find this school to be a place of warmth, growth and acceptance. The new principal, Dr. Griffith has truly contributed to this very positive environment. Unfortunately, she does have her hands full. Our community is extremely demanding in many ways. Some of the teachers at the school are also disloyal and live in the community so they contribute disharmony to the school and the administrators by being negative. Thankfully, the school is getting better at combatting these issues and once the unhappy, negative people start vacating this otherwise wonderful campus as they have been, things can only improve!
5/31/2003 Unhappy with the teacher experience and/or knowledge of how children act/behave and learn in a social environment, dissatisfied with answers from upper educators for reasons to this fact or ways to correct/improve it. Once a child is labeled, that stays with them...independent testing of children results thereof will end in many parents voicing concerns (yes our child tested at a genius level and they offered remedial classes and behaviorial training for the child until we enlightened them with the independent testing we paid for at our own expense educationally and psychologically (you know your own child best. )They want to use the child as a marker for their system. We're not even sure we will be staying at that school. Private schools can be costly but we want/need the best for our budding genius.

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