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Napa Junction Elementary School - American_Canyon, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Napa Junction Elementary School300 Napa Junction Road
American Canyon, CA 94589
(707) 644-0050K-5SolanopublicNapa Valley Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
20 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic13.112009
Black, non-Hispanic10.072009
Pacific Islander1.412009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.172009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Donna Drago2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/10/2012parentMy kids have went here since kinder and now they are in 3rd and 5th. The test scores don't always show the true facts about the school. The principal and the teachers are fantastic and committed to provided our kids with the best education. With the new programs they have started like project base learning and GiGI math my kids are excited every day to go to school.
9/25/2012parentWhen we first found out that Napa Junction was our appointed school, we were not sure what to expect. After being there 3 days, I realized that this is a little hidden secret in American Canyon. My boys have really great teachers and they seem to fit their learning style.
7/17/2011parentThis school curriculum is not up to par compared to the the other two school in American canyon. I feel that this school doesn't challenge my kids enough and it's not fair.
4/27/2011parentwhen i was enrolling my daughter i was told this school had special education. my daughter has downs and needed to be in sdc, comes to find out they didnt have sdc classes. i had the worst experience ever at this school. my daughters first yr in kinder and was a nightmare. i would NOT recommended anyone to go there. in the first month the teacher lost my daughter. another classmate a boy pushed her head into a table. she had a black eye and i didnt even get a call. they sent her home with a note in her backpack. the kindergarten aides are not friendly and are rude. the "special ed teacher" had no art in her class. thank god my son can start kinder at a different school
5/29/2009parentMy daughter went to Kindergarten and 5 months of First Grade at Napa Junction Elementary School and I am so happy and so grateful for all the teachers esp. Ms. Ciabattari and Ms. Greenwell and Ms. Toddy and to her first grade teachers, Ms. Donohue and Ms. Malayter and all first grade teachers . We are here in Virginia now and all I can say is that her foundation was beyond excellent and she's doing great because of the whole staff of this school. YOU ROCK and I wouldn't have it any other way. I would recommend Napa Junction to everybody if only they have a choice.The whole staff is just amazing and you feel like your in a huge family and I'm glad we had a chance to experience that before we moved here. THANKS SO MUCH!!
2/5/2008parentI like the principal so much. She is warm and friendly and approachable. I think there could be better supervison of the students at lunch and on the playground. The school needs more parent involvement!
6/9/2007parentI have two children, one which has completed her years at Napa Junction and the other will be going into 5th grade. I feel the whole staff is wonderful and there is a wonderful school spirit thanks to a truly exceptional new principal. I feel very fortunate that my children have been able to attend such a fine school.
10/6/2006parentMy daughter, Ashley, had Ms. Hunt for a 5th grade teacher at Napa Junction. She blossomed with Ms. Hunt's wonderful teaching style. She has excelled at Middle School as a result of Ms. Hunt preparing her students for the transition from elementary to middle schools. There are also many other wonderful teachers there. They are dedicated and really respect the students and parents. I am glad my children went there!
4/2/2006parentMy two kids attended Napa Junction School since K, they learned to read in K, which is not common in public schools, I am very satisfied with the quality of education they provide, teachers are well prepared and I highly recommend this school.
2/2/2006parentTeaching quality,safety,seems to be ok.
1/2/2005parentThe quality of academic's at this school is extremely low. The availabilty of music is average, art is average and sports non available other than the activities available during recess time. As for the level of parent involvement, below average. I have a 11 year old attending this school and do not feel he has excelerated in any way, other than music. This year, he at least has the same teacher from last year. This is a first for him since attending at grade K. I have seen some changes with a new Principal and believe she will correct and improve from the last Principal.
4/11/2004parentAs a parent of a child at 'Napa Junction', I feel that the judgement of the parent who felt as though the school's staff were uncaring, and not overseeing the childrens' safety did some truth to it, but I feel that for the most part, the staff of the school must be suffering from total 'burn out'. With the constant influx of new students, how the teachers & supports staff,(especially the principal, who no doubt get the majority of the flack, despite having little control over the many problems the school district is confronted with on a constant basis), may be just 'treading water', hoping that some how they'll eventually be pulled out of the finincial & beauracratic B.S. that the school districts are facing. About the 'new' Elementry school, supposedly 'in planning/progress'? Remember the 12+ yr.Green Barn-Safeway Project? (Of course, you can always transfer your kids to Vallejo schools!)
3/16/2004parentAs the parent of a 1st grader attending 'Napa Junction', I am very frustrated by the huge,(and continuing) barrage of new students, as this school is already 'bursting at the seams'. They've built hundreds of new, large, single family homes here over the last several years, but we still have only two elementary schools. My 20 yr. old son also went to this school, many years ago, and the facility & class size seem adequite then. My daughter began Kindergarden last year, the school was already so over crowded that students went to one room, and had to move after 15 minutes or so,(to another room), to make room for another class. They'd often be moved up to three time a day, and the stress on the kids and teachers was very noticeable.
9/21/2003parentMy son is in his 5th year at this school. It is a great school; the teachers and principal are dedicated to the concept of 'No child left behind'. The school recieved a CA Distinguished School award in 2001, a honor well deserved. The teachers are responsive and helpful, and all children are honored and respected, reguardless of social standing, race or wealth. I would highly recommend this school and its staff. A school is only as good as its staff, this school is the best.
9/9/2003parentI have had two children at this school and I can honestly say that the help is there if you are willing to help yourself. My son was having trouble with his reading and he has recieved all the help from the school, the teachers and myself to bring him up to grade level. The teachers are very friendly and supportive of the children.

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