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Crenshaw Senior High School - Los_Angeles, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Crenshaw Senior High School5010 11th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90043
(323) 290-78008-12Los AngelespublicLos Angeles Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic0.22009
Black, non-Hispanic65.132009
Pacific Islander0.242009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.392009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Allen Carrie2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

11/28/2011parentHello, I graduated from Crenshaw in 1989. My wife graduated from Crenshaw in 1985. My son is currently a senior at Crenshaw and he has attended the school all of his high school years. Crenshaw is one of the greatest hidden secrets in Los Angeles if you want your child to attend college. My son will attend UC Riverside after graduation of high school and I will not have to pay a dime. As a parent, I had to send my son to outside SAT prep classes. I understood the entire system before I decided to have my son to attend the school. He will graduate in the top 5% of his class. Schools and organizations are throwing scholarship money at him. Have a strategy before you attend a school like Crenshaw and you can be very successful in your attempt to getting your child into on eof the top 100 colleges or universities in the nation. Don't expect the teachers to do all of the work. Hold your child accountable and you make sure tht you do your part as a parent. research your options and work with the principal and staff at Crenshaw that knows about the secrets. They will assist you if you seek and ask the right questions.
4/27/2011otherI attended Crenshaw (Class of 1984). I, like Larry Elder, am proof positive your kid can get a quality education at Crenshaw. I am an executive at one of the largest health insurance provider in the nation. MV Woodland Hills, CA
5/29/2010otherThe education, better still the lack of education at Crenshaw is atrocious. I have been tracking this school for the past 7 years monitoring their academic progress, and during this time Crenshaw their students have failed to meet the state required academic performance. When asked why this is happening, Crenshaw immediately point to their gifted student program. What about the other students -- the average students? Are they not as deserving of a good education? The best academic years of Crenshaw were the years when the now Patrice Ruchen, Jazz Musician and former baseball great, Daryl Strawberry. What is the solution? Crenshaw should be bid out students should heavily tested and counseled for academic and occupational training as to their abilities to earn a living after graduation. Parents should be mandated to participate in the testing and counseling and the recommendation of the counselor.
10/15/2008otheri love this school and its awesome. but the teachers are doing their best!
9/24/2008studentI think that Crenshaw High is not all that bad. The staff are working there hardest to gte the students in shape. Crenshaw high is a great shool. Only if the students stay focus, and not into alot of trouble... So Crenshaw High is a great and what makes it great the hard work they do for the students.So like a everyday announcement ...GGGOOOO COUGARS....LOL
7/25/2008parentI'm a current student, I believe if your going to enroll your child. Make sure its the Gifted Magnet, the classes are hard but the teachers care. And its a great prep for higher learning.
2/7/2008parentCrenshaw Gifted Magnet is great. All students and teachers work really hard preparing students for college and beyond.
10/13/2007parentI am a little on the fence about the school. My husband and I are previous gradutes of this school and things definately are different than they were 30 years ago. Notifications of upcoming events don't go out often and I get surprised by my child telling me of something coming up. I don't always have time to go to the website to keep abreast of the ongoings of the school. My daughter expressed liking her teachers, as they, she and she is doing fairly well. I don't like the fact, my child finally seems to be doing well and some of her teachers are being moved to other schools due to low student enrollment. My child is in the Media Academy and those staff members do seem to track my child's progress as soon as she falters a little.
9/14/2007parentI thinks this is one of the worst schools in Los Angeles... the security of students in non-existent. The only thing on the students mind is clothing, shoes and BS. Academics is not a priority. My daughter is constantly harassed and intimated. I am in the process of removing her from this environment, it is definitely not conducive to learning. The kids are so distracted, and worried about safety they can not learn anything! If your child is interested in learning, don't enroll them into this environment!
12/13/2006studentHi, I was an student attending Crenshaw High School, this would have been my third year. From the experiences, I feel Crenshaw truely is a bad school for mature, and responsible students that are trying to get somewhere in life. The school doesnt provide as much as they should, I mean, it has lack of security, lots of bad teachers, terrible priority skills and loyality, they dont stick to a foundation. They're trying hard to make things right, but in the wrong areas, they aren't thinking about the students success, they give up way to easily. I feel bad for saying it but I think no one should go there. The school has lots of potential, but the wrong people are in charge, really brillant kids, wrong order system.
