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Country Gardens Charter School - Laveen, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Country Gardens Charter School6313 W Southern Ave
Laveen, AZ 85339
(602) 237-3741K-12Maricopacharter 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic39.75542008
Black, non-Hispanic22.632008

School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Goldie Burge2009

10/24/2012parentMy son was denied his medication and called names such as fat, and ignorant as well by his teacher.
9/14/2012otherIf there was a negative star rating...that is what I would rate this school. I have been trying to get my child enrolled with a school since August. My family is currently homeless and we were desperate to find something soon. This school said that they could help us, but they've caused nothing but problems. They told us to have the old school transfer doc's to them so they could "process the application". So, we did. Then when we followed up with CGCS they told us that they never received doc's from old school. Then they told us they had all the doc's. Then they told us they lost all of our information. My family and I were so upset that we went to the district. THE DISTRICT told me and my family that CGCS was not a good school and suggested to find another school. So we did. My children are not going any where near CGCS. They are not friendly and they are not helpful AT ALL.
10/29/2011otherThis school, is in over its head. Indeed the classrooms are filthy, animals are left to roam, and there disciplinary actions are different depending on the student, if you are a favorite its hard for you to get in trouble. People that do go there over 90% leave there before highschool! Doesn't that say something? Being a student there, a few high schoolers have told me to get out while i can! One girl was going to leave this year, and The Principal Called her mom and CONVINCED her not to leave, so the student is stuck here when she hates it! The business just is never organized and is constantly having children make things work right. I would not recommend this school to anyone. Their policies change constantly and its pathetic. I wish my Parents would listen to me when i said i hate it! I mean if i stay there for High School it will be the worst time ever! FOR YOUR CHILD'S SAKE DO NOT SEND THEM THERE!! - A student but hopefully will be a former one next year!
10/29/2011otherThis school like any other has it's ups and downs. Anyone can make a negative comment on ANY school. But here is my OPINION of the school. I've been atending this school for 3 years now and I have made the best friends I could ever have, I have learned things no other school is capable in offering. For example; I have a Food Handlers Card, and am certified as a PEER MEDIATOR. Now what school offers you that to put on a resimay? Also, this school offers a different way to learn, instead of large text books we do it hands on. I've been to Yellowstone TWICE.!! I've seen with my eyes how Old Faithful sprays every few hours. I can tell you how a Fin is formed because I was there to see and climb one. By going on these wonderful trips the information sticks to you. No one that has gone on these trips can tell you, they dont learn anything. Not only does this school do that but it builds character too. This school changes every year to learn from there mistakes. They used to put two grades in a classroom. But now they have changed that and every grade has there own class. I sometimes dont completely agree with the staff. But I would never regret attending this school.
9/5/2011parentI love this school and so does my child. More actual learning takes place than at the public school in Laveen. Not only the trditional"book learning" but also how to be a sucess in life, how to stand for what you believe without stomping on others rights to do the same. Lots of homework, but it is meningful work not just busy work. The centers are great and the extra curricular trips are an amazing chance of a lifetime.
8/7/2011otherI attended country gardens for four years, those four years were the worst 4 years of my learning career, all I learned was how to move hay, math and how to cook food for other students. This school is massively child labor based. This school also has an issue with favoriting. For example there was a child name marco I almost got into a fight with, they threated to expell me but weren't going to a single thing to him. This schools busses are utter garbage. Bad seats bad motors just all around a pile of garbage. All in all id say this school and its teachers are garbage.
7/15/2011otherI had been attending cgcs for 5 years,and recently moved and the bus doesn't go that far anymore. I LOVE cgcs the teachers & staff there,they are all very nice if I could I love to go back. It is one of the best schools. I will say this though people either love it or don't. Yes there are mice and other kinds of wild animals there but it's on a FARM!,but I can assure your child will not be in danger by the wild animals.Some of the wild animals/not wild animals are amazing you may not be able to see some unless you are in a zoo,such as(Great horned owls,peacocks,chickens and more.)
