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Westwood Elementary School - Los_Angeles, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Westwood Elementary School2050 Selby Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 474-7788K-5Los AngelescharterLos Angeles Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
22 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic71.872009
Black, non-Hispanic2.942009
Pacific Islander0.132009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.382009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Judy Utvich2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/7/2012parentI used Great Schools to research the best elementary school for our daughter when we moved to LA. We really lucked out that Westwood Charter Elementary was our first pick and we were able to move nearby. Unlike so many charters it is truly a neighborhood school. No competitive lottery with donations flying around from rich donors who buy their way in. If you live in the district, you're in. The acedemic level of excellence is very high, and the only complaint I hear is that some parents do like the challenging academics. I don't mind and my daughter has grown SO MUCH since we started in the middle of 1st grade. There is also an amazing art teacher, music teacher, P.E. teacher, and even a full time gardening teacher. A brand new library and so much parental involvement. When LAUSD makes cuts, the WISE board kicks in with $ and I'm amazed by their fundraising success. It's been a charter school for over 20 years so it's been around... The old principal was incredible and I'm not surprised that the new principal who replaced her seems just as special. I guess any principal would love to be at Westwood Charter! Highly recommend.
8/28/2011parentWell, I guess I'm a parent of one of those "slightly above average" students that the previous two reviewers had the misfortune of having in their little genius' classes. I feel awful that my child has skewed their learning opportunities. However, I have found the teachers overly caring, supportive, and constantly encouraging my child to be the best she can be. The parent involvement is great. True, the office personnel are horrible and rude. But if you can look past that, your will find an excellent, neighborhood gem that prepares children very well for the future.
8/17/2011parent If your child is average, then send them here. They have a lot of enrichment that you won't find in other cash strapped schools. However, if your child is highly/profoundly gifted then you need to find a better match for them. They do not know how to help extremely bright kids. They misdiagnosed my son and gave him services that were not appropriate for his needs. Thank goodness I had the foresight to pull him out before more damage was done.
6/16/2011parentWe found the teaching methods were not consistently rigorous and yearned for a teacher who required regular spelling tests and the basics even in the lower grades. One teacher did not challenge my older child and required him to do "busy" math exercises instead of accelerating his learning. She was incapable of educating a gifted student. Despite its fierce nature to raise money from parents, the Charter school (and Charter administration) refused to pay for testing needs and we didn't feel that the the money raised should go into teachers' assistants. It's a good school, but we wished for more rigorous academic standards and received an opportunity to transfer my children to a magnet. When I asked my older child what the difference was between his current school and Westwood Charter, he felt that the lessons at Westwood flowed like molasses with too many students who didn't understand math concepts. As a working mother, I felt that it was very difficult to obtain information from the administration.
6/15/2011parentIn general Holy Angels prepared my daughter well for college. (This also applied to the older child, a few years ahead) She had a good background in most subject areas and was able to take on both the quantity and the individual responsibility aspects of college work. She acquired a love of Italian and (in the earlier grades) of French. The partnership with FDU enabled both girls to get a head start at college as they received Middle College Program(MCP) credits for some subjects - allowing them to bypass some core credit requirements and either move ahead faster or do more interesting electives at college. The one area of concern was math which was a struggle and where I found I had to pay extra for tutorial assistance.
10/13/2010parentThis is a school full of wonderful teachers that work with each childs strong points and help with the weak points. My daughter has excelled in academica and confidence in this very supportive environment.
10/5/2010otherThe commitment of the staff and parents in brilliant.
10/5/2010parentAs a parent whose child went to 3 different elementery school I could fairely call myself a good Judge. In no other school I have seen such a close neat of parents teamwork and so much caring and sensitivity to every child's needs. It is a place where all talents are tended and flourished.
10/4/2010parentWe are new to the school this year, and have found the office staff to be HORRIBLE. They are consistently rude, unfriendly, and unhelpful. If you can get past that than you will find an incredible school filled with teachers and parents who truly care about your child s learning. It is refreshing to see the teachers and parents working so well together.
10/4/2010teacherIt's such a great neighborhood school with an amazing group of families that share the common belief that it takes a village to raise a child...