8/25/2006studentNEGATIVES: I am a Latino student at 'Crenshaw High School.' I've been attending the school for a full year now, and I've noticed that the new principal hasn't really done much to improve the way people think about this school (it's image). You have a few great teachers (Mrs. Mc Culloh. There's lack of real security, and its not really racially or culturally diverse at ALL. Like someone said before, 'Most of the money CHS makes, goes to the athletic department,' I was only given about 2-3 text books the whole year, which we really didn't use except for one. In my expirience at CHS, , you might want to pick your kids up from school, dont let them walk alone! POSITIVES: Mrs. McCulloh!
1/25/2006parentThe school has a great arts program, but they need more teachers and less students in the classrooms.
1/12/2006parentI think this school is a great opportunity for a student that really wants to learn. They have a lot of special programs to help meet the needs of struggling students, but the students must be willing to apply themselves and take every opportunity offered to them. It may not be in the best of neighborhoods, but if you have a strong child I do believe he can make it at Crenshaw.
11/25/2005parentBoth of my daughters graduated from Crenshaw. My main concern is that it seems they have a difficult time attracting and keeping good teachers. They often have long-term substitutes. My daughter that graduated in 2004 kept getting a new substitute for her math class (geometry). There were about four different subs in all. She wound up barely passing the class with a 'D' because of the constant changing of teachers. They also had a big turnover of principals and other administrators.
8/24/2005parentUnfortunately, Crenshaw needs so much work. Extra parent involvement, books, tutoring is important.
7/27/2005former studentI think this school is wonderful. It has a great music department as well as the teachers. They seem to really care about our children. it's not in the best neighborhood, but it's safe.
6/23/2005teacherCrenshaw High School is under going a transition with a new principal and many new APs next year (2005-2006) . Small learning communities are scheduled to be implemented in the 2006-2007 school year. Overall students' daily attendance needs to be higher. The shining points are the teacher training magnet, gifted magnet, new media academy and the entrepreneurship & business academy. Stand out teachers can be found in many academic departments.
11/28/2004studentThis is for Crenshaw high i belive that it is a good school not great but very well kept. Even though there were some cases in which they messed up alot with my me or other kids this school is very good in some ways. Like their art department they help chldren discover their true talentin some ways. Their media depart is outstanding tooo . They have very new cameras and othe equipment that they let the kids use and get use to for their future career. but crenshaw is somewhat over crowding i guess. Their is alot of misjudement and other things here . For instance their are alot of punk rockers and skate boarders at the school and some of them hang out in the middle of the quad and some people make fun of them , talk about the clothes and thats just not cool,not cool !
5/3/2004former studentI graduated from Crenshaw High class of 1973. I am the Alumni President and also the Community Liason for Crenshaw. I have surveyed the campus for over 8 years. There are so many needs that it's so overwhelming. Crenshaw does not have a strong parent group to interact with the school's Administration and Teachers, therefore major educational projects are not monitored. The funding from the Los Angeles Unified School Board has gotten smaller and smaller. There is a need for reading materials and tutorials in the library, teaching aids and supplies, more counselors, more school security, less students in the classroom, more volunteers and more money is needed to enhance these areas to produce a more productive student. There's also a need for workshops to help those under performing students to read better and to increase their testing skills. Until the Board addresses these issues Crenshaw High will continue to be an under performing school.
4/28/2004former studentCrenshaw High is an excellent institution for learning. I graduate in 1994 and I was apart of the Teachers Training Magnet program. Things on the outside are going to happen, but as long as students understand the reason they are there, the campus is safe.