11/14/2010otherI would never send my child here. I worked here briefly, and was astounded and disgusted with its practices. There are mice and rate everywhere (within the classrooms) little to no classroom discipline, and I could not find one sign that standards were being met, or even that they were being used. A staff member "hangs out" with the students after school at random locales. Parents are not allowed in classrooms, and what is most disturbing THE TEACHERS WHO TEACH THERE SEND THEIR KIDS ELSEWHERE! That says the most about a school to me, when the people who work there won't send their children there. None of their school buses pass DOT regulations, and may of the teachers do not possess teaching certificates. If you take a good look at the employees, most of them are related to Mrs. Burge! The ones, who make the most, are related to her or to those who she has employed since the beginning.
9/27/2010parentThis school is a joke they have policies that contradict their own policies yea confusing huh? well that tells you how much thought they put into their own policies!!!! staff hugging touching and kissing infront of student when their own policies prohibit students from engaging in this. I am a firm believer of practice what you preach!!! that fat chick kim is a joke thinks she is the queen of the world and yells at students for the dumbest things..wish parents got to see this side of the school. really have never seen a school so disorganized like this one calling wrong parents when their kids did something wrong.
9/14/2010otherI agree. this school is the worst school . PARENTS if you care about your kids, look into what credentials, and license these so called teachers have. NONE... Teachers are not Highly qualified I worked there and yes, there are mice everywhere, teachers have to clean the restrooms because there is no cleaning staff. IT is all about the money, why do you think they travel? Parents are not involved in their children's education because the principal there doesn't allow them. There is alot wrong with this school. The parent that stated that its hands on, YEAH! taking care of pigs and horses, the philosophy of that principal is low standards for the students. She thinks that our kids will end up having a career taking care of pigs! A great school has highly qualified teachers and cares about the students future and have high expectations of the kids future.
8/26/2010otherCGCS is very hands-on. You learn things you just absolutely cannot learn at a normal matter what people say. CGCS has literally changed my personal life and I'm thankful for it. 99% of people get along there and the animals are amazing.<3 The trips are a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience. I love the staff...They really care. What else could you ask for?? I learn WAY more at CGCS than I ever did at the "smart" public schools. Woo hoo CGCS keep up the good work!!
8/21/2010parentUnqualified and uncertified teachers, rude and unprofessional office staff. No nurse (ill children are just kept in the classroom until they have a temperature of 102.5 which is potientially dangerous), no cafeteria (students eat outside in summer heat, rain or cold) No certified food handling staff. No intercom system for announcements or classroom emegencies. Rat infested, poorly maintained classrooms, weeds and overgrown grounds, no discipline matrix for students, teaching methods not grounded in research. Everything seems to be about money for the Superintendent. This is possibly the worst school in Arizona.
7/17/2010parentThis school is a complete joke. Most of the students are social misfits, and I am not trying to be cruel. I went to a library, and stated my child went there (they laughed and said I m sorry). I was so embarrassed. People should definitely rally to get this school closed for many reason: Lack of credentialed teachers (non-experienced), Lack of supplies, verbal abuse from staff, kissing family members, and etc. Yes, they do travel, however they are not learning .Its amazing about their test scores, however I do believe there is some coaching going on Well I can ramble about this place, however I have better things to do.
6/11/2010parentI am a mother of three very smart and inquisitive boys, I wanted to find a school for them that they could stay in until college and would meet all their needs. My husband and I both did a in depth investigation into many schools, we ran across cgcs's web site and became very interested. We did alot of research and talked with school staff and made the decision to try the school this year. I have never once regretted this decision, I have watched all three of my boys bloom and become a part of a wonderfully made family and staff that not only care for their students but also builds individual learning. My boys love this school and we intend to be apart of the cgcs family all the way through. Thanks to all the wonderful staff that make this school possible.
