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Ardenwood Elementary School - Fremont, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Ardenwood Elementary School33955 Emilia Lane
Fremont, CA 94555
(510) 794-0392K-6AlamedapublicFremont Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic11.392009
Black, non-Hispanic4.212009
Pacific Islander0.52009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Paula Rugg2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/23/2012parentI just called the school this morning and was answered by one of the operator/staff. When I asked her about if computer classes were offered, she said curtly, "uh, No". I asked if the school offers language classes ie Spanish or Mandarin. She said again curtly, "no, this is an elementary school". I told her there are elementary schools within the district which teach foreign languages (Vallejo Mills, Arzeveda has a mandarin immersion program, schools in the Mission district of Fremont offer foreign languages. When I mentioned that elementary schools can offer foreign languages, she barked back, "only a couple". I was impressed by the high api score at this school, but turned off by that female staff's defensive and rude responses and tone. All she had to say was "no we do not offer computer/technology classes", "no we don't offer foreign language classes" and that would have been okay. Her tone was defensive and cold.
10/3/2012parentThe school is excellent. The staff is very dedicated and many of the parents are very involved.
3/4/2012parentI have a son at this school and the teachers are very nice and work hard to educate the students. The teachers are strict but they teach the kids to follow directions and how to think.
6/5/2011parentArdenwood has excellent teachers and a dedicated leader in the principal. The school provides challenging academics and a safe/nurturing environment for children. They were recently recognized as a "California Distinguished School" aka "Blue Ribbon School" in 2010.
2/4/2011parentExcellent teachers and excellent curriculum. Child knows more than he is supposed to know. They enjoy learning.......I am lucky to have my daughter go there and her teachers are fabulous people.
2/3/2011parentArdenwood is a very good school, my kids grow up happily and like to go to ardenwood school everyday ....I have one high schooler who is doing super good...Thanks to her ardenwood teachers that gave her solid academic foundation she needed...And the most important thing, a very happy childhood. Ardenwood is a very very good school..I am so happy that we live in this nice neighborhood.
3/24/2010parentI like this great school and both my children are in this school. I hear that this school is selected for the California Distinguished School award for 2010! Feels even better ... Thanks to all hardworking teachers and Parent Volunteers.
11/7/2009parentGreat academics, great people, safe and clean.Has a nice library, Science lab, and lots of extra curricular activities after school.
11/7/2009parentAmazing parent involvement and great teachers.
10/7/2009parentGreat School. My son used to go to challenger. It was a challenge to both parents and the kids to keep up to their high standards. I don't know whether kids need to know so much at such an early age. (Kindergarten they teach digraphs and i studied it when i was in 4th grade in public school). I am happy with what he is learning at Ardenwood
10/6/2009teacherArdenwood exudes a strong sense of community even though it has a large and diverse student population. The parents are very supportive, helpful and dedicated to the school, staff and students, which helps the school run more smoothly. The teachers really go out of their way to ensure a quality education in safe and nurturing environment.
9/17/2009parentIt is a well rounded school with a very supportive staff in all areas!!!
9/16/2009parentBest school, Energetic Teachers, Good Morals, Great Eight Traits practicing, Great Parent support
9/16/2009parentWell, the teacher's are nice and they seem to have genuine interest in the education of the kids.
9/16/2009parentGreat teachers, wonderful atmosphere to promote the talents and knowledge of the future generation.
9/16/2009parentIt is a well balanced, all round school. The PTA makes it strong. Variety of after school programs, makes it an interesting place besides good academia
9/15/2009parentEscalating API, Disiplined yet supportive and loving teachers, safe and creative environment, total parents involvement.....
9/15/2009parentOh well, the teachers & the principal of the school are very organized & helpful. The school PTA has to offer a "lot more" than other schools including school activities, fund raising, parent teacher sessions, sports & academics are very balanced. This is one of the best schools to go for & I would recommend to every individual, parents to check out the curriculum and stability ardenwood school has to offer. The ratings are great but don't just judge by the ratings - The most important part of the school is "people" & how much they care about your child's growth & future. The dedicated staff at this school makes it all happen & that will make the parent/teacher team all creates a solid as a foundation of the child. Hope this helps - Cheers!
9/15/2009parentawesome school - involved parents, dedicated staff and enthusiastic kids !
9/15/2009parentGreat students and great parent involvement! Comitted teachers make Ardenwood one of the best schools around!
9/15/2009parentAredenwood elementary school in Fremont has great teachers and PTA stood up for their children
9/15/2009parentTeachers and Parents cooperate very much for all the kids
9/15/2009parentGreat and experienced teachers. Excellent Principal.
9/15/2009parentVery good teachers. A knowledgeable principal. Superb PTA.
9/15/2009parentMy two kids attended this school, one still is, Why I love it? Great teachers, responsive and caring principal, safe place and academics (941 API last year. Why pay for an expensive private school when you have an excellent public school for free in your neighborhood.
9/15/2009parentMy son goes from last 5 years and every year has been great. He gets his overall development not just from course point of view but other activities. Teachers are very good, keeps kids motivated to complete work and learn in advance.
9/15/2009parentMy dauther has been going to Ardenwood for past 2 years since KG and she absolutley loves it. All the teachers and the Principal are wonderful.
