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Brighton Schools - Folsom, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Brighton Schools405 Natoma Station Drive
Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 985-2222K-5Sacramentoprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic86.90482008
Black, non-Hispanic1.190482008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mary Romero2010


6/20/2011parent As very concerned parents, with a lot of personal exigencies especially regarding high educational standards, I'm happy to state that by far Brighton School in Folsom exceeded our expectations in every single sphere. As a plus, their absolute heartwarming concern for every single child's well being, as well his/her development was truly impressive. If you are weighting whether or not it pays to make an extra sacrifice in order to provide a private school to your little precious ones, and make this so early time of their lives significantly important - especially when it comes to their emotional and intellectual further advancement, I truly recommend Brighton School in Folsom as the best place to enroll your children"...
5/26/2010parentBrighton is a wonderful school ranging from their infant care all the way to their highest elementary grade (currently 2nd grade). My daughter went to the school from K-2nd grade and loved every second of it! My son is in the preschool program and has been there since he was 1 . All of the teachers and staff, regardless of the campus location, are caring, personable and professional; they are truly like an extended family. My daughter left after 2nd grade, but is always eager to return to Brighton for their wonderful summer camp program. The school is well organized with their planning of activities and has a consistent system for parent communication (weekly emails and daily verbal updates when you pick your child up). Their child to teacher ratio is hard to beat in other private schools and definitely can t be done by other public schools!
5/20/2010parentMy child has been going to the Brighton Schools for 3 years now. He has attention deficit disorder behaviors and the teachers at this school have been so flexible with identifying, creating and implementing learning solutions specific to his needs. I know exactly what goes on and the teacher enables us to continue with those routines at home by providing us with her day remedy program. My son loves going to school and as a parent, I know my son is very much loved by all the staff at Brighton.
5/20/2010parent We have 2 children that have been in Brighton since birth and we LOVE the school, LOVE the teachers and feel like it is a FAMILY first school with an excellent environment and staff. We have never had any poor experiences or interactions. The school goes beyond all expectations with communication, fun for kids, balance and excellence. Our kids view the school as part of the extended family. Would HIGHLY recommend this for your children. Ignore the comments by the individual who rated the school poorly. An occassional rouge parent believes they know more than the professionals and that 1st graders should be taught rocket science and differential equations. If you want your child to be safe, cared for, taught well, have fun, and if you want to associate yourself with other great families of all nationalities this school is for you!
5/20/2010parentI have been fortunate to have my 8 year old son enrolled at Brighton since Kindergarten. The teachers and other staff have gone out of their way to make sure that my son, who has special needs, gets the attention and appropriate homework that he needs. I have always had open, honest and regular communication with K,1 and 2 teachers. Sometimes I receive daily info on his progress. The teachers are warm, funny, and obviously well-educated. I don't know what I would have done without Brighton, it's small class size, and ideal curriculum since my son would not be successful in public school. I look forward to 3rd grade. Thanks Brighton!
5/20/2010parent I RECOMMEND BRIGHTON-ABSOLUTELY ! NOTE: This is a cross-post and a follow up to my posting on , Folsom Forum (dated 4/21/09): Brighton teachers are warm and set clear expectations for the kids, in the classroom and during play time, both of which provide opportunities for learning. In my opinion, Brighton provides a warm family atmosphere as well as a safe and a positive academic and social environment. To quote my daughter, Brighton provides a "very good education and has super nice teachers." As for summer camp, they ROCK! My daughter began with Brighton more than 4 years ago, before kindergarten, and attended classes through 2nd grade. She attended summer camp starting in pre-k through 4th grade and is again enrolled at Brighton for 2010 camp activities. I've had consistent positive experiences with Brighton and felt compelled to review.
5/18/2010parentI have had the privilege of all 3 of my children attend Brighton both in the pre-k and private elementary programs. I have found the teachers and the staff to remain consistent and foster an academic and social environment that continues to exceed my expectations.
5/5/2010parentThis school is great if your child is in pre-K and K, but I not for the first and second grade. The school is disorganized, the staff has limited knowledge on child development, and general class management skills. When an issue is escalated it's simply a one way conversation because their concern is the well-being of their staff not the child. In addition, the school has no concept of basic curriculum policy, for example not celebrating holidays. The teachers don't like open parent communication in fact, it's discouraged and parents are not involved in parent curriculum development.
10/13/2009parentI could not be happier with the care our son receives. He is always happy when we drop him off and seems disappointed when it s time to leave. I was concerned that we wouldn t be able to find someone that we could trust to watch our son, but have felt completely as ease leaving him with the care providers at Brighton. I love that each day, when we pick him up, his teachers discuss his day in detail. Though most days are great, because they are open and honest with me about his day, whether good or bad, we are able to address any concerns efficiently. I feel that they are helping us raise our son in a warm, loving environment and that they truly care about his development and well being. I don t think there is a more perfect fit
10/13/2009parentMy daughter had a serious injury in the summer program that was a true accident that was not caused by neglect, etc. The Brighton Natoma Station supervisors/staff handled it exactly the way a parent would want it handled. They were great! we have 2 kids attending for 5 years and have been very pleased. Good student/teacher ratios, confidence builders, exposure to foods, games, creative resources. Caring people and family feel.
10/6/2009parentMy husband and I are very happy with Brighton. My 14 month-old daughter is always happy when we drop her off and pick her up, and we get a form that tells us a bit about what happened during the day (feeding, naps, etc). The instructors and administrators have always done a good job communicating with me, whether it be concerns they have about my daughter or if they just want to tell me a funny story about what happened with her during the day. I feel secure knowing that my daughter is well-cared-for, and it gives me piece-of-mind while I'm at work.'
5/15/2009parentMy toddler has attended this preschool for almost two years. I like the program and the teachers, but there is little emphasis on healthy habits such as hand washing. It also does not appear that the administration adequately enforces its sick child policy, and instead allows many children to attend who are ill and contagious. Therefore I do not think it is a good school for children prone to illness or with any type of weakened immune system. However I am confident that it is an excellent educational program for children in K-2nd grade.
3/17/2009parentMy son has attended this school for the past 2 years, and loves going to school. The school is not as academic as I would like, I wish they would push him for studies, but he is happy and confident. He is well mannered and loves to share. I think the school can do better on academics, but is great on teaching social skills. The teachers and all the staff members are wonderful. It is pricer than the some of the other options available, but worth the cost.
4/22/2008studentI was basically raised going here. Although there were times that i wish i didnt go there, without this center i wouldnt be the person that i have become. The staff really does care for each student they invest their time emotions, and sometime money on making it a great experience for their students. I started going there when i was two years old and left when i was in middle school. The impact that these people had on my life was so great that i continue to voluteer through out the summer just so i can keep in contact with the incredible staff that works there. They honestly have taught me soo much i dont know where i would be without the tools and skills that growing up a Brighton kid has taught me. Coming from a child that has gone there i highly recomend sending your child here. :)
3/25/2008parentI heard several accidents with severe injuries lately at campus on Levy Road.
3/1/2006parentGreat school with great programs. Our child has learned so much in pre-K. She's had great experiences with the curriculum. Plus, Spanish and Music Mike days are a bonus. Parents are very involved, and all of the kids are great.

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