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Walgrove Avenue Elementary School1630 Walgrove Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 391-7104K-5Los AngelespublicLos Angeles Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
16 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic35.632009
Black, non-Hispanic14.692009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.632009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Arlene Fortier2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/19/2012parentwe LOVE LOVE Walgrove! the families are so supportive. the teachers are dedicated creative, and the community is dedicated to the development of WHOLE CHILD - the social - emotional. - different learning styles. - GREEN GARDENS curriculum. - STUDIO LAB - PROJECT LEARNING based programs. - COUNCIL - supported conflict resolution skills No other school in Mar VIsta, Venice or SM are doing these programs.
10/19/2012parentWhat I appreciate so much about Walgrove is that from the beginning, it's been about collaboration, with students, teachers, and parents working together to create the best possible learning environment for our kids. The unique programs like Council, Studio Lab, and teacher inspired enrichment classes all stem from a set of core beliefs that the community was willing to take a hard look at to define Walgrove. I'm also so grateful for the leadership provided by our principal who is guiding Walgrove with a vision for our school's future.
10/18/2012parentBeing a Walgrove parent is like having a full time job without pay. I'm completely exhausted. The principal is indifferent and outright rude to parents.
9/7/2012parentim a KINDER parent and so far so good i love the community in which my child school is located the family and friends of this school has gone well and beyond their way to make sure my family feels at home. My daughter loves her teacher this is only the 4th week in and she has encouraged in reading on her own (-:
8/12/2012parentVery poor communication from the teachers. The principal seems indifferent. Some parents are very involved, but this doesn't really seem to make a difference
8/1/2012parentWalgrove has met my high expectations. New and very competent principal, great teachers, nice parents, lack of social cliques, local kids attending, excellent facility and well-funded. Oh, and test scores improved by a whopping 70 points last year, not a surprise given what I just said. I could not imagine any private or charter school offering more, maybe I shouldn't post this so the school remains what it is today and doesn't get flooded with the types of problems I'm reading about at highly acclaimed Mar Vista Elementary!
6/14/2012parentThis school has been a major disappointment. I expected much more from a "neighborhood school." My daughter's teacher she find very "boring." He drills the children In Kinder. LAUSD is no doubt part of the problem...
10/29/2011parentMy daughter is in first grade at Walgrove and we just love this school. The first grade teaching team has been fantastic. We have a new principal who is amazing. The test scores are also way up. Walgrove has wonderful kids and the parent involvement blows me away. It is a great community and we are so lucky to be there. We got into a fancy magnet school and we turned it down to stay at our wonderful school. Thank you!
10/28/2011parentBoth my children attend Walgrove, which is our neighborhood school. They are in 2nd and 3rd grade and are absolutely thriving there. Teachers are fantastic, our new principal is AMAZING, my kids are learning tons. I couldn't ask for more. I'll never understand the push for private, parochial or charter schools when this amazing place is right in your backyard!
10/27/2011parentWalgrove is actually a very nice school, which surprised us because it was so easy to enroll under "open enrollment". There was no hassle, even though we live out of the area. My son's teacher is very nice and he's made a lot of friends, the kids all seem to be nice and friendly to each other, there seem to be no cliques. The school has an easygoing, laid back atmosphere. I think it is under-appreciated, as it is just as good as some of the local public schools that are much harder to get into. Walgrove is doing some new things to accommodate more advanced students, which has been a big plus for those kids who are ready for more of a challenge.
9/19/2011parentIt's early days yet for my little Kindergardener, but I have to say I'm overwhelmingly impressed with the parent involvement, the engaged teachers and the commitment to keep important programs going even though LAUSD has cut them from the budget. We were set to go to a private school but financially we just couldn't justify it at this time. So when we found this school we were so grateful that it seemed to have the write philosophy and perspective on education. This school is on the way up and is an asset to the community. Fantastic school.
8/23/2011otherConsidering this school for my daughter. The scores are lower b/c of the higher percentage of special ed schools than the typical school. New principal this year, so we'll see how it goes. Seems to have a great culture. The comment/ review earlier probably refers to the Reggio-Amelia inspired teacher in K- it's a unique, creative approach to kinder, but my daughter will do better in an environment that's more structured - fortunately the other 2 K teachers are great that way.
8/18/2011parentWalgrove's API test scores conintue to be lower than our other neighborhood schools, Mar Vista Elem. (900 API & 9 API State Rank) & Beethoven Elem. (873 API & 8 API State Rank). The parent involvement is super high at the school! The parents raise funds to supplement the school, but still we have an API State Rank of 2 out of 10 & 741 API score. It will take more than awesome parent involvement to raise the academic standards here. The newest teachers at Walgrove typically are bringing up the standard. It is an average school that could become great!