10/3/2010parentThe culture of the school dictates that teachers and parents must work as a team in order to bring success to each and every student. This is a constant reminder when the grades are refered to "family" (e.g., 1st grade family).
9/29/2010parentWestwood Charter is incredible. It's a save learning environment with a comprehensive cirriculum. Emotional and intellectual support is there for all students
9/29/2010otherI have been very impress the couple of times we have visited the school. My grand children have been involved in some very wonder classes. The theater department is fantastic. My grandchhildren love the school and I think that is important. They respect their teachers. When I visited the school last year and couldn't find my grand sons class, every one was very pleasant and helpful
9/28/2010other because of the support of the parents, local community and the programs it provides
9/28/2010otherGreat families in a fantastic neighborhood!
9/27/2010otherWhy do you love Westwood Elementary School? There's nothing more valuable than a good education and that's what you get at Westwood!
9/27/2010parentProvides great education for my friends children
9/27/2010parentTeachers and parents are truly invested in the education of our children. Commitment is at every level. Enthusiastic, motivated, and outstanding teachers. Outstanding community of families who care about eachother and eachother's children.
9/27/2010parentWonderful schools with extremely dedicated staff and teachers. So excited that my kids are there!!
9/26/2010parentWestwood Charter is am amazing school because of the teachers, staff and parents. I love watching my child thrive in this environment
9/26/2010otherMy grandchildren thrive in its atmosphere...excellent programs run by wonderful teachers and involved parents
9/25/2010parentThis is my first year here with my second grader an kindergartener and so far I love it. This is my first time being fully involved (PTA/WISE) and the support is great. My kids love the teachers and I see great improvement in my second grader already!
9/25/2010otherThe teachers listen to not only the parents about the children, but to the children themselves.
9/24/2010parentWe're a new family at the school and I am so impressed by how warm and friendly everyone is!
9/24/2010parentThe best teachers and principal. Period.
9/23/2010parentGreat parent involvement and a wonderful place to learn and grow.
9/23/2010parentMy kid loves it and that makes me happy!
9/23/2010parentMy daughter wants to stay in kindergarten "all day", she says, because she is having so much fun with her friends and learning new things!
9/23/2010parentI love the community feel of the school -- the parents work hard in partnering with the teachers and staff to create a place where our children can learn and grow!
9/23/2010parentWestwood Charter has the best teachers, an excellent and dedicated pricipal, and a wonderul community of students and parents.
9/23/2010parentThe dedication of the teachers, administration and parents is outstanding and results in quantifiable positive outcomes for the kids. Most of all I love it because my daughter is happy!
9/23/2010parentAwesome school. My two kids are thrilled.
9/22/2010parentI love Westwood for the true sense of community we have here. Involved and caring parents and inspirational teachers make a truly modern and spectacular learning environment in these times of budget cuts and public school scrutiny. My children are truly fortunate to attend this school.
9/22/2010parentAmazing caring teachers and parents.
9/22/2010parentExcellent teachers. Great community. Great programs.
9/22/2010parentWestwood Charter has a wonderful network of parents who have raised a wonderful group of caring, loving children. The teachers and staff are very caring and compassionate. We as parents do everything we can to help make WWC the best school for our children by giving of our time and money if possible. I have experienced 100% participation with all the parents I know from WWC and am very grateful to be a part of such a great community!
9/22/2010parentgreat teacher, caring principal and safe environment
9/22/2010parentWestwood is an amazing school because of the fabulous school-wide leadership, individual teachers and amazing parents. There is a definite sense of care for each child, as well as a desire to involve every parent as a part of the team to educate these children and give back to the school community. It is this school community that I find unique and special. This is my 15th year as a parent at Westwood Charter (with 2 more to go!) and I have always been impressed and inspired by the way that every family gives what they can to make the school all that it can be. This, coupled with talented leadership and programs that have been organized with great thought and care, has created a school that truly changes lives. I will forever be grateful for the experiences that I have had through Westwood Charter, but even moreso for the learning and growth that my children have been blessed with over the years!
