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Aptos High School - Aptos, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Aptos High School7301 Freedom Blvd.
Aptos, CA 95003
(408) 686-65659-12Santa CruzpublicPajaro Valley Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
26 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic66.892009
Black, non-Hispanic0.752009
Pacific Islander0.072009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.522009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Casey O'Brien2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/17/2012parentWe are the second generation to go through Aptos High. The teachers are creative and thoughtful and the natural setting is inspiring. The new performing art center is awesome, and I hope the school uses it often for and grows its music and theatre programs. Sports have always been great here. It's also a somewhat diverse campus, with the majority of students being white, hispanic, and hispanic English language language learners. Native English speakers excel here, with a lot of support in a large variety of AP classes.
4/13/2010teacherI taught at Aptos High School for 15 years. Its techers and staff achieve escellence in every respect. Their arts and music techers are especially to be commended for great performances. Everyday, they strive for excellence. One can't ask for anything more.
10/28/2009parentMy son has been a student at Aptos High for 4 years now. This is is his senior year and I have seen a vast change of improvement in this school. In his freshman-sophmore years Aptos high was bad. Teribble,the worst you could imagine. But the next two years were exceptional. A new principal canged the school in so many ways. Test scores went up, the bad kids left, but more importantly the bad teachers were replaced with better, and more caring teachers. Overall Aptos high school is one of the best.
10/5/2009parentGreat teachers, students, and community involvement. A beautiful location and setting for continuing education of our children.
9/16/2009parentOutstanding, dedicated teachers, awesome, innovative principal and wonderful dedicated coaches lead a great sports program.All factors together create an exceptional school.
1/3/2008parentOverall, the school does a medicore job balancing the needs of a diverse student population.
5/4/2007parentThis school needs to focus more on teachers and academic success instead of physical improvements on campus. In other words, I don't understand why this school worries about buildings instead of a shortage of science lab materials and computers that do not work.
4/28/2006parentAs yet I have had no problems with this school and have been impressed with the changes and improvements that have been brought about by the new Principal.
12/30/2005parentThis school administration seems to be more concerned with how they look than the students they serve. Bullying and putdowns are rampant and there doesn't seem to be much control with conflicts that arise on the campus. Many of the teachers need to put more emphasis on accomodating the varying learning styles and individuality of each student and cater to varying levels of progress.
11/4/2004parentI am very pleased with Aptos High. Any time I've had a question, I e-mail, and get a response before the end of the day. Tons of Parent involvement. Wonderful Principal.
6/3/2004parentMy son is currently a sophmore at AHS, I'm pleased with his academic class loads, he is able to take as many accelerated classed he feels he needs to. His sophmore class boasts over 80 students who are in CSF membership.I feel this school holds the best hope for my son in this district. It is cetainly not a perfect school, but if you have an academically oriented student it by far better than the other choice. Many people do no not like the segregated atmosphere at the school. I have been on campus many times, and students who are in teams or clubs mix as well as anywhere else. The students who do not have a reason to intermix tend to stay with familiar peer groups. The situation exist in every school I've ever atteneded or been associated with, including my own back in 1969.
5/20/2004studentThe school is very segregated, with the mexican americans on one side, the mexicans on another, and the white kids on the third. I often found myself applying several times for their honors and hard classes and getting ignored. If you are latino and are planning on taking the hard classes then be prepared to insist and insist and reaply every year because you are misteriously routed to the normal class path. This a very disciplined school, however, and you don't see very rebellious kids, or fights, and gangs are a myth made up by people who think that a group of mexicans is automatically a gang. Endless hours are wasted doing nothing but that is a problem with the overly long 7 hour school days imposed by the government and not with the school. Do yourself a favor: homeschool.
10/27/2003otherI went too Aptos high for most of my freshman year. Befor I left cause of lack of leadership from the office staff and the vice principals and the bareley their princiapl. If you had a problem they did nothing about it so you had to bother them until they finaly did somthing about it whitch was basicly was nothing.
