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Sunset Elementary School - Fresno, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Sunset Elementary School1755 South Crystal Avenue
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 457-3310K-8FresnocharterFresno Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
19 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic2.232009
Black, non-Hispanic12.052009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Juan Silva2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/15/2011parentSunset Spanish Academy is an amazing program and well worth the drive. Bilingualism is very important to my family. In this world, being able to read and write in two languages is a huge asset. At Sunset we are afforded the best of both worlds. A small school vibe with staff who really care about each student as well as a program that rivals large, private campuses. I encourage any parent in Fresno County to come and check out Sunset. Whether you want your child to be bilingual for economic or cultural reasons, Sunset is a great choice for your familiy. Laura Miranda, Parent
6/8/2010parentSunset Elementary is an amazing dual immersion program geared for both native English and native Spanish speakers. Either way your chid will leave this school fully bilingual-reading, writing, and speaking. The principal and staff here are amazing and really strive for excellence and growth. This is a cutting edge program that rivals some of the best in the US. The only thing needed is more parents stepping up to the plate to bring this school to its' full potential.
1/17/2010parentGreat school. As a mexican immigrant, I know how important is to continue our heritage and culture. Sunset offers this to my children and allow them to be exposed to the great diversity that USA offers to all of us. Sunset has helped my children feel proud of who they are. Teachers are great and it offers lots of sports for our children.
5/29/2008parentI love this school. We gor a new principle and I think that he just did a complete turn around with this school. Lets' not forget this school is dual immersion and is Spanish first, then English. The teacher that my son has this year is a WONDERFUL. She is new this year, And I have to say she Is amazing.
2/5/2008parentSunset School is a well kept secret and I am very glad I discovered it. I have my two daughters attending this program. My daughters will be bilingual and bicultural. They have the opportunity to appreciate people and accept their differences. They have the opportunity to experience what the real world is about (diversity).
5/12/2006parentSunset Elementary Bi-lingual Emersion Program is the very best I have every seen. As a parent and future teacher I can assure you that your child has every opportunity to succeed at this school. The children begin in kinder being taught 90% of their classroom time in Spanish and 10% English. By the time they reach 5th grade they will be at a 50/50 percentage and be considered fluent in both languages. Due to the way the emersion program is designed, it makes no difference whether your child's native tounge is English or Spanish. All the students begin on the same playing field and will be offered the same opportunity to become fluent in both languages. My daughters are in 1st and 2nd grade and are already fluent in Spanish and are mastering reading English. The teachers are extremly committed and the administrative leadership is outstanding! Michelle Hernandez PTA Member
3/7/2006parentWonderful school where children learn how to read & write Spanish as well as English. Children will be fluent in Spanish/English by the time they leave this school. Giving them an edge in a global Economy.
9/8/2005parentSunset Public Charter K-8 Two-Way Bilingual Schoolwide Immersion program has been a wonderful place for my two boys. My boys are both African American and Hispanic. They started in Kingergarten and are now in fourth and fifth grade. They are both proficient in both English and Spanish thanks to the great program and great leadership. I plan to have them graduate from Sunset at 8th grade level in both English and Spanish. Great School for all students!
8/15/2005parentSunset offers the dual emersian program. My child learns all subjects in Spanish. The English content is limited so in order for a child to be successful and competative with peers from all school families need to incourage self study/ home study for ther particular grade level.
9/30/2004parentThis school is great. My daughter just entered Kindergarten and is picking up things pretty fast. I like this school because it is a dual immersion school. They are learing Spanish the first couple of years and then moves on to English. This is such a great necessity in our area, because it is always better in the workforce to know more than one language.
1/23/2004parentExcellent School!! Wonderful teachers and faculty. They are an extremely dedicated, talented,capable staff!! School is unfairly portrayed by API test results. Sunset is a gate program focusing on dual immersion education. Main focus is to teach children to be 100% bi-lingual by the time they leave this school. The Spanish language is a main focus in the primary years, teaching children mostly in Spanish and working more English into the curriculum until it reaches 50% English 50% Spanish. Children learn every subject (written, spoken, terminology, etc... in 2 languages). Sunset should be proud and commended for preparing our children as other countries do. For the real world in a global economy! Best choice I ever made for my child.

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