5/26/2010parentThis school is awesome!!! Don't listen to any of the bad reviews, those are more than likely just parents whose students got in trouble or suspended and are mad....this school offers free tutoring, great curriculum, TOP 10% IN THE STATE TEST SCORES, amazing hands-on education, and NO TUITION!!! The teachers are dedicated and communicative, I am greatly satisfied, and will continue to send my children here!!! They are receiving a top-notch education!!!
5/25/2010otherCountry Gardens Charter School is the most amazing school that I have ever been to. With this school I have learned so much they have great teachers, and great academic programs. I have learned not only in the classrooms but on the trips that the schools take all over the united states I have learned history up close and personal. They also take trips to Costa Rica I went there in the last year of high school and it was the most amazing place to go to i learned so much. The number one thing that i learned when i went there was what type of person that i want to be in life, it showed me to not take life for granted. And let me tell you I am one of those types that needs hands on and if your looking for that this is the school for you.
2/16/2010parentMy daughter went to this school last year. May I just say that it was the most horrible school ever, people should work together to close it down. Look at some of the students reviews, they do not evan have right grammer or evan capitals (thats what they teach them). Of course the students love it they do not have to do anything the whole year. My daughter was on the principles list flying by and she evan told me it was to easy. The teachers kiss in public and the principle is not evan there two times a year. In my oppinion this school should be shut down immedeintly!
12/17/2009parentNo books. Nothing to refer back to, nothing to help the child review, it's no wonder test scores are so low. Yes the kids love it. What kid doesn't like to get dirty and not be challenged? I would gladly pay for my kids' books - great ones at that. We need higher standards, greater parental involvement (insist on it!), more physical activity, greater focus on a child's strengths, and far better communication between the school and the families. CGCSAZ is greatly underestimating what it can as of the students and the parents. Stop screwing around and start making demands. Otherwise, say out loud that you just want to be mediocre and move on. Frankly, we expect more ... of everything. And we're willing to help you get there.
12/10/2009parentThis is the worst school my daughter could have attended
11/13/2009parentI read the parent review before mine and laughed. Teenagers do not run the office. I have never seen anyone in that office who wasn t qualified enough to run it. They do have Teacher Assistants who help for an hour before school ends. But those children NEVER answer phones and never speak to adults; they run notes around the school. I feel that this school is wonderful, as do many other parents, and once you become more involved, you realize the hardships that schools go through, all schools, and appreciate all the extra work they go through to make the school great.
10/26/2009parentMy son went here for one year and I couldn't wait until he graduated! There are no opportunities for parental involvement. There are teenagers running the front office. I only saw the principal on the first day of school and graduation day. Some of the teachers are so unprofessional. There is no commuication between school admin. and parents. The school concept is great but is implemented in such a poor manner. Until they develop better administrative support, hire better more dedicated teachers and determine a better way to implement the schools core concepts, I would not recommend this school.
10/25/2009studentcounrty gradens was a wonderful school, me and my 6 brothers and sisters attend there for about 4 years now.....i have actually graduated...i learned alot there how to be a better person,appreciate life,to kno that theres more than meets the eye,and i learned how apply myself in school and life....people need to remeber not to judge by the cover...yeah the school is not as nice or brick built like most schools but thats what so unique about it, it give the kids somthing new to look at everyday,and helps them open their eyes to the world thats outside....i loved country gardens i wish i atill attened..and im proud to be a CGCS graduate. -A Former 'Firchow'
3/24/2009parentThis school should not be open. First thing is the classes unite 2 grades to make one. My daughter is in a clas where they teach 2nd and 3rd graders together. The teachers are very unprofessional. It was the worst school I have ever seen. I had to pull my kids out of there.
2/24/2009parentWe have had our son at Country Gardens Charter School. We are very pleased with the teachers, and staff. Students are monitored closer than the public schools. When he was in a public school he was attacked twice and his bike was stolen right off the grounds. They also have tutoring available every week. The teachers are so supportive. We were trying to help our son with math and his teacher actually spent his off duty time review the concepts with me so I could help our son at home!