9/22/2010parentThe teachers and administration are awesome! They truely care for the children as if they were their own.
9/22/2010parentThere is a strong community feeling. The kids, teachers, aides, administrators, and parents all work together to help provide the best educational experience possible.
9/22/2010parentGreat teachers, great principal and a great community.
9/22/2010parentMy son is excited to go school every morning, and he always give me a big smile when I pick him up by the end of day. it tells everything...
9/22/2010parentThe teachers are exceptional. They care so much and are so dedicated. The families/parents are involved and there is a real community caring experience. Students love the school and feel so proud to attend.
9/22/2010parentsuch a great sense of community. Wonderful, supportive and caring
9/22/2010parentI love Westwood Charter because the teachers and staff are amazing!!! They have made my child feel a part of the community and have helped him be successful!!
9/22/2010parentGreat reputation. My daughter is loving school.
9/22/2010parentMy daughter loves Westwood Charter! I have heard great things about it and moved to this neighborhood! We are glad we did, All the teachers and staff are amazingly dedicated to the school and continuing its stellar performance!
9/22/2010parentIt is a family & community in which alll are welcome and supportive.
9/22/2010parentGreat school with caring principal, teachers & staff
9/22/2010parentWestwood is a wonderful community of teachers and parents who work together to raise amazing kids! We love Westwood Charter!
9/22/2010parentan amazing school with incredible teachers. parent involvement is the best. we couldn't be more happy!
9/22/2010parentI love Westwood Charter because it is an amazing enviroment in which all kids thrive!
9/22/2010parentI love my Westwood Charter because most families take a special interest in their neighborhood school. Parents get involved because we are a community which makes the 1st 6 years of our children's education like a home away from home!
9/22/2010parentIn today's reality of state budget and funding cuts, Westwood Charter has two critical pieces needed for a public school to produce a positive environment that help our kids to thrive: A great proactive parent community, and a principal who cares.
9/22/2010parentI love Westwood Charter Elementary School because of its wonderful sense of community. Parents are very involved in the school and help to ensure that kids have a great experience there. The teachers and staff also try and make sure kids have a well-rounded education and make them responsible members of the community.
9/22/2010parentIt is a school where kids can learn in a save and friendly environment
9/22/2010parentI love Westwood Charter because when my daughter's kindergarten class' fish died, the principal and vice-principal took time from their busy day to listen to and reflect with the students, and help them develop a unique plan to process this important event. This kind of support trickles down through every facet of the school. Teachers are invested and passionate. A family spirit is tangible on the campus and evident as students help one another in the classroom and on the playground.
9/21/2010parentcommitted teachers, involved parents. A wonderful learning nvironment.
9/21/2010parentWestwood is truly a family. The students are recognized for what makes each of them individually unique-- as well as encouraged to be part of something bigger than themselves, his teachers for grades 1, 2 and 3 have been amazing-- and he is truly thriving. The parent participation and the school's transparency are both outstanding. I feel very lucky to be in this school's district.
9/21/2010parentWe have an incredible school with unbelievable teachers. Please vote to further enrich our school and pay for areas which have been cut due to budgets.
9/21/2010parentAn oasis of learning in a sea of what is LAUSD.
7/10/2010otherI have to credit Harriet Orcan, my kindergarden to 3rd grade Teacher because she was really there for me inside and outside of school. I was very happy. The curriculum was very stong, and I thank God for Harriet, Gisell and Yvonne. God Bless You all! Mr. Harold Lenn Levingston Saturday, July 10, 2010
5/20/2010parentI think the school is filled with great teachers and children and thet deserve the chance to better thier school. So much is happening with budget cuts. Many schools are also in need.
5/16/2010parentWestwood Charter has a great community of active parents and students who give back to the school as much as they get. The efforts of the teachers and administration do not go unrecognized at Westwood. Westwood shows that great public education still exists in this country when everyone in the community participates.
5/15/2010parentOur son is in kindergarten at Westwood Elementary and is thriving there. He is quite active and we did not know what to expect when he began school, but the learning is structured to be as engaging as it is demanding. His teacher is wonderful and goes beyond the what is required of her. She even visited each of her students before the school year started so that they would have some familiarity when they began kindergarten.