8/17/2011parentWe are so happy at Walgrove. The educational culture at Walgrove is inspirational and academic. It is collaborative and creative. It is a community that supports its students, staff and administration. All stakeholders work together to create an educational environment that focuses on the whole child to develop lifetime learners, critical thinkers and collaborators. We are so grateful for the academic excellence and supportive community at Walgrove. Not only in the classroom, but with specialty programs as well: Council, Studio, Music Center Assemblies, PE, Library, and more. My children are not only learning, but they love to learn. This morning I asked my daughter why she loved Walgrove. Her answer was clear. We have great teachers. We have great parents. I couldn t have said it better myself.
7/11/2011parentWalgrove is a caring community of students, parents, and teachers. We have been very happy and have just completed a wonderful year in first grade. The teacher was creative and funny and warm, and my daughter loved going to school every day.
7/7/2011parentWe have two kids at Walgrove. 1st and 3rd grades. The kids love going to school everyday, have had fantastic teachers and the community is welcoming and always ready for a playdate for kids or parents!
7/7/2011parentWe love our school and it's community. We have been at Walgrove now for 4 years and wouldn't change it for any other choice.
5/31/2011parentI am not satisfy with this school's expectations. My child's teacher assigns homework but does not bother to check them. The classroom is a mess; cluttered and students work displayed on bulletin boards does not demonstrate rigorous learning. I thought it's just my child's class, but I popped my head in several classrooms, and all appeared super cluttered. Has a tornado hit Walgrove? I'm referring to the bookshelves, teachers' desks, sinks, and tables.
6/26/2010teacherWe are a terrific school with dedicated faculty, staff, and parents. We have grown in numbers and community involvement as a reflection of all of our hard work . Teachers need more support & understanding under current administration.
5/15/2010parent love my community. I adore my kids' teachers. I win
5/10/2010otherBecause our grandson attends this school. His teacher is just wonderful. This is a great school and can use the financial support.
5/10/2010parentIt's full of wonderful students who have caring, involved parents.
5/10/2010parentGreat school. Great community. Love the support.
5/10/2010parentGreat community, strong focus on learning. Teachers works hard and care about our children
5/10/2010parentIt is important to support our local school too many of the kids end up going to different schools which takes too much support away from our local school.
5/10/2010parentGreat parent involvement and support. Huge grounds.
5/10/2010parentI love the great sense of community that the school has. I love all the staff. I'm really happy and I'm recommending this school to all my friends. It's been a great experience to my this year with my son who is in kindergarten and Mr Ziff is his teacher. He is great!
5/10/2010parentI love Walgrove Avenue Elementary because they have a good admin. staff, great teachers and a wonderful community. Having all of that makes it easy for any new comers to feel welcomed.
5/9/2010parentGreat teachers, great kids, great parents. This is a community that works hard and is devoted to quality and loving education for our children.!!! The best!
5/9/2010parentBecause there is effort every day by teachers, staff, the community and thus, the students. They see it and respond in kind.
5/9/2010parentMy grandchildren are experiencing the typ of old fashioned neighborhood school experience - the kind I attended years ago. Terrific family involvement, wonderful teachers and active parent organization.
5/9/2010parentIt's small. There are great teachers. And, the parents are sooooo involved!
5/9/2010parentgreat community, great families, great teachers, great principal. a school where the most are enthusiastic about their children learning and future.
5/9/2010parentWe have the most dedicated teachers and parents at Walgrove. I couldn't ask for a better school for my kids!
5/9/2010parentOur first year at Walgrove has been wonderful and we look forward to sending all of our children to Walgrove, our neighborhood elementary school. Most amazing is the parent-teacher-student involvement that creates an amazingly warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. We feel both proud and blessed to be a part of this school.
5/9/2010parentThere is a very involved parent body at this school. Wonderful teachers. Awesome community!
5/9/2010parentInvolved, caring, creative, attentive, educational, wonderful atmosphere. Where children learn and become better human beings, not just excellent test-takers.
5/8/2010parentThe administration, teachers and parents have defined a resonant set of core values that are focusing and streamlining every aspect of the school to support the diverse student body
5/8/2010parentIt is becoming an awesome local school for us....
5/8/2010otherBecause it has made tremendous progress the last few years in becoming a neighborhood school again. I also admire the vitality of the parents and how much they've done to enhance the children's educational opportunities.
5/8/2010parentWe have great teachers and the best community.
5/8/2010parentGreat parents, great teachers - fantastic kids! Walgrove is full of energy and a feeling of community. It's a wonderful place for my child to learn and grow.
