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Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School - Camarillo, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School13282 Santa Rosa Road
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 491-3822K-8VenturapublicPleasant Valley

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic68.472009
Black, non-Hispanic2.162009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.082009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Thomas Holtke2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/15/2012parentMy child graduated from the middle school program and is having a very difficult time writing essays in high school. The writing program is particuarly bad even though your child might receive high grades in English Language Arts and perform well on STAR testing. The main problem with the school is the tiny middle school teaching staff since you have the same teachers for 2 years in a row for ELA and History and electives, too. The technology program really did significantly improve our child's computer skills. The middle school program is worse than the elementary school program due to lack of teaching staff. The SRTMS families are motivated and involved.
2/13/2012parentWe couldn't be happier with this school! Excellent leadership, excellent teachers and challenging and interesting curriculum. We opted for this school instead of the larger middle schools in Camarillo and our child is thriving. I couldn't disagree more with previous negative comments regarding technology and teachers. My 6th grader uses her Netbook constantly for schoolwork, including using Google Docs & Calendar and loves her teachers. She is fully engaged in learning without the distractions that go unchecked at some of the other schools. This school has a lot of parent involvement, engaged teachers and a principal who is 100% tuned into the kids. EAGLE PRIDE!
2/2/2012parentI have two sons at this school and this is the 2nd year they attend SRTMS. This school has provided my sons with an academically challenging environment and it is well worth the drive out of our area. I am especially happy with the middle school curriculum. I have compared other schools and did quite a bit of research before deciding to register my sons at this school and have not been disappointed thus far. I have found that my 7th grader uses his laptop at all times and submits majority of his work electronically. He has been able to take advantage of electives such as French and Robotics, I have found very limited choices at other middle schools for electives due to budget cuts. The Robotics class this year is introducing a programming language called Scratch. i feel that the laptop fee is a small price to pay when you consider the advantages at this school. To this day i don't recall having to pay for any of the field trips. My 3rd grader has a great teacher this year and is doing great as well. This school has provided a safe, non bullying environment for my sons to learn.
1/14/2012parentUnfortunately, this school is billed out as a technology magnet. The kids from grades 6 to 8 lug around a laptop that they use for email and word. Occasionally they use the internet for research. They charged the current class $500 a year ($1500) for a laptop worth $200. They have finally changed for a netbook. Which will be much better because there is not a thing "technical " about what they do!!! The PTA recently used designated "laptop" funds to make an $80,000 dirt track. So if you send your child here realize that technical and computer savvy are not what you are getting. Academically, they score well -but we will see when they enter High School how well prepared they really are.
11/11/2010parentAll of my children are happy to go to school and happy when the day is through!
10/11/2010parentWe are new to SRTMS. The curriculum is exactly the same as all PVSD schools as they all follow the State of California's guidelines. That is where the comparison ends. The DEPTH at which the students learn the aforementioned curriculum is much greater here. My son was bored stiff and frustrated with students at his previous PVSD school. In just his first week at SRTMS he was challenged as never before. Additionally, his workload has increased as well as the expectations placed on him. He is now in a class with many students that are high level achievers and is forced to pay attention to keep up. To the person who wrote that this school is better because it is affluent, you are nuts! Camarillo is one of the wealthiest cities in California. Most kids in any school here can afford those programs.
10/9/2010parentThe teachers and curriculum are definitely average, and there are some terrible teachers at this school! So, why is the API higher than other PVSD schools? MOST of the families at SRTMS are supplementing the public curriculum with Kumon or some other private academic enrichment program. The families of SRTMS students are affluent and able to financially provide supplemental programs. Without this, the school would be no different than any other PVSD school, and quite possibly worse. Don't be fooled by the API scores!
9/1/2010parentMy child went down over 100 points from 6th grade on his star score. Pleasant Valley seems to place the teachers it cannot place anywhere else -so just beware. Some grades are better than others,
7/25/2010parentHad two kids attending SRTMS and left for many reasons, some not b/c of the school itself. While it is impressive how many parents are involved, some of them seem to rule the school and get special treatment over other families from teachers and faculty. In my experience, principal seems to put teachers first, then parent, then student - a bit backwards and quite frustrating when you have a real issue to deal with. There are many great teachers there and some not so great. And no matter how many complain, the not so great ones seem to always get a pass. Principal seems to be a better fit for Middle School than Elementary. Pretty good academic school but for a technology school, lacking a bit.
11/5/2009teacherWe are a K-8 school that cares deeply about each individual student. One School, one family.
