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Desert Trails Elementary School - Adelanto, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Desert Trails Elementary School14350 Bellflower Road
Adelanto, CA 92301
(760) 246-3800K-6San BernardinopublicAdelanto Elementary

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic6.172009
Black, non-Hispanic20.82009
Pacific Islander0.142009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.142009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Larry Lewis2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/29/2012parentMy kids have been at Desert Trails since 2008. Up until this year my kids were never bullied. I love the new Principal Mr. Mobley. I hope he is able to turn this school around. I love all the teachers that my kids have had. I do agree that we need to get MORE parents involved that we need at this school
4/6/2012otherMy sister has been going to DT for her second year. She is in fifth grade and she loves her teacher but there is ALOT of bullying. Personally you run into bad teachers like you run into bad cops. Not all of them are good, but not all of them are bad either. I personally think that the problem lays more with the students AND PARENTS. Teach your kids some respect and maybe kids won't be disrupted and actually will get the opportunity to learn something. I get tired of seeing the parent protesters talking about how it's the teachers fault. NO it's the parents fault. When did it become that the teacher had to be the parent. I see a lot of rudeness with parents at the school. It's not the teachers or the staffs fault for YOUR KIDS fighting. It's only they're job to control the situation as much as possible. I also get tired of having to wait at the intersection for a long time, it's not the wait that bothers me, it's the un supervised kids walking extra slow through the cross walk and dancing in the street.
4/3/2012othermy child went to this school for 2 years. there teachers were ok but there staff was bad. the princable does nothing when you have a problem all they say is ok dont worry ill do something about it and they never do. this school is not the type of school you would want to send your child to and there is alot fighting, gossiping, and many more so please do not send you child to this school because your child will not have a good elementry year here.
7/20/2011otherI attended Desert Trails from K-6. There were a lot of gossiping and students fighting and calling me names. I had fun and learned a lot in Mr. Franco's class. He gave us gift cards and granola bars.
6/15/2011otherok obviously the person who commented saying that carlson was a great teacher wasnt in his class! i was and theres nothing great about that teacher that goes for payton too. i went to desert trails from kinder to 6th grade alright i think i know about the teachers. but the school wasnt great some of my best teachers were ms.hoffman and ms.freeman i knew ms.freeman as ms.gray but those teachers were great i had fun learning.
1/24/2011other Okay, this is coming from a student there for two years and I am now in ninth grade. My experience there wasn't the best but not the worst because I didn't get bullied . But I can assure you there was many fights, as much as once a day. No field trips and the work was way too easy. As a student it was a miserable place to be and made me not like school. I transferred in 6th grade. : (
2/23/2010parentit is not a school you would want to send your child , the principal does nothing to protect students from bulling, as well as special day class does not benifit students
5/13/2009parentSome special teachers such as Payton and Carlson who really care, but they are met with an administrator who is unsupportive of his staff and students, I question his ability to lead. I pulled my son out and it's the best thing I could have done for his education. DT used to be a thriving school with basketball, yearbook and field trips. The last few years have been sad for both staff and students.
1/3/2009parentMy child doesn't enjoy the school and thinks it is unsafe.
10/7/2008parentMy daughter has been in this school for 3 years, she has had really good teachers I think we all agree the teachers are great. my daughter has never been on a field trip or any kind of extra corricular activity, she is in the second grade now, that is sad and you can only blame the school leaders for lack of commitment to making the school a better place maybe they should consider visiting other schools down the hill and see how there ran, see how they get funded, I want my daughter to have the same education that the rest of san bernadino has, including field trips, activities, music classes, art classes the school is poor and its the parents that stick it out that is only hurting your kids and school, if more kids get transfered they will be forced to make a change.
2/21/2008parentThis is a good and caring school! I know because have have been a volunteer at the school for 10 years.They care about the kids and are very protective! They need more parent involvment,thats what mades a school a better place for our kids!Please get involved in your childs school,the schools need you.Thanks!
3/8/2007parentMoving from a district that presented a whole lot more than this one I was wondering if I had made a huge mistake moving here to Adelanto 2 years ago. Now seeing how our community is turning out I'm diffidently wondering if I made the right decision for my children. Then I met 2 teachers out of the 3 my children had. Mrs. Payton and Ms. Morales. They truly care for those kids and enjoy what they do. It gave me an inclination of what Desert Trails can become. So I'm going to stick it out as they say and be more involved with my children, along with the other students at Desert Trails; who deserve to have an education. Maybe there is hope!
6/19/2006parentThe academic programs appeared to be non-existant. I was willing to be involved with my children, but there seem to not be any way of assisting.
3/16/2006parentGreat Teachers, music and art program okay. Need more parental involvement.

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