5/8/2010parentThe booster club - friends of walgrove - they do such a great job raising money to keep the great programs that my child loves: music, art, phys ed
5/8/2010parentGreat teachers, kids, and parental support. A wonderful feeling of community at this school.
5/8/2010parentGreat teachers, great community, many efforts to provide many enrichment programs to our children.
5/8/2010parentWalgrove is on track to be as high rated as Mar Vista or Beethoven ES. Our campus, community and teachers are fantastic, with parental solidarity and energy that ensures our kids get all the benefits they need to thrive (meaning arts programs, P.E. teacher aides, computers, librarians, field trips -- you know, the things that those of us who went to public school in the 70's and 80's took for granted) and have a joyful educational experience. This is a community school that embraces diversity and respect for one another. And we have a fabulous time in the process!
5/8/2010parentWalgrove is an amazing community of intelligent, caring, dedicated parents who want to do the best for their kids, in a local, public school. It IS possible to get a great education in a public school. It takes great teachers who are supported by great, involved parents. And that's what we have.
5/7/2010parentSupportive community of families working together with Staff/Teachers to create excitement about learning and impart life skills to a diverse group of children. We love the Principle and are thankful to be a part of the Walgrove Family!!
5/7/2010parentAwesome ... & getting better every day! It takes a village & this village is unstopable!
5/7/2010parentThe teaching includes a variety of topics. I am from France and was delighted to see my son in first grade wrote a story about Paris and drew illustrations of the Eiffel Tower. The teachers are kind and welcoming.
5/7/2010otherThey offer a variety of programs from Shakespeare Club to Kids Safety classes for parents. Nice to see the community improving a neighborhood public school.
5/7/2010parentnice atmosphere, great paintings on the walls, grassy play area for children. Appreciative teachers.
5/7/2010otherThe first grade teaching team is dynamic and the 'team teaching' implemented has been amazing. A child I care for is in the 1st grade and he is reading on a 3rd grade level and loves the school.
5/7/2010teacherWalgrove ismy home. I love the people, the children, the parents, the staff, the energy, the dedication, and the devotion to learning and thinking!
5/6/2010otherParent organization has no diversity nor members of color in a school which is Title One. Where are all the Hispanic parents when there are meetings? Are they invited?
5/5/2010parentWe love the high standards, education and care given to our children. Also, their student/teacher outreach programs have enriched our community.
2/13/2010parentVery great and also supilles comupter class,art class,drama class,studio class,and 5 distination buses wow
10/8/2009teacherThe community is making a change. The campus is huge with lots of playing room. I love the parents, being an important part of the school.
9/23/2009parentWalgrove is a diverse, rich school that cares about it's students.
9/21/2009parentThe community involvement, the teachers and the administration.
9/21/2009parentAmazing parent teacher collaboration to educate, care for and inspire our kids
9/21/2009parentHas shown drastic improvement overall thanks to the principal, teachers and parents
9/20/2009parentEverything. The teachers are fantastic, the administration is top flight, the students are wondeful children and the parents and surrounding community are great people who believe in making a difference. It's awesome!
9/20/2009parentWalgrove is an wonderful community school that continues to challenge and enrich my child's learning. The CST scores went up from the previous year. The API and AYP do not reflect the amazing things going on at Walgrove. Change does not occur over night. The transformation began with the hard work of former Principal Yuri Hayashi and the birth of Friends of Walgrove. The transformation has been ongoing and evry year it gets better and better. Caring staff, involved parents.
9/20/2009parentexceeds expectations, loving , warm atmosphere incredibly tight knit community , wonderful school
9/20/2009otherWalgrove is a great mixture of local community and caring supportive staff and family. It represents all the best that a community and a caring educational facility can offer.
9/19/2009parentI love how involved the parents are....and how every year we just get better and stronger...feels creative and expansive ...!!
9/19/2009otherThey pay much attention to the students!
9/19/2009parentSmall, sweet, meeting the needs of all students!
9/19/2009parentWe have the sweetest and most interesting and creative children. They love to hear and share stories. This is a vocabulary rich crowd.
9/19/2009parentThis school is the little engine that could and the diamond in the rough! Our youngest daughter started there in kindergarden last year. The school far exceeded our expectations. We were amazed by the passionate parent involvement and our new Principal, Ms Fortier is just tops! She really knows her stuff and works tirelessly for the school. Our test scores just went up significantly and this year, we are on track to do the same. And ... we have PS Arts, Studio, wonderful teachers aides too. We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful community oriented school!
