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Wilson High School - Long_Beach, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Wilson High School4400 East Tenth Street
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 433-04819-12Los AngelespublicLong Beach Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic30.692009
Black, non-Hispanic13.152009
Pacific Islander0.62009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.482009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Sandy Blazer2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/16/2012parentI am a parent of a Wilson student and a teacher at a different Long Beach High School. Wilson has a strong academic program, plenty of student support for both academics and personal issues and great parent support. My student is also an athelete and the coaches emphasize academics before athletics. The staff at this school has always returned my emails and phone calls either the same day or the next day. I even received an email from the counselor at 10pm. My student is very happy at Wilson and her academic program is both challenging and engaging. We have had only positive experiences at this school.
5/5/2012parentWilson is a historic school with unsophisticated, completely disorganized and overly impacted programs. For the past four years we have experienced disengaged and unhelpful counselors and dishonest athletic booster clubs coupled with administrators who are more interested in the status quo rather than progress. Poly PACE or CIC seem to be much better programs in the same school district with overall better athletic performance.
11/7/2011parentOverall, Wilson is a great school. I have two children attending at this moment. One of my children is special needs; this is where Wilson needs to refine their skills. Granted parental involvement is vital with any student and especially when that child has special needs, but I have had to go beyond the norm to advocate for my child. Both my children are doing well at Wilson but be diligent if your child has any special needs.
11/7/2011parentWilson is a good school, my son graduated this past may in The Distinguished scholars program top 26 students. He received the President scholarship at CSULB and a scholarship from WB. High school has changed this year but it is what you make it. Students go there assigned counselor door and write there name down, the counselor will take the student out of class to speak to them. Parents have to understand they must let there child take care of this stuff. As on of the parents stated they can't get a hold of the counselor, I found they answer emails a lot faster then phone calls. I use to set up my appoints threw email. Good luck to all the parents and students at Wilson....we as parents had a great experience.
11/6/2011parent It is my understanding that this school used to be better but im guessing budget cuts have ruined that for many schools- including this one. This school is way overcrowded. The Distinguished scholars program is no where near as challenging as they claim it will be and the all new adminstration abd counselors are so overwhelmed that you are lucky to get a call back after 5 or 6 attempts.In addition, if your child has any issues that need attendind to, dont expect ant compassion- they are rude and short with you and your kid... If you do not want your good student to end up "just a number" and lost in a crowd, find another school, i wished i had! We are out of there in January-semester change!
3/31/2011studentI LOVE WILSON!!!! I also miss being there, great school better than other school around long beach.
10/12/2010parentAs an example of Wilson's preparing students for careers, they are one of the few high schools having computer classes that will earn students certifications in PhotoShop and other programs.
4/13/2010teacherThis is my eighth year teaching at Wilson and twenty-third year teaching total. I teach in a program for at-risk students and I enjoy it most days. I think Wilson has a lot to offer--a lot of AP classes, Distinguished Scholars, lots of clubs, lots of activities, sports, and a program for those students who are struggling. Wilson's not a perfect school by any means--I think we're way overcrowded; we weren't built to house 4500 kids and I don't think we have enough staff to monitor all of them (district budget cuts). We've had our racial issues at times and I wish more African American and Latino students would get involved, but all in all, we're a good school and I would send my own child here. P.S. Shhhh...I'm a Poly grad!
12/22/2009studentThis school is the worst school in the city. It shouldn't even be named a classical school because it's not. The students that attend school are rude & have no respect for one another. walking from class to class is sometimes worst then walking around new york city. the layout of the school looks like a jail. i am currently trying to go to st.anthony high where i feel more comfortable. if i were you, i would send them to st.anthonys. i give this school a 1/10 & i give st.anthonys a 9/10.
11/24/2009studentI am a Wilson alumni and this school helped me prepare for the UC school system. They help put you on a path that will get you into the school you want as long as you put in the effort. I graduated from the Distinguished Scholars program which requires students to maintain certain academic rigor. They offer plenty of AP courses, all with great teachers that work hard to prepare you for the test. The athletic department is superior and is balanced by an equally distinguished academic curriculum. I enjoyed my 4 years here and felt very safe. The location is very accessible to students from various parts of Long Beach. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a great academic program that will prepare them for higher education.
9/16/2009teacherEver since my first year at Wilson, I have received so much support from all of my colleagues. The support provdided from the district and the on site staff is what makes teachers successful at what they do.
6/1/2009parentMy son graduated from Wilson in 2007. He is now at UCI. He has told me that he felt very prepared form college. He attributes being so well prepared to his schooling at WHS. He did take a lot of AP courses and just missed getting the Distinguished Scholars madallion. Wilson has it's problems but overall is a very good school and the people of Long Beach should be proud of this school.
2/23/2009parentActually there are about 4,200 students (not over 5,000) currently at Wilson. Additionally the combination of declining enrollment and the recently passed school bond that will build 4 new thematic high schools will result in Wilson's reduction to about 3,500 students within the next 4 to 5 years. Wilson is a very good school with a great 'distinguished honors' program.