11/25/2003otherI am not a parent, I was a student who attended Crenshaw High School and graduated in June of 2002. During my three years in high school the only issues that worried me more were safety and sanitation. I believe the education offered at Crenshaw high school is not excellent, but there is a lot of help offered for students who really want to help themselves. But I believe safety after school hours should be an even bigger issue. There should be school patrols surrounding the school after school has ended to see that students are safe. Sanitation is also a problem. When anyone walked in those bathrooms it was a sad thing to see no soap dispensers, no toilet paper, no paper towels, and the bathrooms weren't clean at all, never. Probably the only time you would see a janitor in the bathroom was when there was an overflowing toilet, and they had to clean it. Students are not the school's number one priority in any case.
9/4/2003former studentI am not a parent I was a student of class 2001, through my whole four years at crenshaw we lacked teachers and books.There are some really good teachers there but not enough. The staff is not that great. If your looking for a school to help your child learn and to keep you updated on there proformance..well this is not the school.
8/30/2003former studentI am a former student attending the magnet section of Crenshaw from 95-99. While I was there I experienced both styles of teaching from the regular teacher to the magnet teachers. In the regular the students were hardly challeneged at all to use their minds. More of the time the students would leave class and roam the halls looking for something to do. In the magnet classes, we were challeneged but not to our full capability. There was a tremendous lack of leadership and willingness to teacher. The administrative staff seemed as if it did nothing but chit chat. My last year at Crenshaw was really useless. The intervention classes for about a month did nothing at all. It was a joke. Here we students had to cover basic 2-4grade concepts all over again. A lot of us never took it seriously because it was pointless. The whole school had to suffer and we lost a whole month of learning and challenging ourselves to basic conception of how to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide and english grammar and parts of speech. It was so sad. Not to mention we barely had any books to use. I worked in the book room (my 12th grade year) and saw that the majority of books we had were old and out of date. It was so bad that each teachers made us keep the book in the room because we couldn't afford to take the books home. After reading the previous comments, I see much hasn't changed since I left.
8/22/2003former studentI've graduated class of '92. I wasn't happy about the teachings I've gotten at Crenshaw. There was only one teacher whom I had that cared about the students and the eduacation we received. The books were torn and written in badly, we had to share half the time and sometime bring home copies of the assignment. The only thing I honestly learned at Crenshaw High School was having fun! I was in the Teacher's Training Program and only did one training assignment during the whole program. Crenshaw is all about who can dress better and if we can come home with that winning trophy! Crenshaw was a family school, and now I wouldn't even dare send my son there when he becomes a teen.
8/10/2003former studentI'm not a parent, I was a student who just graduated class of 2003. As a transfer student from Westchester High School, I can compare the two and say that Crenshaw is at the lower end of the barrel when it comes to academics. Most of the money Crenshaw receives goes to sports instead of books. My whole senior year, I only had about 3 main text books, most of which were never used on the daily basis. The school needs to evaluate the teacher's performance, because I've unfortunately, had many teacher who, if I were head of school, would have fired them. I did have some good teachers, who I am greatful for. I participated in an academy program at the school, and had a whole set of other teachers aside from regular Crenshaw. If you are going to that school and cannot go anywhere else, I urge you to participate in programs because being a regular student at regular Crenshaw won't really prepare you when you're in college, unless you take initiative, and I know this from experience.
7/23/2003parent I believe the faculty and staff are really trying their best, but parent involvement is very low. Results are a reflection of the homes the students come from. I have 2 kids who have graduated from the school, One is in UC Berk, and the other is going to start at Cal State Notr. this summer. It is a fact that the school needs more funding and support from the private corporations in Los Angeles. (Unfortunately we do not have big corporations close enough to Crenshaw high school. I still have another child, a senior who is hoping to attend Havard or Howard next summer by the grace of God. Prayer and hard work by the parents would go a long way. We need to sincerely complement the efforts of the faculty and staff of Crenshaw.
6/20/2003 My childs school lacks proper security, the students are free to leave the school campus, sit in the bleachers and roam the hallways at anytime. Security guards can be paid by students for freedom to come and go. They are too young themselves to enforce anything. No dress code. Never a phone call from a teacher if there is a problem with assignments or class behavior. Just a low grade, but the problem still exist. The principle needs to take control of the school.

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