9/20/2008studenti love CGCS ! they have such a great curriculum and such a great way to learn ! u dont have to worry about fights or bullies or anything at all !
8/30/2008studentI love country gardens there programs are awsome and I wouldn't learn any better at any other school. They have individual learning and I can work at my own pace rather then stress out about keeping up with 300 other students.
8/21/2008studenti went to school there right when it opened. we were the first to have classes the first to build stalls and do plays. the school was a fun place to hang out at but school classes were not so good i left there and went to another school and came to find out that the school did not have transferable credits so from my freshmen year i had to bust my butt to make up a year of no school to graduate with my class. i beleive they have the right idea but there needs to be more emphisis on academics and less on social
7/3/2008parentNo discipline for kinder or first graders, I saw many of them pushing each other. Classes were often 40 or more kids because teachers were sent on trips to other states so without any thoughts to the other classes or substitutes they shoved all the children together. You were also expected to bring snacks for EVERYONE in the class and they were very expensive especially when you have 40 or more!. This school is all about money and buying their uniform shirts which can be expensive plus snacks you provide. Bad quality for learning just bring in the money.
4/22/2008parentThis school has grown so much! Great Job to all those who believed in it!
4/18/2008parentMy daughter attended this school 1 year and that was it. Never again! kids running around the campus yelling while class was in session. The staff was very unprofessional, too many kids in the office for no valid reason.
4/18/2008parentThis is the 2nd year that my daughter has attended this school. She absolutely loves it there. The center-based curriculum is excellent. She is a quick learner, and when she is finished with one activity, she is allowed to move on to the next one. In public school she just sat and fidgeted in her chair until the other kids were finished, which was a complete waste of time. Their extra-curricular activites are wonderful. The field trips they offer are excellent and very educational. They have to meet the requirements to be allowed to go, such as do their class assignments, homework, no disciplinary problems, etc. They are allowed to earn money throughout the year to help reduce the costs of the trips. They have an excellent peer mediation policy, and expect students to respect each other and the teachers. However, they need to allow more parental involvement on campus.
3/19/2008otherBig red flag especially when it comes to safety issues.
2/5/2008studentI was a student at this school in my senior year and was taking almost double the classes recommended due to my poor grades in my junior year. I did graduate on time, however, I didn't really learn much of anything. The school was so unorganized all the time. There were a few teachers who really seemed to want to help their students learn, but it was not gone about properly. I did enjoy the horsemanship program, but little was learned. I would not send my kids here.
9/8/2007teacherThis school in only one summer has found some new employee's that have worked thier behind off to make this year a great year. For the first time, there is a vice principle that knows how to do her job with professionalism and organization. The new office staff have organized and made this school year start off with a bang. The new bus super has done a bang up job as well. I, as a teacher at country gardens, am very proud of what we have accomplished. My kids and I recommend this school to anyone who wants an education about life and experience.
9/7/2007teacherAs a former teacher of this school I have a great insight into the inner workings. It has its good points, but mainly bad ones. The ideas the school has are wonderful, but are not properly instituted. I don't recommend.
8/2/2007parentI can't believe this school is still open...I would not recommend this school at all! Very disappointing!
7/22/2007parentI absolutely love this school! My daughter has attended here for three years now and she is past all of the public schools as far as her work academically.. The horsemanship program and farm animals used in their science work, along with the tremendous vacations they go in, would envy any child. I especially appreciate the fact that the girls at the school are not allowed to run around half dressed with piles of make up on their faces, and that bullying is not tolerated..These facts make it so much enjoyable for the kids to go to school... I give this school an A+ !
4/28/2007former studentI was a student at this school for 2 1/2 years. I did have fun but I didn't learn much at all. There was some fun and interesting programs available but some ended before they were even started and sometimes they only lasted a little while. The teachers were great and I loved them all very much but I could not stand to stay at that school. The principal was never available to speak to.
3/10/2007studentIt is a great and wonderful school filled with wonderful staff and is very very educational! Please do yourself a favor and go to this school!