5/15/2010parentA great community to be a part of -- Westwood Charter Elementary has amazing teacher and parents that really hard to make our school the best it can possibly be.
5/14/2010parentI love Westwood because the teachers are kind and helpful and the kids are friendly. The students are encouraged to be academic but also to use their imaginations and be creative.
5/13/2010parentits the best school ever. great teacher, huge parental involvement, wonderful curriculum and great network and support system for kids
5/13/2010parentTeachers as so good and nice, also parent involvement is appreciated.
5/13/2010parentMy son is in first grade at Westwood and we have had the most amazing experience.
5/13/2010parentWestwood Charter has a lot of parent involvement. The teachers are motivated and seem happy.
5/13/2010parentOur son has been at Westwood for 2 years and so far, our family loves it. The environment is warm, friendly and inviting. The teachers are very passionate about what they do.
5/13/2010parentI've got three kids at Westwood, and all of us love it! The teachers, staff, and the families of this school are fantastic!
5/13/2010parentThis is a great school with wonderful teachers with great support from the families of the students.
5/13/2010parentthe teachers - the staff - the way they make my child feel!
5/13/2010parentThe level of engagement by faculty, staff and families is terrific, which makes for a strong spirit of community. The best measure, however, is that our grandkids love the school and love the environment that it offers for learning.
5/13/2010otherBecause they run a very organized program that understands the needs of their special needs students and provide a logical and educational environment adapted to their special issues.
5/13/2010parentwonderful, supportive parents and a geat principal!
5/13/2010parentThey provide a very stimulating learning environment and most of all my daughter loves it and is totally happy there!
5/13/2010parentThe teachers and the everyone at the school is so kind and wonderful.
5/13/2010parentGreat environment to have our kids be around! Good teachers, good people, nice families!!!
5/13/2010parentwestwood is a communiity.amazing teachers and amazing parents and an extraordinary principal so caring and so friendly and despite all the budget cuts still delivering a great education a true neighbourhood school
5/12/2010parentThe program is child centered and allows for the individual needs of the child to be addressed despite budget cuts and a large school setting. You get a very personal experience.
5/12/2010parentWonderful teachers, tremendous parent involvement, and caring environment in a safe area
5/12/2010parentThe amazing teachers who teach our children and develop their love for learning, using a creative curriculum.
5/12/2010parentThe curriculum is terrific and the teachers use their skills and imagination to make learning exciting and challenging.
5/12/2010parentAmazing teachers and administrators who love what they do, and support our children in their quest to learn both academics and life skills.
5/12/2010parentI love this school! The commitment to giving our children the best education by the teachers, staff and administrators is amazing. The parent body is dedicated to supporting the programs the teachers work so diligently to employ. They are creating citizens of the world and lifelong learners. I am proud and grateful to be a part of this community.
5/12/2010parentGreat, caring teachers and the charter seems to make a big difference in the flexibility with curriculum. Much more experiential learning that other schools.
4/28/2010parentBecause the teachers, families and students really care, about EVERYTHING!!!!
4/27/2010parentThe teachers are so dedicated, the curriculum is innovative, and the parent community is so active. My daughter is thriving there!
4/24/2010parentIt's the best community to live in, the school is just a reflection of the parents and teachers that work and live here.
4/23/2010parentWestwood Charter School is a amazing school. Everything is great!!!
4/23/2010parentMy child is on the Autistic Spectrum and the administration at Westwood had been very supportive and accomodating. He is doing very well academically due to the excellent teachers that he has had and very good ancillary staff.
4/23/2010otherThe help the kids so much starting with teachers to there after school programs.
4/22/2010parentMy daughters have loved their time at Westwood Charter, it has a community feeling, parents' involvement is welcome and copious, and the teachers are gifted and committed.
4/22/2010parentWestwood Charter School is a great school. The teachers are professional and warmly. My sons are excited to go to school everyday!
4/21/2010parentI love the commitment to education, specifically the staffs willingness to teach our kids in an integrative manner. It is obvious that the teachers enjoy their jobs.