9/15/2009parentKids are good, teachers are great, Principal is the best! And lots of enthuiastic parents!
9/15/2009parentMy kid goe sto this school and I an very happy with their way of education. In fact I bought a home in this area, just to ensure that my kid could get admission in Forest Park. Teachers are great and my kid loves to be in school. That speaks volumns for the schools.
9/15/2009parentI love Ardenwood school. My son is a 2nd grader. I'm so appreciate how orangize of the school and also the academic focus. It creates great learning environment for kids. All the teachers and faculty I know in the school are very professional and nice. The best school my kid to go.
9/15/2009parent*great teachers *wonderful, industrious and studious students *wonderful parent-grandparent-guardian volunteers *wonderful parent/teacher/student relationship *students meeting/making new friends, but as well as the parents meeting/making new friends
2/11/2009other'Just teachers differentiate instruction(i.e. small group instruction/guided reading/balanced literacy model) or do they just 'do' Open Court. Open Court is a scripted program that relies heavily on phonics and not meaning (comprehension) I think test scores are high due to many students coming in with literacy and math skills. (more than other schools who may be working harder)' Teachers are required by law to teach the curriculum adopted by the district. If they do not, the district faces millions of dollars in fines by the state. So, like all Fremont schools, the teachers teach using Open Court whether they like it or not.
12/17/2008parentGreat school! My son developed severe epilepsy just as he started Kindergarten. We weren't sure he could handle a regular school program - but the principal, staff and teachers were excellent in helping us with many difficult problems, seizures, behavioral changes - their dedication made it possible for us to keep our son in school, and he's doing well and enjoying his class!
9/4/2008parentMy daughter moved here from Forest Park and graduated. My son is in grade 6. Experienced teachers, consistently good teaching. Great parents participation.
9/4/2008parentArdenwood has a very good positive environment for kids.It has a great learning and characterv building atmosphere.Teachers are great and parent involvement is outstanding.I think the school can have a good GATE program .Students can also improve more in their writing skills if they are made to write more in class.Overall I am happy with my two boys who study in Ardenwood.Thanks and keep up the good work!
9/26/2007parentGreat school: teachers are experienced and parent involvement is high. My 3rd grade son is happy with the learning environment.
5/25/2006parentMy daughter moved from a private school to here. We found the teacher/student ration ( 1:20) in 2 nd grade, the subject matter in maths and English, etc really better than the school she came from. She also really loves the extended day care program run by Adventure time on campus.
5/15/2006parentI have a 2nd-grader and kindergartner at Ardenwood and am very pleased. I'd much rather have my children here than at a private school - the teachers we've encountered as well as the parents have been great.
3/26/2006parentOverall it is not bad academically. But the teachers don't have much time to pay attention to students indivually. It does have music/art/sports for higher grates. I, myself, don't have much involvement as parents. But seems PTA is pretty functional.
12/29/2005parentQuality of academic programs: Very good. Availability of music, arts and extracurricular activities: Very good Level of parent involvement: very good.
11/21/2005parentaside from thinking it's ridiculous to teach D'Nealian writing in kindergarten, I love the experience my child is getting from Ardenwood. the teachers and PTA are fantastic. He's learning a lot through Open Court and enjoys it very much. Go Ardenwood Dragons!
9/25/2005parentHello, my son goes to this school and I think its a good school but I think some of the percentages should go up
9/16/2005parentI think the school is average. I have found some teachers to be very good and few lacking the spirit of teaching. Sometimes things are taken for granted. The admin staff lacks basic politeness. Frankly, the principal avoids talking to people when it is most needed. I see that the principal is quick to take credit when scores/ratings are good. Little does she realize that the scores are what they are because of the teachers, hardworking kids and parents. If you do not want to spend time with the later two and listen to their concerns, they will go else where. This is already reflected in this year's enrolment. It does not take much time for a school to lose credibility, it does take a lot of time to build it.
7/17/2005parentGreat school with excellent teachers. The teachers take particular care in helping new students acclimatize to the enviroment easily and provide good coaching.
7/16/2005parentGreat school that has excellent teachers. Students are competitive in a healthy way.
6/12/2005parentAcedemic programs are great. Parent involvment is excellent. We are very pleased with the school overall.
6/3/2005parentQuality of teachers is excellent.
4/22/2005parentIt is a great school for kids. The teachers are very experienced.
3/21/2005parentThis is a school where the children come first. Each child is encouraged to do their personal best without being labeled as the smart or dumb kids. The teachers are highly skilled and work hard to bring out the best in each child. The principal is kind and knows each child by name. She is a great example of a leader and I will miss seeing her everyday as my daughter graduates this year. Thank you for bringing out the best in my children and giving them the encouragement and confidence they need to go out into the world!
3/17/2005parentReal nice school. Good facilities, good teachers. Overall have been very happy. PTSA allows for other programs to be offered as well.
10/28/2004parentI have been pleased overall with the quality of the academics and teachers I have been exposed to. My son has felt comfortable there and has enjoyed school and his teachers since being there.
9/30/2003parentI am happy and satisfied with teaching and progress monitoring of children in Arden wood school. The way focus is kept on curriculum and behavior gives me confidence that my son is in good hands.

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