11/26/2006studentyea when i frist went there I thought it was the best ever, i stayed for 2 1/2 years went on a lot of trips and stayed after school a lot but now 4 years later i see that my parents were was fun but my education suffered would be an awesome after school program but not the school it self...i look back and think 'wow, wish i would have learned more,' yea life skill wise it was great, academically its very poor. sorry i can't support it, i would never send my kids. even having gone there. the teachers really try and the principal has good ideas but doesn't know how to put those ideas together
10/9/2006parentIt is too bad that this school never really became what it could have. It had the potential to be an incredible learning environment. Instead, it has 'a few' good teachers.
9/19/2006parentWhen I heard about this school, it sounded great. After I signed him up and before school actually started, I begin to have my doubts. The school was very unorganized. They assured me that everything would be in order before school began. Well, it was not. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and hoped that things would be more organized as time when on. It has. not The lack of organization is normal for this school. The office is very unorganized and the teachers are unhappy.
9/19/2006parentAnyone who cares about their child's safety will not send them to this school. The staff has no control over the students or school.
7/16/2006parentThis school is unorganized and too overwelming for the principal to handle. Some teachers are outstanding while others have no idea what they are doing. Discipline is inconsistant and children are free to roam campus throughout the day.
5/16/2006parent'Life Skills' is the best part of this school!
1/31/2006parentTeachers work their butts off here. Problem is, they come and go. Like a lot of schools I guess. A lot of kids will do really well here. Not the place for everybody though. Small environment will benefit many children. A little unorganized at times. Overall, with a good teacher who understands the center based learning system, a child will get a great education.
1/30/2006parentThe PE teacher is awsome!
1/28/2006studenti think this school is great for people who like the outdoors.when i was in southwest elematry, i was very that i am going to enroll in this school,i am very happy.i don't agree with parents who think this school is dirty.
1/28/2006teacherI think that this charter has a great ablity to mix the anmial world with the academic.
10/20/2005former studentThis school was very poor . The teachers were under paid, irresponsible, not a good school whatsoever!
10/18/2005parentThe teachers at the school are great while they are there. One year my child had 4 teachers, they had a high turn-over rate that year. The trips are used to teach required curriculum and students that can't go are left out of the loop. I don't think it's right to force an expensive trip on families so that their kids receive an education. Mr and Mrs. Mayberry are the best and really care about the students.
8/6/2005parentI like the school size and individual attention this school gives the students. Teachers actually know the kids and take an active interest in them. Students are involved and learn a lot about life and busines. Great programs like steel drums and caring for plants and animals .
7/15/2005former studentI left CGCS about two years ago and I am certainly glad that I did so. When I left that school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and didn't figure it was going to do anything with academics. When I transfered to my new high school I was there three months as a freshman and I knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I don't recommend this school for any student what so ever, all they offer are trips that the students have to pay for through 'student-run businesses' and then still have to pay to go on the trips. Please don't place your child in this school, for their sake.
6/28/2005parentThis school has so much potential! I feel that in many ways it meets its potential and in many ways it needs more work. Their are many positives for this school: 1)The school is safe. In my experience with the school there have been no violent incidents at all! None! Most phoenix area schools cannot claim that! 2)The school loves kids and wants them to acheive. In my experience my children have been pushed to excel and I am glad to have teachers that push children to their full potential (maybe even beyond). The school doesn't stand for 'good enough'. 3)This school is a wonderful alternative to the run-of-the-mill school. They have many programs that have excited my students. These alternative programs include an extensive animal program, trips to educational places, and even steel drums! The negatives to this school are being addressed.
6/8/2005parentThis school has been wonderful for my student who loves the outdoors. The emphasis placed on centers has helped her to learn!
4/27/2005parentThis is a fairly decent school but it has some problems. The administartion is somewhat overwhelemed.
4/6/2005parentMy son attends CGCS, he has excelled in the classroom and in the student run business. I like the fact that he gets to experience a little bit of nature while he is there.
