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Pueblo Del Sol Elementary School - Sierra_Vista, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Pueblo Del Sol Elementary School5130 Paseo Las Palmas
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 515-2970K-5CochisepublicSierra Vista Unified School District #68

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic52.79382008
Black, non-Hispanic12.71682008

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/1/2012otherVery Excellent and well trained teachers. I was here and I liked it. I have been here for 3 years and loved all the children and made lots of friends. I even still know some children. All the teachers cared for me. This was where I got very smart at math by Accelerated math.I also know there is AR where you memorize books for tests to meet a goal for rewards. I will never forget this school. And to the school. I learned a new reading Strategy: Read with CURAJ(At Desert Sky). C is Circle Key words. U is underline important words for the passage. Rewrite the question in your own words.Answer the question. Justify(Explain why you got that answer. and for Order Of Operations. I learned PEMDAS(Parentheses,Exponents,Multiply Divide left to right,Add Subtract left to right). I am at Desert Sky with some students with the same minds as me. I made more friends. I'll miss you PDS. A boy that all of some 6th graders know me.
12/6/2010otherThere is not another school in the district, county, and perhaps Southern Arizona that is at the same level as PdS. They were recently awarded as a "Blue Ribbon School", one of only four schools in the state to achieve the honor. Don't let anyone tell you that any charter school in the area is equal; they are not.
4/3/2010parentMy children attended PDS from Sept 2008- March 2010. We have been thrilled with this school, the teachers, the pricipal. We were very sad to leave Sierra Vista and PDS. Our children transfered from DODDS schools in Germany in 2008. Our oldest was in 4th grade and struggled a bit to catch up with his peers, but as a 5th grader and starting from the 1st of the yr he did terrific and Mrs. Caputo was the factor to help him to soar to a new level of achievement. Mrs. Faust was our 2nd child's 1st grade teacher and too is AWESOME! Mr. Wilson (principal) sets a new level of expectation for parents. He takes the time to know each child by name and interacts with them daily! More schools should strive to achieve the standards of PDS!!
3/30/2010parentWonderful school and staff!! My son has Mrs. Holston for second grade and I can't say enough good things about her! She challenged each individual child on their own level and teaches them accountability and time management. Very important life skills! She really really goes above and beyond!!
1/22/2010parentPDS is a great school and they have made it even better by adding a counselor! Ms Elliott is super and quicly established a great bond with the kids - she is a welcome addition to the staff!
8/10/2008parentMy son attends PDS and is in the first grade. I was very impressed that his first year at PDS was a great and educational year. Mrs. Sutera is an awesome teacher and puts her all into teaching and communicating with parents. Now, my son has Ms. Klein. She's been wonderful and also open to communication and participation from the parents. The principal knows every child by first name and interacts well with all the children. I amd very pleased that I will be having two more attend this school.
6/29/2008parentPDS is by far the best school in the district. Not only does it have an excellent rating which tells about their academics, but the teachers equally care about the well-being of each child. I am very pleased with the quality of education my child recieved from Mrs. McComish and Mrs. Wolfe (second grade TEAM) this year. It's AMAZING how much farther they were able to advance my student compared to the charter school. Plus my student LOVED them which gives me peace of mind!
5/7/2008parentThis school by far is one of the best! The teachers are amazing, staff is wonderful and friendly and the Principal is the best. He knows every kid by first name and is always out and about mingling with the kids. I went to this school as well K-6 and their excellence has continued thourghout the years.
11/3/2007parentMy daughter is currently in first grade at PdS and has attended since January of her Kindergarten year. It is very obvious that the teachers and principal at PdS are committed to excellence and that they genuinely care about their students. Mrs. Sutera (K) is a wonderful teacher and it is very obvious that she genuinely cares for her students (which is SO important in a K teacher)! Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Sutton (1st grade) are doing a great job with their first full year of team-teaching and my daughter enjoys their classroom (and I really enjoy that she is being challenged in reading). Based upon my conversations with other parents and with my own obvervations, the teachers seem to thoroughly enjoy teaching and seem to be great at their jobs! I've heard fabulous things about the 2nd grade teachers, so I have a difficult decision for next year!
2/12/2007parentMy daughter has been attending for 2 yrs. The principal is great and so is the majority of the staff. Talk to parents and go by word of mouth before they place your child in any particular class.
8/9/2006parentMy daughter just finished her first year at PDS. What a great school! Principal is always out to greet students and the emphasis on Math and Reading is just what I wanted! Returning from overseas and their very competitive I was pleased that they made sure my daughter was given challenges when she had finished her classwork. Too bad this her last year here as she is moving on to middle school. PS Mr. Plumb is a tremendous 4th grade teacher!
1/3/2006parentBoth of my children attend(ed) PDS with great success. The staff is challenging, caring and wonderful in so many ways. The PTA is active and involved. The Principal is hands on and wants to know every student by name. Five Stars!
6/1/2005parentFrom what I've seen so far, the principal is very attentive and caring. The teacher's I've met work well with students and care about both individual and group success. I love that the younger grades have assistant teachers in the classroom.
9/24/2004parentThis is the best school my child has attended. Being in the military, our children attend many schools. The staff is very supportive. The principal is wonderful.

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