9/19/2009parentWalgrove Elementary is a culturally and ethnically rich and diverse community of students, teachers, administrators and parents. And a true reflection of the history and cultures of Los Angeles. Our children are proud to call it their school.
9/19/2009parentTechers, principal, FOW group, campus, aides, STAR - need I say more
9/19/2009parentIt has awesome teachers -- who impact & challenge our kids daily!
9/19/2009parentI love the amazing community that is being built while striving for excellent education and process of learning amongst the children. It is amazing to go to our local school and know the neighbors that go and all be a part of this hard working team committed to making a difference.
9/19/2009otherIt just keeps getting better and better! We are glad to have this school in our community.
9/19/2009otherThis school has completely turned around and is now one of the best in our area.
9/18/2009parentThe little community that could - teamwork and enthusiasm for our kids, amazing teachers and principal create a wonderful learning environment.
9/18/2009parentWalgrove is an amazing place. The teachers are wonderful and the community of families is welcoming and committed. We said no to several of the top magnet schools on the westside in order to be at Walgrove, and I've never regretted that decision.
9/18/2009parentWalgrove is a great school! The parents, teachers, and principal are all working to make this the best school in Los Angeles.
9/18/2009parentI love the teachers at our school and the wonderful Walgrove Community.
9/18/2009parentWe are so happy with Walgrove Elementary! It is advancing in every area in spite of cut backs from the district. This is because of the community & parent involvement. You could not ask for a more supportive atmosphere in an elementary school.
9/18/2009parentWalgrove Elementary is continuing to advance in every area in spite of district cuts. This is largely due to the community & parent involvement. The principal and teachers are of the highest caliber and work to give our students the best education. They are accessible and very coumminicative with the parents. We love our neighborhood school!
9/18/2009otherWe love our school. The principal and teachers are the best! Friends of Walgrove (Parent Booster Club) is supportive and fully involved in helping Walgrove continue to advance.
9/18/2009parentBecause my 3rd grader is thriving and loves his school! The teachers are passionate and dedicated..its a great community.
9/18/2009otherWalgrove has wonderful, caring teachers and a great working staff and parents. I love the personal attention given to the student--it's a great family atmosphere.
9/17/2009parentWalgrove is a true community, where parents, children, teachers and administrators are working together to create an educational environment that respects children and nurtures their intellectual and emotional growth. We feel lucky to be a part of it.
9/17/2009parentOur teachers are forward thinking and so is our principal. Lots of school spirit and active parent booster! Our art / science / math additional programs are amazing!
9/17/2009parentThe Jewel in our own backyard. Walgrove has become the perfect neighborhood school for our family with so much parental involvement and a group of teachers who love what they do. It's so great to be a part of this growing community.
9/17/2009parentWalgrove has an amazing community, that works to fill in the many gaps the buget cuts have left us with. It's an amazing group of families, teachers, and administrators.
9/17/2009parentIt's a wonderful school with a great deal of parent involvement and improving test scores. A number of parents work tirelessly to continue to make the school better, increase the community enrollment, and make the educational experience a nurturing, enjoyable, and quality one for our children. I think the administrators and teachers are some of the best in the LA Unified system.
9/16/2009otherWalgrove Elementary has the most terrific teachers and students.
5/26/2009parentWe couldn't be happier to be attending Walgrove and be an active part in it's positive growth.
3/30/2009parentWe landed at Walgrove last year after we didn't get into any of our 1st choice charters and we have not been disappointed. Parent involvement is high and the kids are learning well. There is additional art, music, pe at our school. Hard to believe there is a 4 rating. Check back in 2 - 3 years and watch the ratings climb!
3/11/2009parentI love Walgrove. The teachers and the parents truly care about the education and well being of all the children. I see so much involvement from the parents and a real potential for excellence. I know that we will acheive excellence in a short time.
3/11/2009otherSince the arrival of the new Principal Arlene Fortier last September, Walgrove Elementary has become one of the top schools in the Venice Complex getting better as more community children are returning. Parents might want to think about turning Walgrove from a K-5 to a K-6 to attract more community students to give parents more option for 7th and 8th grades. It might be time to look at some data to support the benefit of K-6.
10/24/2008parentWalgrove has undergone many changes- starting with last years surge of parent involvment. This year even better. I have a 1st grader at Walgrove and she has done well but only because I am a participant at school and we were lucky to have a good teacher. There has been a change at guard -new principle who has much expereince but not all staff at walgrove is that experienced. Some teachers have a rigid way of teaching (our experience last year) without innovative or out of thebox methods of teaching. I do love the arts teacher but our librarby lacks expertise.