3/29/2005parentThis school has a chance to be a great place, they are just not there yet. There is high teacher turnover, which negatively affects the children. Some staff members are outstanding, while others have no business being teachers. It's somewhat hit or miss. The administration is clearly qualified, but they in over their heads. Orginization is at a minimum. They simply do not have the money or staff resources to keep up.
12/27/2004parentThis school is a very good school, however, the Principal is not organized. If the Principal would just turn the academics over to the Vice Principal the children would get so much more, however, the Principal is to power and money hungry. She does not manage things well at all, so if you do decide to enroll your child deal with the Vice Principal she will get things done.
12/27/2004parentThis school is a very good school. Yes the principal is not around very much, however the vice principal is very active in the students' lives and she cares. The mechanic for the busses is great, he does what he can with what he has, charter schools do not get funding for transportation like public schools do. The students all love their teachers. Yes the school does not have the same teachers as it started with but what school does. The teachers that remain are good teachers and do their job well, the ones that have left either don't care about the children or can't hande the work. The teachers are worked hard but for a good reason. The kids do learn from hands on centers but they practice things everyday so they master the skill. This school is a very good school and every parent that has said some horrible, hateful things are wrong they either had a trouble child or they didn't like the fact the school doesn't put up with things the public schools don't care about. This school has not had to fail one kid and that says a lot. The office may be unorganized but that is being handled as we sit here. This school is one big 'family-like' setting and every kid I know there loves it.
12/11/2004parentI do not recomend this school. Pretty but full of bugs.The animals (4-H) are realy nice, but not worth it.My childs K teacher left, and was replaced by the lady who watched the play ground. The reptile and bird room stench is over-powering. They don't want parents around. By their rules, it takes 2 mos. to talk to the principal.(Who's never there) I was told I could't explain Hanukkah while they cellibrated X-Mas. The bus are never on time. They expect you to wait an hour for them to come.Get Real!
9/11/2004former studentWhen I went here my grades dropped into the ground. I left 4 years later after I did thousands of dollars worth of computer work there, and now am on my way to an AA Degree in Computer Science, plus HS diploma all within 4 years.
5/26/2004parentTax dollars wasted! When I enrolled I had high expectations that the country atmosphere and low teacher to student ratio would benefit my child. Little did I know that the majority of the high school teachers have 'paid vacations' taking those students who can afford it to Costa Rica for 9 weeks, then Washington DC for 3 weeks, then to Yellowstone for 2 weeks leaving few (one) teacher behind to teach the students left behind. Management squanders money for person 'business' vehicles, school buses are filthy (so is the entire school) and are not mechanically sound, breaking down often. Student class schedules cannot be followed as there are no teachers to teach the classes. Students are used a free labor to work in the 'businesses' earning money for more trips. I will not be sending my child back!
5/25/2004parentCountry Gardens seems to offer the children an opportunity to explore many areas in educational courses to expand their curiosity and knowlege base, I look forward to enrolling my child at the school to give her the opportunity to learn many science fields and other ways to soak in the educaitonal material they offer
8/15/2003parentI don't agree with the last two parents. I think they are disgruntled and probably had unruly children and that is the number one thing that this school will not put up with! I love it. My son is A.D.H.D. and since he has been in this school since it's opening day he has been a straight honor roll student. He was very shy and quite a loner. Thanks to the faculty, he is open, caring and sociable. As far as the teachers....Most of the teachers are still there. The good ones are. The principal of the school works her teachers hard. Very hard. I guess those who left may not have liked such work ethic. I grew up on a farm and I love that my children can experience a farm. I think that it will make better adults of them. More compassionate human beings. Something the world is dire need of.I am thrilled that my children have this school. This school is of course very different from the public schools and takes some getting use to, but once you settle in, I think your children will love it and so will you!
