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Calabasas High School - Calabasas, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Calabasas High School22855 West Mulholland Highway
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 222-71779-12Los AngelespublicLas Virgenes Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
29 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic77.052009
Black, non-Hispanic2.632009
Pacific Islander0.22009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.552009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
C. Foss2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/29/2012studentDisgusted with my experience at the school. Constant complaints about the schools budget when all they do is waste money. They even went to the extent to hire a school sheriff... This is Calabasas, not Compton. Besides the illogical pattern of spending by the administration, the teachers are also awful. In my four years of attending CHS i had one teacher that i noticed actually cared about my well-being. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this because all of my peers agree that Calabasas is a joke of a school. Calabasas' biggest concern is catching students doing drugs, not delivering a quality education. Policies to try to lower the amount of tardies were also implemented.. which have absolutely failed and are still failing today. The "tardy sweep" is Calabasas' idea of a great way to stop students from being late to class, when really all it does is frustrates and makes students more late to their classes. Before Calabasas becomes a good school they must first learn how to run a school. I can't help but think that they have forgotten the mission statement of a school which is, to educate students and prepare them for life. Horrible experience, wouldn't recommend CHS to any.
10/22/2012studentPeople aren't that snobby; almost everyone is friendly and open if you ask them, for example, time or directions. The kids and teachers are polite, if you drop something, they'll help you pick it up. I can firsthandedly say that anyone who is able to attend Calabasas High School should be honored. This is a very well-managed school. I admit, the sports and ex-curriculars aren't the best, but there is strong emphasis to succeed (sometimes too small) Most people are superficial, but its what to be expected in the coddled Calablackess. Hope you enjoy the school!
9/15/2012studentCHS is actually a really good school academically as well as socially, contrary to popular belief. I came here from A.E. Wright MS. While most kids from AEW go to Agoura High, CHS's sister school, I decided CHS would be a closer, more convenient option for my parents and I. At first, I wasn't too pleased with my decision because I missed all of my friends who were at Agoura. I even transferred to AHS after spending 2 weeks at CHS. Worst decision of my life. The teachers at AHS are mean, awful, and the class sizes are huge. To add to the problem, the kids other than my friends there were incredibly mean, especially compared to CHS where a majority of kids are okay and friendly for the most part. I ended up transferring back to CHS after spending 2 days at AHS, when I knew CHS really was the better school. Some of my friends from AEW are at CHS with me, and I really am happy to be here. The teachers are good enough and the staff are nice (for the most part. There are some teachers who are asses.) However, if you had the option of CHS [as with all public schools] and a private school, choose the private school. And if you are going here for sports, you're making the wrong decision.
8/17/2012otherOverall as a school, it's ok, the teachers are ok, with the exception of a few crazy ones ones and a few good ones. Everything else about this school is horrible, the sports teams, the kids, and any extra curricular activity. Those things you hear about all the kids being stuck up and snobby is true. If you come from Calabasas , you might be used to it, but from anyone in LAUSD or anywhere else, get ready to try and switch out after 3 weeks. Also be prepared to have them call you still even after you leave and request to be taken off the calling list and when you go to the district office to be taken off the calling list. 1 year was enough for me to never go there again.
4/26/2011parentThis is our second year at CHS and we love this school!!! Great social and academic environment for our daughter!!
8/8/2010parentI've been very pleased with the teachers at CHS; they have put in extra time with the students and care about individual improvement. The Biology teacher, Ms. Jobsz offered AP BIO tutoring during her lunch-hour in addition to support period. Mr. Kayastha was so thorough in his teaching of regular Geometry, that my one son scored a perfect 600 on the Geo Star Test. One would have thought that you'd need to be in Honors Geometry in order to do that. Both of my students are enjoying the friendships that they are making on separate sports teams...which shows me this is a school that is interested in a well-rounded education.
9/18/2009parentCalabasas is such a good environment for growth and learning. The faculty and administration make every student and staff feel like we are all one big family. Who can ask for a better learning environment? The academics is one of the best and they are a national blue ribbon school. Everyone is always smiles at Calabasas High!