11/3/2009otherI think Santa Rosa Tech Magnet School K-8 is the best because although it's a small school compared to the much larger student body count of other schools in the same district, the staff is friendlier, closer to the students and parents. The kids don't get lost in the shuffle. Each and everyone of them is noticed and cared for. The parents are very involved and kids from all over the county come to SRTMS to be a part of the SRTMS family.
6/21/2009parentI believe the best way to improve the public school system is to provide alternatives and allow parents to choose. The many parents that drive their kids MILES to SRTMS is testimony to the superior program offered there. From its origins as a one-room school house for Norwegain farmers to the only MS in the state to offer integrated lap-top learning, you'll find a quaint yet serious learning environment championed by Mr. Holtke a powerhouse of energy and talent in wrangling elementary thru pre-teens. I'm in ... SRTMS Pride!
1/14/2009studenti love santa rosa it is awsome and we get our own laptops at santa rosa!!!!
10/26/2008studentThis is a good school overall. The staff really cares about having every child be successful. The principal is great and is very involved with all the kids and the kids are pretty nice there. There is a lot of parent involvement as well. Since the middle school is so small, they don't really offer honors programs for students who need more than just the regular classes. But other than that, it's a really good school academically, highest in the district for 2008. The extracurricular activities are a bit scarce, but as far as the school overall goes, it's a great school.
9/28/2008studentThe laptop program in my opinon is not fully needed. The teachers are great but we have learned many other things about computers already. Send your kids here for the curriculuim not the computer program. Great School!
5/23/2008parentSRTMS is a great school. The parents and faculty are very involved and everyone from the janitor up seems committed to creating a great environment for the kids. We debated pulling our kids out for middle school but have decided to stick with SRTMS. There are too many good things going on at that school. Both of our kids are gifted (in the GATE program). Both are challenged and being taught above grade level. I am not sure what the other parent was referring to with respect to gifted children.
4/18/2008parentGood school. Great parent involvement. Not challenging enough for gifted children.
8/22/2007parentSRTMS provides our children a challenging, caring, creative, and unique learning environment in which the staff cares deeply about their students. We continue to 'wowed' by the staff's commitment and pride in the school, and the principal is approachable and holds students accountable for their behavior. We consider ourselves fortunate to have our children attending this school.
7/23/2007parentSRTMS is an outstanding grade school. An incredible family environment with parent participation welcomed and as a result we have a lot of very involved parents. I am amazed at the technology aspects of our school. My son has almost passed me in his computer skills, he is only in 2nd grade. I do wish we had a little stronger extra curricular activity program, but we are working to improve in that area. Most of the children are already enrolled in activities outside of school, which is why I believe the demand for any after school programs is low. Based on the level of education, school pride and parent involvement, I feel as though we are as close to a private type atmosphere as you can get in a public school and I am very proud to be part of such a thriving and supportive school.
6/12/2007parentSRTMS is a good school. The laptop program for the middle school grades is fabulous. It really prepares the students for high school and beyond. I would like to see more parental involvement in the middle school grades on a day to day basis, not just for after school or fundraising activities. The pricipal and the office staff are very friendly and helpful.
4/25/2006parentI am a Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School parent and am very pleased with the academic curriculum, extracurricular activities and level of parental involvement. My 4th grade daughter loves the school, her teacher and classmates.
2/23/2006parentThis school sure is busy. There are lots of good things. There are lots of fun things. I wonder if we reduce or modify some of the fun things we planned, such as Zero the Hero Treats, Holiday shop... it may save all time and money, and we can better focus on learning with less distraction.
10/30/2005parentThe parent participation at this school is fabulous but the principal does not appreciate just how much the parents work to make this what it is today. A little respect and appreciation goes a long way.
3/23/2005parentI have two children attending SRTMS and I am thrilled to see how well they have done there. We are moving out of state and I am very sad to have to move the kids out from this school. The teachers work hard to bring out the best in each child. Parent involvement is incredible. Thank you SRTMS!
6/22/2004parentTwo of the three Kindergarden teachers are wonderful. I do not know much about the upper grades. Several parents were considering going elsewhere after Kinder because of some negative talk of the first grade teachers. There will be a new one next year and she's fresh out of school and very young. The Principle Mrs. Odle is a sweetheart. The front office staff is not very friendly. They are too busy complaining amoungst themself to bother to say good morning to the parents that pass by. Shame on you if you stop and ask them a question. We had 3 working computers in the classroom but as I understood by other parents and our children is that they were hardly used. The class went to the computer lab once a week with a big buddy. Overall though we had a great year in Kindergarden because we had a wonderful teacher.

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