4/21/2010parentI love Westwood Charter because our principal and teaching staff are creative, innovative, hard-working and dedicated. My child's learning is off the charts and she loves going to school. I can't imagine a better start for my kids than the one they're getting at Westwood Charter.
4/21/2010parentGreat community. Excellent teachers and administration, both committed to their students' growth and education.
4/21/2010parentThe Westwood Charter staff is exceptionally committed and passionate about what they do. The teachers, administration and parents all pull together to support the school in fundraising as well as supporting the higher academic and artistic goals of the school.
4/21/2010parentWestwood Charter has provided my kids with a terrific education and it has a caring, involved community. The staff is enthusiastic and the parent participation level is high. As a Charter school, the school has more freedom in designing its curriculum and application of its funds than the average LAUSD school. The school has used this freedom wisely and continues to upgrade and develop creative and effective curriculum.
4/21/2010parentWestwood is an amazing school. My twins grew up here in a warm, caring and loving community. They had incredibly dedicated teachers and staff who knew them by name and personality and cared to interact with them. It is a diverse school that celebrates cultural and personal differences. I particularly loved the hands-on experiential teaching. It is also a safe and inclusive school for children who are different. All are treated with respect and care. We particularly loved the drama program and the art exposure the kids received. Parents are an integral part of the school and always feel welcomed to contribute and take part of whatever goes on. It may sound too sweet to be true but that is exactly what my experience was for the last six years at Westwood. It s a wonderful community to belong to.
4/21/2010parentIn the middle of a big city like Los Angeles, Westwood Charter is a true gift! Westwood Charter brings our neighborhood and community together in a way that makes LA feel like a small town. The parent body is incredibly involved, the students are driven and excited and the teachers are caring, concerned and beyond dedicated. I have 4 children and have had a child in every grade and know that when they are graduate not only are they beyond prepared but also have a sense of who they are as empowered and wonderful individuals. I thank Westwood for all that they have done for my children, my family and for the community. Thank you!!!
4/21/2010parentWestwood charter is wonderful school! Teachers are very professional and friendly. My daugter has improved academically every year! Kids learn how to study at elementary school, thus you should be careful to pick your child elementary school.
4/20/2010parentThe teachers are fantastic. They care. And our kids are getting a private school education in a public school.
4/20/2010parentAmazing teachers, faculty and parents make it a warm and nurturing environment while maintaining very high academic standarts.
4/20/2010parentParents are always involved in the school and the teachers know we support the school in every way.
4/20/2010parentThe teachers and parents are so dedicated to giving the students the best education. Everyone is very hands-on, and the classroom programs are designed to fit each students individual needs.
4/20/2010parentWestwood Elementary is a top-notch public K-5 school that has given my kids a wonderful education. The teachers are caring and on top of their game.
4/20/2010parentMy son can't wait to go to school every morning!
4/20/2010parentThey are a charter school that creates their own program to help the students learn. They are amazing.
4/20/2010parentGreat teachers, great parent involvement. True community school! The teachers have wonderful, creative ways of teaching our kids. Their dedication is priceless.
4/20/2010parentBecause of the great program, and the way how reachers care about the kids.
4/20/2010parentI am so glad that my son goes to Westwood charter. I am hoping that all teachers will keep their jobs. They are the one to make the best of the school.
4/20/2010parentWe have had a great experience at this school. Great teachers, great principal who knows what is going on and cares.
4/20/2010otherThe overwhelming sense of caring for the welfare and enrichment of its students-my granddaughters among them!
4/20/2010parentGreat school, great teachers! My son has been to school for the past 7 months and already can read any book!
4/20/2010parentThis school is wonderful - they really care about the kids.
4/20/2010parentMy son is thriving; can't wait for his little sister to start K this Fall!
4/20/2010parentThe teachers are so amazing and smart. Its a small school and deserves to keep all its teachers. They have fund raisers and the most talented kids in the community. Teachers care so much on how the students learn. Everyone is so caring.
4/20/2010parentFantastic, creative and energetic teachers. Great parent involvement.