9/15/2009parentNestled in around trees, mountains and hawks children are reminded of the importance of nature. The staff wholeheartedly loves their children and concerns for them with joy and hometown tenderness!
8/26/2009parentMy son finished 9th grade at CHS with some good memories, but overall had a pretty negative experience. The quality of teaching was average with a couple teachers that truly demonstrated a genuine interest in the students and there were some on the other end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, on this campus, there is very little education with regards to respect for your fellow student and the culture interfered with my son's ability to focus on school. He finished with mostly A's and a couple B's and we decided to pull him out of the school for the rest of his high school education and put him into a private school that emphasizes core values and provides a better atmosphere for learning. CHS provides an extensive array of AP & honors classes and for the most motivated students, they can thrive at this school.
12/29/2008studentThe academics at CHS are actually very good. It depends on the classes you take and how hard you try. The teachers are overall pretty good, some better than others. However, I personally really dislike the school on a social level. If you care about things other than cars, clothes, and TV shows, then you will probably be miserable. It's not that the people there are bad. They're actually overall very decent and nothing like the exaggerations in films like 'Mean Girls.' It's just, everyone there lacks any passion. There's absolutely zero diversity. Everyone dresses the same, acts the same, has the same interests. If you are a student, or have a child who has a passionate interest in anything, you should try instead to find them a magnet school, because trust me, they'll be miserable at CHS too.
9/30/2008studentI am a current student at CHS. I truley love this school! I think that it's a great choice for oncoming students. I have heard some people saying this school has poor academics and all that. But that is honestly NOT true! If the student chooses to do poorly, they won't do well. But for all those who study and pay attention, will succeed! I personally know this is a great school. The teachers are good. We have great groups here. People with different interests who mesh well together. Friends that stay together and conquer the school! I am very happy to go to such a welcoming school! So take my advice, this school rocks!
9/30/2008studenti am a student at calabasas high school. I came to this school from A.C stelle. At first, I heard that calabasas was a horrible school and the kids were rude, spoiled, and inconsiderate, so i didnt want to go there. After i've been there, all of thoes rumors are fake! its absoultly amazing! Most of the teachers are good, some are okay. Its really a great school, everyone is friends. One of my favorite parts, is at lunch all the teachers are in the rooms ready to help. The homework is a good amount of time. You can really tell that the teachers care about teaching you. I have many friends that go to augora, and they don't like school as much as I do. They tell me that the teachers dont care, and the kids start so much drama. I am so glad i came to calabasas!
9/18/2008studentI am a current student at Calabasas. While I love the school overall, there's definite room for improvement. There are some great teachers, and there are some absolutely awful ones as well who are unclear, unhelpful unfair, and unable to control their classes. There's a lot to do on campus... sports, clubs, community service, music, theatre, art, etc... CHS can give you an outlet for your talents and interests. Out of 2000+ student population, you probably will not have trouble finding people to befriend. There is a strong AP/honors program as well for the academically oriented and many CHS students go onto great colleges and universities upon graduation. The administration and new principal are nice and try to help students the best they can. So pretty much my only complaints about CHS are lack of good cafeteria food (overpriced and yucky), some incompetent teachers, and lack of diversity. Good school overall.
8/22/2008studentI am a student at Calabasas high school, overall it is an average school. You might hear people saying that the kids at this school only drive Mersades and BMW's and they walk around wearing $2,000 outfits, but that is a complete exaggeration. Sure, some of students have nice things ,but that dose not mean that they are snobby or mean. A great thing about this school is that there are many diferent groups of people with certain interests,so it's very easy to find people that have the same interests as you. From my point of view, the teachers at CHS aren't the greatest. Some teachers are better than other's. The music program at CHS is amazing, we have 3 jazz bands ,3 chiors, 1 orchestra, and 2 ensembles,so there is a lot veriety and it's a lot fun. I hope i helped
1/9/2008parentSure, they are many great teachers, but there are also many that have no business being there. The administration cares more about API scores than teaching the students and could care less about SAT/ACT scores.