9/9/2003parentAptos High is a great school and my daughter really enjoys it. The Music program especially the chior is wonderful . Go Mariners!
9/5/2003otherI am a former student of Aptos High. I am not a parent of a student there but wanted to voice my comments. The school when I was there didn't have much of anything. We didn't have a cafeteria, none of the shops (wood, auto, etc..) no swimming pool, no football field bleachers or lights. We had to use Cabrillo College as our home field. We were a new school and like I said didn't have much but it was the best time. I don't think you could have asked for a better school and teachers. I feel it is a real shame that they painted the school the blue color it is now, the natural wood color looked so much better and fit the area. The school now looks like an apartment complex. I am also saddened that they took down the gate and put up that new one with the palm trees. Doesn't fit at all. But all in all it was one of the best schools around, and as far as parents saying that white kids stick together and the hispanic kids sticking together and not intermixed, well you will find that at any high school.
8/26/2003parentLike all schools you get out of it what you want. Many years ago I graduated from Aptos High. One of my children has also graduated from Aptos and I currently have a senior at the school.The school has grown quite a bit since I was there. They have some good college prep advisors to help keep your kids on track. The school also offers quite a few college prep classes. Unfortunately they do not offer enough english for entrance into some colleges. That is where the community college can fill in. There are some exceptional sports programs offered. One of my daughters was involved in cheerleading and her team won the State Championship one year. They had early morning practices and competed year round. I would highly recomend the swimming and water polo programs. The coaches for these sports help with getting the students academic priorities straight and the students seem to encourage each other to do well. Thier GPAs are outstanding.
8/25/2003otherOne of my children graduated in the late 90's and the other will grad. in 4 years. The oldest felt the school did not prepare him adequately for the demands of the four year university he attends. He took the UC track of coursework, and was in accelerated classes the entire way through. Our second child is a freshman with a high academic course load also, and an interested music student too. This student is comfortable at the site, but says there is divisiveness amoung some of the students--especially at lunch time. She will do well there because we are also involved parents and have modeled for our kids what being involved looks like. She plans to attend a 4 year university on the East Coast and Aptos High has the course offerings to get her there as long as she keeps her committment level up high. Aptos High is ranked in the top 4% of the country for the number of AP courses and students who took and passed the AP exams. Aptos High has had a lot of controversy the past years with its school administration. This year, Aptos High begins a new, motivated principal, who is positive and willing to take on the challenges of mending a fractured system. There was a large turn over of staff during 01-02, and 02-03 due to lack of administrative leadership. The guidance department, once the strongest in the county (while our son attended), with record numbers of students being accepted to four year universities, (public and private) and receiving over 1 million dollars in scholarship monies for those students, has dwindled to an ineffective department, receiving numerous complaints from parents and students. Lack of vision, experience, and tremendous inflexibility appear to be the probable cause of the decline in this dept. Hopefully, the new principal will over time, adjust her personnel and align their strenghts to correct this situation. Students who attend this school are from a wide range of incomes, belief systems, cultures, traditions, and interests. This is a comprehensive high school where students low in academics are offered coursework to raise their academic levels to the norm, and accelerated students can earn up to one college year of credit at the site. There is always room for improvement of facilities, increased staffing, streamlining procedures, and higher accountability from staff and students. Aptos High serves special education students with a variety of needs. Parent involvement is strong, with a new PTA beginning in 02-03.
8/25/2003former student I graduated from Aptos High School in 2003, and I do not recommend this school. Majority of the students that attend aptos high school are racist, have no respect, and judge other students harshly. The teachers at Aptos are not that great. There has been way too many scandals among the administration and the district desperately needs to clean house.
4/24/2003 There is a lot segregation which means that all the white kids go on one side and the mexicans have their own side and there arent that many african american kids but this school is very bright and probably might be one of the best schools in California. They also have programs that prepare the kids to go to college like AVID = Advancement Via Individual Development. I think this is the best in the Bay area.

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