4/20/2010parentBecause of the caring, community of staff, teachers and parents and the love of education
4/20/2010parentI could not wish any better care and education
4/20/2010parentThe teachers and parents are caring and engaged, and the students feed off the wonderful energy.
4/20/2010parentGreat teachers and lots of volunteer parents!
4/20/2010parentI love the suppotive community and the great staff and administration.
4/20/2010parentBecause both the teacher and the majority of parents truly care about making the school the best it can possibly be, even in the midst of such terrible budget cuts.
4/20/2010parentHighly dedicated and experienced teachers. Great curriculum, individualized instruction all in a public school setting. A supportive and appreciative community of families dedicated to the school.
4/20/2010parentIt is the epitome of a neighborhood school--great kids, great parents, great teachers! Everyone is involved and loves being a part of the school!
4/20/2010parentThe administrators, teachers and parents all work together to educate and raise these kids, generation after generation. It is a wonderful place for all of us.
4/20/2010parentI love this school The teachers are caring, intelligent and experienced. They are the best and my son is getting an excellent education. Caring staff,involved parents. Thats why this is a top and awesome school.
4/20/2010parentI love this school because the teachers are caring, intelligent and I love the way the teach my son. I know he is getting an excellent education. They truly focuses on the individual student. With caring staff and involved parents make this an awesome and top notch school.
4/20/2010parentCaring and dedicated teachers and staff! And an amazing level of parent/community involvement!
4/19/2010parentWhy do you love Westwood Elementary School? Because it is a neighborhood school with so much parent involvement. The teachers are truly dedicated as is the principal.
4/19/2010parentThe teachers, drama and art programs, and community involvement are so awesome at Westwood Charter- my son has really blossomed here. We love it!!
4/19/2010parentThe parents are very involved and the teachers and staff care so much about each child.
4/19/2010parentI love Westwood Charter School because my children are always happy and are getting an amazing education. Our teachers are the best!
4/19/2010parentA+++ with amazing teachers and an amazing principal at the school's helm!
4/19/2010otherGreat Teachers, Great Staff; they look at the needs of each individual child
4/19/2010parentAwesome school with awesome teachers!
4/19/2010parentWWC is filled with caring staff and helpful parents. Most parents volunteer for different tasks in any which they can. Academically, our twins have does as well as I could imagine. I think they are both enjoying their time at school while achieving great strides academically.
4/19/2010parentWWC is filled with caring staff and helpful parents. Most parents volunteer for different tasks in any which they can. Academically, our twins have does as well as I could imagine. I think they are both enjoying their time at school while achieving great strides academically.
4/19/2010parentWWC is filled with caring staff and helpful parents. Most parents volunteer for different tasks in any which they can. Academically, our twins have does as well as I could imagine. I think they are both enjoying their time at school while achieving great strides academically.
9/30/2009parentWestwood Charter is the only school that has helped my daughter achieve and be what I know she is academically. The teachers are amazing and pay special attention to the students. The office staff are helpful and friendly everyday. This is an amazing school which deserves the recognition of being the best school EVER!!!
9/16/2009parentBest teachers and best students!
5/6/2009parentI am very sorry i sent my child here. The test scores, parents, and campus was horrible!
12/12/2008parentMy son graduated from Westwood in 2007. He survived the 4/5 combined class of 35. I have to say that we have been pleased with his preparation for a very rigorous 6th grade private school. 4/5 does not work for everyone but my son (who struggled) is now getting A's and is able to focus easier than his private schooled peers. Hang in there with 4/5 it does not seem to be changing anytime soon according to the principal but you will be surprised what your child can do in 6th grade that others can't.
10/1/2008parentWestwood has an amazing faculty that works over time to insure it remains a top school. Classes are run beautifully, with children's learning styles in mind. The teachers work as teams, or families to create a sense of unity throughout grade levels.