8/30/2007parentDon't let the high test scores lead you into thinking CHS is a 'great' school. It's very academically oriented, which is great, but the culture of the school is toxic. There is not much diversity, ethnically or economically. There have been at least 4 new principals in the last 5 years. The art deparment is shameful, but there are a vast array of AP classes. The kids are well dressed coming to school in $5,000 outfits and driving BMWs. Basically if your child is rich or fits into the demographic that is Calabasas, forget, having a quality high school experience.
6/27/2007studentIf your child is a hard-working, intelligent, and friendly; this is a wonderfull school. hope I have asisted you. I am currently freshmen with 5 A's and one B. Also, a great school for college-minded kids.
5/29/2007former studentArguably one of the best high schools in or near the San Fernando Valley along with Taft, Granada, and El Camino. However CHS does not follow the 'bus program' of the other schools because they are in the Las Virgines dist.instead of LA. Lots of students go on to the UC system. If your child is an AP/Honors student they will receive the best education among the other students at the school. However the administration does not wish to help students. Lost of hidden costs for parents as well.
11/17/2006parentThis is school is terrible for students with emtional needs. My son was abused by a teacher Psychology and verbal. I will not mention his name becasue I will not go to his level. He caused my son to leave CHS from an emtional breakdown because of him. He was mistreated poorly by many teachers. My son suffered from a physical problem. The school would not provived transportation for him on a school trip. This teacher has been known to force kids into his program if they leave or change classes. Also teachers DRINKING ALCHOL on a school trip is wrong and should be fired.
9/26/2006parentOverall this school is one of the best in this area. There are some areas that could use some improvement. When my child has tried to get help from some teachers the teachers are not very receptive nor helpful. I feel the children are very safe at Calabasas High School, or at least as safe as any high school can be these days. I also feel that a small number of kids are not able to participate in some activities because of the cost required by the school district.
5/7/2006parentCalabasas high is a fantastic school, if your child is in the honors program. The teachers are top notch and dedicated. The kids can get a wonderful academic education. The music program also deserves special recognition, as Mr Barroll is interested in driving his music and choir students to peak performance. Parents are very interested in their kid's academic scores. The sports go by the way side.
4/22/2006former studentI graduated from this school in '05. It was the best 4 years of my life.
4/4/2006studentOverall a good school. Nice campus, very up to date. The science program needs some help.
4/1/2006parentThe quality of this school's academic programs is generally excellent, as are its provisions for art, sports, music, etc. However, the social scene seems a bit difficult to navigate, especially for children from anything other than an upper-middle class background.
8/7/2005parentIt is a great school and has excellent academic and athletic programs.
3/31/2005parentThe school has a phenomenal Principal who has been able to lead and take charge, unlike his predecessors. It's about time the principal makes the decisions, instead of a few tenured teachers!
2/22/2005parentGreat support from a great community. Superior student body. Exceptional performing arts programs.
2/2/2005former studentThe academic programs at this school are very comprehensive. Students are given opportunties to join various clubs and associations which I believe encourages them to further study. There are other activities such as plays, annual lip sync contests and musicals that kids can get involved in. The only problem I have with this school is that it may be not so culturally diverse. Some kids who have recently immigrated to the states may not feel so comforable at this environment because the student body is not so diverse as you expect. Parents can get involved in every aspect of his or her own child's education here. Many volunteer to assist teachers and they really appreciate it a lot. The major plus with this school is the faculty. They try to provide a good learning atmosphere for the kids. They push them to get involved with the surround communities.
12/2/2004parentIf your child is a straight A, AP-type overachiever, this is the school for you. Great AP classes, horrible regular classes. Drugs are a problem as there is a lot of money in the community, but not a lot of supervision. The kids drive much better cars than the teachers. Lots of clubs, sports and such but highly competitive. Counselors are very over worked and the administration is condescending. There are however some great teachers in the English department and the theatre department.
11/28/2004parentEspecially good for self motivated high achievers.
10/14/2004parentThis school is wonderful. I am constantly amazed at the way the principal and teachers take a special interest in the children. Many parents who care make the extracurricular activities more of a hit. Ways for students and parents to get envolved are endless. Calabasas High makes me wish I were back in high school again.

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