8/3/2003parentRed flag! Any parent should take a close look before thinking about this school, then think again, because this is no school. It is a child labor factory. One child this summer worked over 50 hours in one week for $1 per hour! This under 15 aged student was running equipment and doing things only older students should be doing. This is not the only instance of child labor. Look at the student run cafeteria. This takes 2+ hours out of each middle school aged childs school day to do what? The school ran off the best teachers they had this past year. Watch out for this place. None of the surrounding public schools will accept their credit when transferring because they don't teach anything. Don't ask to observe or walk past the front office either. The principal will not let anyone into the classrooms. The trips are terribly unorganized. The plan is now to buy land in Costa Rica and buying a boat to sail there. Ha-Ha. The principal needs to work instead of travelling around buying land, horses, draft horses, wagons, and everything else that will sit around and collect dust while falling apart. Anyway, there are a lot of problems at this place. Stay away!
6/24/2003 Beware! Do not let your kids step foot on the grounds of this school. Terrible school. Gone downhill in a terrible fashion in the past year. The principal makes terrible on the fly decisions and is not responsible with money. She forces children to see graphic, horrible things. The best teachers left and so should the students who are still there. No child gets an education at this school. The only thing that anybody can think about is how to screw another dollar out of each parents pocket for something that is never seen. The place is a junk heap. No janitorial support of any kind. No working vacuums on campus unless brought by the teachers. Why wouldn't an educator be asking for parent involvement unless there is something to hide? Parent involvement is strongly rebuked and not possible here. Simply put, if you care about your kids, stay away.
5/19/2003 I like the hands on thing with the centers. I don't like that they don't have extra curricular activities and that they seem to watch a lot of movies that aren't approved by the parents first. Other than that I like it.
5/15/2003 No organization whatsoever - so 'structure' in the classroom, no books, classwork is slapped together, grades levels are mixed together as a result the proper levels of work are not being taught - the kids teach each other, not the teachers - there are bees literally everywhere - the rooms are filthy and you have to make an appointment to come on the campus to observe?? Can you say 'red flag'?
4/23/2003 Very dirty campus. The thing that bothers me, in regards to the filth, are the bee's. There are literally, bee's everywhere. There is no chance for parents to get involved unless legal action is initiated against the school, and only then it is at the principals discretion.
3/28/2003  My kids have been going to this school since it opened' and they really like it. the school has come along way since it opened.they have a few teachers that i really like and there teaching my kids well.theres no peer preasure, or violence .its just an all around good school.
3/27/2003  What a difference the involvement and caring of the staff has made in the lives of my children. Self esteem has improved, a desire to go to school even on days off is amazing. They love the school, teachers and the principal. The principal is active in all day to day decisions, discipline and activities. KUDOs to the person who had developed the concept. My children are experiencing the wholesomeness of a country school and environment in the middle of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States....THANK YOU!
3/27/2003 I feel the place is great. but very very dirty, the classrooms., and especially the offices.. all unorganized, stuff everywhere. the grounds could all be better picked . trash, etc, stuff, just check the front porch. stuff all over it..
3/3/2003 the best... these students are in a small school enviroment and they do all the work. they do everything hands on where it is easier to understand. my daughter had self esteem problems at a public school, transfered her to country gardens and she is doing terrific. teachers and staff are great!! please dont change!!!

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Watson_Lane_Elementary_School - Louisville, Kentucky
Walton_School - Auburn, Maine
Oakview_Elementary_School - St._Johns, Michigan
West_Terrace_Elementary_School - Evansville, Indiana
St._Cecilia_School - Pawtucket, Rhode_Island
Hopewell_Elementary_School - Cleveland, Tennessee
Basic_Skills_4_School - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Waynesville, Missouri
Mc_Ewen, Tennessee
Woodberry_Forest_School - Woodberry_Forest, Virginia
Larc_Children - Pomona, California
Cahoon_Elementary_Magnet_School - Tampa, Florida
Bais_Yaakov_Of_St._Louis - St._Louis, Missouri
Desert_Meadows_Elementary_School - Laveen, Arizona
Biscayne_Elementary_School - Miami_Beach, Florida
Creekside_Middle_School - Carmel, Indiana