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Crenshaw Arts-Technology Charter High School - Los_Angeles, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Crenshaw Arts-Technology Charter High School4120 11th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 293-39178-12Los AngelescharterLos Angeles Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
Black, non-Hispanic90.972009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Patricia Smith2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/17/2012parentCATCH IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THE WORST SCHOOLS IN THIS STATE!!! Ms. Pat Smith talks about everyone in CATCH is a "family member," but if truth be told, if you don't belong in the Step team, then you're a nobody. I've witness my daughter struggle at school, and when I went to see her teachers and asked for assistance the reply I got was "I can't slow down the course for your child." When I brought this up to the administration, I was told that they will look into it, but nobody got back at me to inform me of how the school resolved my complaint. If you want academic support for your child CATCH isn't the place.
4/12/2012parentMy child was missing several days of school without my knowledge and I never received a call from the school until my child was brought back to school by a police officer for being truant. When I spoke to the lady in charge she told me that they don't run after kids. This school is unorganized and unconcerned about the children's well being.
2/4/2012otherI am currently a senior at C.A.T.C.H . I have a 4.1 cumulative G.P.A and work diligently for greatness but I wouldn't be where I am today without the guidance of Ms. Pat and her staff. I absolutely love this school, not because I am Associated Student Body Secretary but because each staff has done something for me that I will honestly never forget. A lot of people complain about how Ms. Pat is rude and so on and so forth, but I call it tough love--it's for the advancement of each student, not to single anyone out. If her attitude is the problem, why not send your child somewhere else? Everyone has their flaws and while most parents only acknowledge her attitude as the issue, they fail to explain all the reasons why C.A.T.C.H is the best school for any child. Ms. Pat is an excellent role model; she's poise, independent, and very generous. She helps students in need, and never fails to approach an issue if she detects one. Her persistence is inevitable, she strives for the best in ALL of her students by allowing each of them to have one on one time with not only her but with teachers as well so that everyone has a chance at obtaining and maintaining academic success in all areas.
2/3/2012parentCATCH IS A HORRIBLE UNPROFESSIONAL ESTABLISHMENT! My child attended this school for one year. The school cares about 1 thing only and that is the step team. The CEO Ms. Pat is the rudest person you could ever meet. She would pull the students out of class to have them to sit in the auditorium for 5 hours watching the step team practice. She would threaten to throw keys and shoes at the students. She does not care if the students do well in school or not she cares only about the school's 100% graduation rate. The teachers are great some of them. Most show favoritism and it is very obvious. This school socially is great but there is no reason for a child to sit and do nothing all day. I as a parent do not recommend that you send you child to C.A.T.C.H .
10/16/2011otherHello i used to be a student at CATCH, however i inform you on one thing and one thing only... DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL!!!! It is by far the most despicable organization i have ever witnessed and should be shut down. When i first attended catch in my freshmen year i immediately wanted to leave for the following reasons. The director Ms.pat continously hollers at the teachers constantly , the professionalism of the school is disgusting which makes more then half of teachers quit, the step team is the number one priority in the school grades dont matter, Ms.Pat is an unbelievable sexist. Now i apologize to all the women your not responsible but ms.pat is. She treats the women like gods and treat us males like garbage which is what i dont understand. And on top of all these infamous deeds, the step team preety much doesnt know it and i feel so sorry for them but ms. pat only uses them to achieve fame and bring more students to the school which results in more money. Please i beg you if you are reading this do not send your child there, I quickly left to Frederick Douglasss Higghschool Academy as i am currently a junior, Thank you
9/29/2011otherOnce you Meet Pat Smith, you will leave this school, by not walking but running! She could care less about the academic future of these kids. Her focus is NOW and WILL always be the money. How do you have a 100% attendance rate with at least 4 students in one class absent? HOw do you pull seniors out of their required courses during mid terms for step practice? Its one thing to be well educated it is another to PRETEND to be well educated. Parents, if you are not checking in on the school during school hours... You will NEVER know the truth concerning what students and staff are subjected to. It is not a healthy environment whatsoever and should be closed... Just waiting for the last ball to drop! PARENTS... DONT DO IT!!!
7/5/2011parentI would give the school an negative zero if such a score existed..This school has a wonderful Step team and thats pretty much where the good things as a parent I have to say about this school begins and ends. The administrator (or CEO) or whatever she is one word RUDE, she's well educated, talks a great game, dresses well, but has zero people skills. Talks down to her staff and students. On more than one occasion inferred to myself and other students that if they left this school they were "ruining their chances to get into a UC" Really? On more than one occasion she has argued and degraded staff in front of the students. The math teacher even worse, unorganized, incompetent and unapologetic. I received calls from him on more than one occasion regarding my child's grade, only to find out he was WRONG and confused my child with another student. This school boast about being a school for the arts yet there are NO arts, just a step team which again is the 2nd best thing about this school, next to its small class sizes. If you want your child to have a pleasant, fulfilling HS educational experience CATCH is NOT the school.. IF you hate ur kid send them here.
2/8/2011parentThis school is great!!!! Small classes, friendly environment, college prep, one on one with the students, great staff & wonderful & talented students. My child love this school. This is the best school that I have ever seen in my life.
1/27/2011parentThis school was the best choice I could had made for my daughter. I have seen her grow so much. The kids are all so full of talent & the staff is excellent.
12/19/2010studentthis is an excellent school. As a student, i love attending this school. The testing scores at this school are steadily rising above all others and soon we will be the number one school in california
5/25/2010parentThe principal is very understanding and helpful with all questions and concerns. Me as a parent was assisted in a timely manner. The customer services is excellent. The principal is very efficient along with teachers and staff. The teachers help there students and are very concerned with their education. I love the summer enrichment program to prepare new coming student for algebra and english courses, this school is awesome and I'm glad the classes are small. The performing arts program is inspiring to student and the curriculum is excellent. School security is the best and violence is not tolerated and there are no fights. this charter school is underrated.
1/24/2010studentI graduated from C.A.T.C.H in 2009 and attended in since the 10th grade. It was the best experience ever, it allowed me not be afraid to ask for that extra help. It has the best extra curricular activities that a school can have. Upon graduation I went on to a 4year university (black college) with the help of C.A.T.C.H
8/17/2007studentI currently attend Crenshaw Arts-Technology Charter School, and I really enjoy the experience there. The teachers are friendly, and they sit down with me if something is wrong

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