9/2/2008parentWilson is a very large school with over 5000 students. With this size you are going to have challenges. As a parent my biggest concern has been that kids get lost in this environment unless they are playing a sport or are in the drama program. Students tend to hang out with friends from their sports team and stay within their group of friends. A student needs to work extra hard to make their learning experience a valuable one here.
9/2/2008parentI am a parent and a teacher who sent both of my sons to LB Wilson. We couldn't have selected a finer school for them to attend and receive a quality education. Wilson has programs for every individual, the counselors are amazing and keep the students on track for what they need to graduate and attend a 4 year college. Both of our sons played sports, and maintained at least a 3.0 gpa all 4 years. I love the new 'school loop' program that allows parents to know how their child is doing in all their classes. The principals, teachers and staff care about their students and the school. It's a great place to learn!
7/24/2008student I think school is great it. It has great ways to be invovled and with its classical program it causes the students to learn more and get more credits and it is also a safe enviorment.
10/15/2007parentBeing that it is such a huge school my son and daughter have had a very difficult time in the athletics department. They both came from a smaller school enviorment. The transition has not been easy for them Neither of them have made the cut for sports teams they excelled it in smaller schools.
10/15/2007parentMy son graduated in June 07 and I feel that he has a taste of the real world and how to find and or make his own way after attending Wilson High School. My other son is in 10th grade this year '08. The school has uniforms and it is awesome! Yes they are strict but not that strict. It improves the quality of the school! The school is very safe! I feel the students are safer at Wilson than a high school where they aren't proactive in keeping the students safe because just when they say it couldn't happen at my school, it does and will. The academic programs are great and so are the sports. My older son played 4 years of water polo and my younger son plays soccer and no you don't need to be a super star athlete to be on a particular team.
1/5/2007former studentAs a recent graduate of Wilson, now a student at Cal Poly Pomona, I feel as though the overall quality of teachers and educators was excellent during my four years there. While I did at times feel as though the non-teaching administrative staff cared less about quality of education and more about upholding petty uniform regulations, in the end I feel that the education I received was of an exceptional caliber. The relationships I formed while in attendance, along with fond memories of the good times spent there will stay with me for the rest of my life.
11/20/2006studentWell my dad is a teacher there and he is an inspiration to everyone also he is the Varsity Softball coach! Wilson is a great academic High School.....and a great dance school (I think best in the state) And The Distinguished Scholars program is very educated. The safety of the school is wonderful, they have security guards if needed and there are wonderful teachers that help. The parent involvement is great! They have a fantastic number of parents that help and raise money for Wilson! There Volleyball team is also one of the best in the state! The teachers care so much about getting the students prepared for the next grade or college. Even though you have to wear uniforms the teachers are pretty lenient about them. Wilson will help you reach your goals by helping each student individually and making sure that they need to know what is needed of them and for the next grade.
10/21/2006studentI am a student at Wilson & I just the teachers & everyone is so nice to you. The principals are very supports the school.
3/3/2006parentMy son graduated last year and had a great experience with the AP classes offered and the caliber of the teachers involved. I love that they wear 'uniforms' that include plenty of 'wiggle room' for personal style, which is the ideal compromise. The PTA is very active and effective, but the structure does not yield adequate opportunities for participation from working parents. My only criticism is that the counselors have too many students assigned and do not follow up with parent calls and issues.
1/11/2006parentToo overcrowded. The fields are in very poor shape. Counselors are over worked, don't count on them to help much with anything! Distinguished Scholoars program is very good for the motivated student. Many AP courses... if your student is having a struggle plan on sepending your own money for a tutor, Wislon tried but cannpt offer consistent quanily and quality of tutoring.Wilson tries very hard and mostly succeeds in keeping the school safe. Parents have to be involved in their students lide as everything you can imagine is available...
11/16/2005parentAdministration & teachers are more interested in regulations than course content, learning & advising. Administration is reactive and unresponsive. Academic counseling is nonexistent
4/3/2005parentThe School is an excellent public school. Most of the teacher's are excellent, some as always need improvement. Great Drama, dance and athletic departments. Lots of social activities and great involvment by the students.
2/7/2005former studentI am disappointed that at a school in where house values could be so high one could get such bad education and a non safe environment.
12/6/2004former studentThis is a great school for athletics. They have several gyms and programs ranging from gymnastics to water polo. Also, there are a variety of AP classes and very interesting courses not available at other high schools such as Marine Biology. The campus is quite large but the atmosphere is great. Students really feel as though they are apart of a community of learners and active participants in their future. There are many areas for students to be involved including clubs such as drama, mock trial and foreign language clubs. There are also informal sororities on campus that provide a positive social atmosphere for female students. What can I say but that it is great to be a Bruin! Also, the student council runs a great hangout for students after dances and games called the Bruin Den, it is a lot of fun for students and very safe.
12/18/2003studentI attend this school. We have to sign a contract that we will wear a uniform and keep a grade point average of 2.0 or above or else! This school is one of two high school in the nation that have to wear a uniform. We have winning teams and great academics.

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