8/26/2008parentWalgrove Elementary is filled with caring parents and teachers who are dedicated to helping it grow. The care and enthusiasm that my child has received exceeds the level of learning that she has had there, which is probably more of an LAUSD issue than a Walgrove issue. The programs are increasing in depth, and the students seem happy on campus. The PE and arts programs are not that in-depth or well-funded, but I like the music program that is enhanced by PSArts, as well as the part-time nurse on campus. With the continued support of the parents, I am hopeful that Walgrove will continue to grow in strength in programs and quality of learning that it offers.
8/13/2008parentThis school is in transition. There are great parents doing great work, and have and will continue to offer tons of energy and exert pressure for positive change. The K-1 classes have undergone somewhat (but I would not say a full) revolution of sorts. But whether the school has strong leadership and a unified vision in practice of what is valued in the classroom in terms of the way children are seen, treated and learn, and what is important in terms of curriculum development and methodology for K-5, remains to be seen.
3/12/2008parentMy child is in Ms. Pliska's kindergarten class (2007-8) and I've been really happy with the care given to their individual needs, both intellectual and emotional.
3/4/2008parentI have twins in kindergarten at Walgrove Elementary one in Mrs Chin's class and the other in Ms Lai's. What I found most impressive was the faculty's ability to correctly match child to teacher through my own explanation of the kids' very different personalities. And they were right on the money. I also sense genuine concern for the learning experiences my children have there. These teachers really care about their pupils and provide a caring and nurturing environment. Walgrove may not have the big bucks that a school like Pali has, but the love and parental involvement are definitely there. That, combined with the fact that the administration actually values parental input, has lead me to believe that the reputation Walgrove has for being up & coming is well deserved.
1/13/2008parentWas a former parent at Couer D'Alene Elem. After losing our permit, we were 'forced' to attend Walgrove. After reluctantly being here this year in 2nd & K, I only have GREAT things to share. Campus/Programs are much nicer all around. Excellent kindergarten yard, Wonder of Reading Library, Rolling Media Lab with 20 brand new Apple laptops for all grades, Art, Music, PE programs, vegetable garden, Studio room, plus electives like natural history & science week, dental health day, 2 field trips a year, small class sizes & more. Walgrove also has STAR, the amazing after-school program many schools aim to have but don't. Students are from the neighborhood with an amazing parent body. Scores of the school are not a real representation because they are mixed with special education scores. It s not without its problems but Walgrove parents are committed to making it the best school it can be.
1/3/2008parentMy child is in kindergarten and I can't believe the involvement! The principal is approachable and very involved. The teachers are well trained, patient and very involved with the children, parents, and the curriculum. My son adjusted to a structured environment and is flourishing and excited about learning, as well as enjoys the school and the other children. The campus is beautiful; they even have days when the parents get out there and beautify I have really enjoyed getting involved! I would rate it a 5, I couldn t ask for more! Jane
9/18/2007parentI am a first grade parent and my daughter loves the school. The teachers and principal are oustanding. The principal has been extremely involved in turning around the school.The principal is committed to education and the needs of the school.The school has so much to offer that many private schools offer at a high Price. Walgrove has a wondeful feeling of community and family.
9/17/2007parentWalgrove Avenue Elementary should be rated a 9. My son is in Fifth Grader at the school and I have been impressed with the entire staff. The academics are outstanding and up to the same level as any catholic or private schools in the area. My son has been doing pre-algebra since the end of the fourth grade. His reading level was tested and he is reading at seven grade level. I credited it all to the teachers and principal at the Walgrove.
10/24/2006parentDespite the school's history with poor academic scores - I am not disappointed with the academics. My child is in Kindergarten so it is hard to tell, but I am quite happy with his learning progress (he's starting to read) - but more importantly, his interest and enthusiasm to learn. I work with gifted and believe that Kindergarten is critical - for developing learning attitudes more than developing academic skills. I have been very happy with my son's teacher. I am a little dissatisfied with the principal -- while she seems committed to making this a good neighborhood school & is trying to get more neighborhood kids into the school -- her promises, actions and agenda are not always consistent (like any politician!) The after school STAR program is exceptional. The school needs more attention to GATE. Parent involvement is good and getting better. I've been very impressed with the parents.
9/29/2006parentMy son started Kindergarten this year at Walgrove and I couldn't be more pleased. Most of the children in his class are from the neighborhood. He is motivated and happy and especially has taken to the STAR program after school. I am grateful that Walgrove is instilling the love of learning in these important formative years. I can only imagine that with the growing support of the neigborhood, Walgrove will get better and better every year.
4/25/2006parentThis school is a great school. The teachers are great and the community is very much involved with the school. The way they help students are fabolous and I would recommend students to attend there.

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