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Bethel Christian School - Lancaster, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Bethel Christian School3100 West Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93536
(661) 943-2224K-12Los Angelesprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic71.49322008
Black, non-Hispanic3.167422008
Native American or Native Alaskan2.714932008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Matt Konnerth2008

3/12/2012otherIt's a good school but I still prefer public school than this due to many reasons
9/17/2011otherI used to attend this school and found out instantly that the teachers are very condescending and hypocritical (at times). The main principle is very nice and receptive if you can get passed the assistant principle/staff to talk to him who are not at all receptive. The kids were very easy going and it was somewhat easy to make friends although there is a lot of drama especially in the 6th-8th grade.. not so much HS because no on is left. I cant say I ever enjoyed any of my time there. Every since I left my school years were allot more eventful and fun and I actually enjoyed my teachers classes.
8/11/2011parentBCS prepared my son to do well at UC Santa Barbara. He just finished pre-med studies... he is on his way to medical school to Virginia in the fall. He entered in Kindergarten and graduated in 12th grade. The academic and moral foundations were laid at Bethel Christian School. Great School!!! :)
12/13/2010otherStaff and teachers are rude and condescending to both parents AND children, while they maintain a serious lack of sensitivity to childrens needs (even when children are injured), highly unorganized.
4/12/2010parentI love Bethel Christian school. My daughter has been there since pre-school and it came with high recommendations from a few people I work with. They have kids who have graduated & still attend for their entire school years. I took notice of how well mannered & smart I thought their kids were.
2/9/2010parentOur daughter attended Kindergarten, and absolutely loved it, and learned a ton! We absolutely adore Mrs. Harris [Teacher] and Mrs. Cameron [TA], and are grateful that they were a part of our daughter's education, and hopefully will our son's instructor when he enters Kindergarten this Sep.
2/3/2010parentMy child has attended this school for 6 years, beginning in preschool and we have had good years and bad years. Lately, the school seems more about social advancement than academia and there is little focus on family values. Anywhere you go, there will undoubtedly be politics but it's overwhelmingly so here. If you like that small school, clicky environment feel then knock yourself out. We are moving our child asap!
1/21/2010parentNot great. The 17 student average deceptive. Elementary not so. 2009-2010 Second grade has 30 students. No foreign language. TA are part time only! Elementary principal not very receptive.
1/21/2010parentSome classes are very large. 2nd grade has 30 students and there is only one Second grade class. TA are part time only. Imagine one teacher with 25 to 21 students. The advertised 17 average takes into account the very small classes for junior high and high school. Elementary school is not so. Every year there is a casualty: one grade level that is combined for whatever reason. 2009-2010: Second grade. Principal at elementary level not very receptive. Overall not happy with the curriculum. Very rigid. Unhappy with the Part-time TA.
1/10/2006parentI think Bethel is one of the best schools in the AV area. When I first enrolled my children it was with reservation. But after 3 years, I'm convinced that it was the right choice. We've since moved out of state and I wish I could have packed up the school and brought it with us. We miss it very much. Great academics and a very warm, family-like atmosphere.
11/19/2005parentBethel Christian is a great school. I have one child in 1st grade and another in preschool.This school teaches them the fundamentals as well as giving them a good spirtual education. My children are more advanced than children in public schools in the same grade.
7/8/2005parentThe teachers really care at this school. Personal service, nice kids.
5/2/2005parentBethel Christian has an excellent preschool, Kindergarten, as well as First grade teacher. The school is worth enrolling you child at.
9/5/2004parentBCS is the best school in the Antelope Valley. The teachers are knowledgeable, loving and fair. The curriculum is great. The textbooks used are the best. If I could turn the clock back I would have sent my older kids to Bethel Christian instead of sending them to public schools. It's a school where the students not just acquire knowledge, but a school where they build a good character and values. The reading material inspires them to help others. if you really care about your child and you live in the Antelope Valley, this is the best school.

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