9/2/2008parentWe have had two children at this exceptional school, one of whom just graduated in June. Our experience with the 4/5 classroom was quite positive. Our son greatly enjoyed having older mentors in his class when he was in fourth grade and he developed self-confidence being the older kid in fifth grade. He also benefitted from having the same teacher two years in a row, which really gave her a chance to know each student by the end the way she would in a smaller classroom. The 4/5 class doesn't cause the class sizes to grow; it helps mitigate a problem that is common to all public schools in CA because of the state constitution. Class size is also eased by WWC's superb developmental philosophy, with kids grouped by ability for math and reading and assigned different homework (even different spelling words) depending upon their needs. We love this school!
8/26/2008parentThere are teachers here we will never, ever forget with Ms. Miceli right at the top of the list. She represents all that is great about the staff at this school--dedicated, available, always professional. But one only has to look at the sequence of the parent reviews on this site to see where the progress of the school over the past few years. Perhaps because of increased enrollment, the school made the decision to go to a 4/5 combo and, scores notwithstanding, the decision has not paid off. Even the most experienced teachers have quite a challenge with 35 students in the room and yet this school has some of their newer teachers trying to do exactly that. The parental involvement is great--you can't help but feel like you're part of a family here and there are activities galore for the kids.
5/31/2008parentI have a child who has already graduated from Westwood as well as a child who is currently in third grade. My older child did very well in the 4/5 class. My child is driven to succeed which is why she did well in the 4/5 classes. I feel that if you have a child that is struggling then 4/5 may not be the right class for you. I agree that the 4/5 teachers do not have the time to give to each child. They have WAY too many kids in the class. I feel that it is a numbers issue rather than what is best for the students. How many other schools have a 4/5 grade??? Where is the documentation that supports this decision??? On the positive side, most of the 4/5 teachers are kind and do the best that they can under the circumstances.
5/21/2008parentMy children have been very happy at this school. Most of the teachers are wonderful and inspire a love for learning. We are, however, very disappointed, that the school has chosen to combine all 4th and 5th grades into 4/5 classes and has been unable/unwilling to limit class size in these classes. It it a very difficult transition for fourth graders to go from 20 student classes to 35 student multigrade classes. My 4th grade child has several friends who left the school this year for this reason, and he is struggling with the lack of one on one time. Overall however, the school is a wonderful neighborhood school with way above average parent involvement. We love the community.
2/26/2008parentWe moved to this neighborhood specifically for this school, but we made a mistake, we didn't realize they have a combo class 4th and 5th grades. My third grader is happy and we too this year, the teacher is so good. But we don't know next year.
2/25/2008parentWe moved to this neighborhood specifically for this school -- and we're tremendously disappointed. We won't be attending the school next year. Our super-bright kid (3rd grade) is losing his love of learning -- he's constantly being told to be quiet, not ask so many questions, and learn to be bored. That's not what the school promised -- nor what I was hoping for.
9/29/2007parentWestwood Charter Elementary School is a unique school with an extraordinary principal who always puts the needs of the students first. Teachers and staff are dedicated and most parents support the school.
2/2/2007parentThis school offers a warm and and supportive learning environment, especially for K-3 students who benefit from mostly good teachers and small class size. The combined grade (4-5) classes make very little sense and have never been satisfactorily explained to student families. Overall, the school does a nice job of turning kids into readers and writers. The overwhelming majority of the kids live very near school, which makes for a great social environment. The playground remodel had a positive impact.
12/5/2006former studentI went to Westwood for the full 6 years. I can say without any doubt that it was the best 6 years of my schooling. The music teacher comes once a week with wonderful songs that I still sing and listen to. The drama program was great for a shy person like me. The student council was also a huge learning experience. Every teacher I had was great. They all loved their work and the kids. They really encouraged my creativity and my love of writing. I have boxes of mementos from my Westwood days. You can also participate in tutoring of other students or being tutored by older kids. I hope you all let your kids have the extraordinary experience that Westwood provided for me.
8/11/2006parentOur experience at Westwood was unforgettable. The sense of community and the commitment to excellence cannot be easily found elsewhere. Teachers are dedicated, and are always going above and beyond in terms of the hours they put in after school. The new playground -- with large, grassy area, looks terrific. The new principal is fantastic -- charismatic, warm, knowledgable and dedicated.
6/2/2006parentThis is a great charter elementary school. They have a diverse campus with an excellent program for gifted children.
5/17/2006parentWonderfull school, great teachers. Math program is great. Child is placed in math class according to his/her Math level. Challenging writing assignments, book reports. Music is available through participating in school orchestra, art classes, dance, PE are available. Parents are highly involved in school activities.
5/17/2006parentIt is a great school, all the teachers in 6 years were great and committed. Extracurricular activities such as art, dance, music are given to kids. Despite changing 3 principals in 6 years, I am very pleased with the school.
3/22/2006parentIt has been a great school for both of our children. Our children have different personalities and strengths and weaknesses and the school has worked very hard to make them both successful academincally and socially. The teachers and the administration are very involved and care about the students. The principal and vice principal get to know the students and parents and try to help cater to the children's needs. The vice principal is very knowledgeable about working on bahavioral issues--both good ones and bad ones.
1/15/2006teacherVery rich academic program since it is a charter school,there are teacher's aid in every classroom, also high quality teachers and principal who attend to your child's needs with an open attitude. There is an orchestra so students can choose the instrument they want to learn, art and sport are great, also students can work on their student publication to learn about journalism, I think it is great for elementary kids.Parents are very involve in tutoring, great book reading, volunteering in the classroom and many other school activities. Overall, my child has blossomed during the last 4 years and we feel very lucky that this school is in our neighborhood.
12/7/2005parentWe are very happy with the school. It is like a 'private' public school and they have music, art, PE, drama, computers etc. High level of parent involvement in both activities and fundraising.
11/30/2005parentDue to the large level of parent involement and monetary contributions to the Booster Club, there are many programs available to the kids: art, music, sports, theatre. They also have a full time teaching assistant in each of the Kindergarten classes.
11/14/2005parentMy daughter has attended Westwood Charter since kindergarten, and is now in the fifth grade. She is very academically able and has been appropriately challenged intellectually, and very happy socially. The teaching staff is talented and very dedicated, and the parent body is extremely committed and involved. The booster club supplements the curriculum by funding art, music, and drama instruction. I recommend this school wholeheartedly.
10/12/2005parentWestwood has excellent, dedicated teachers and a highly organized group of parents; if you plan on having your children attend, be prepared to give of your time and/or money to the operation of the school and its many programs. Playground construction has been a headache this fall but there is an end in sight, and it looks to be a major improvement. The new principal is energetic, enthusiastic, and already popular with the kids after only a few months at the helm. We have two kids at Westwood and are very pleased with our experiences there.
8/11/2005parentReally great school. They do try their best to have good teachers. Campus is somewhat crippled, but the new playground is being build as I'm writing this, so hopefully in the fall our children will have a nice place to go to. Parental involvement is 100%! If you're planning on sending your child to this school - get ready! Whatever you can volunteer - time or money - it's needed and appreciated. Music, arts, library visit every week. Overall, very pleasant experience.
6/28/2005teacherThe parental support and active involvement at Westwood Charter are as good as any I've ever seen. It is rumored that the teachers in the upper grades 4/5 will be given extra students which would push the 4/5 combo classes up to 35-36 students per class and will make a major impact on the amount of personal attention that the teachers will be able to provide to each student. There is a new principal as of May 2005 and I don't know why she would allow such a student to teacher ratio. The teachers all work extra hours well beyond the regular school day and are dedicated and professional. Each grade level has two families whose teachers regularly meet and work together to plan grade level activities and field trips. There are not enough support staff at the upper grades but for K-3rd it is a stellar school.
6/23/2005parentI have two daughters at Westwood Charter, one entering third grade, the other entering fifth. They have both attended the school since Kindergarden. The teachers have for the most part been excellent. There is also very high parent involvement. It is a very good neighborhood public school, as good as any private school in the area, and the reason that many people move to the neighborhood. There are music, art and sports programs avialable. PE is only once a week. Music, art, and drama are offered on a limited basis. The music teacher is exceptional and the children really love him. My oldest daughter was in a mixed 4/5 class, which has some pros and cons. The class size in the upper grades (3rd and above) is about 30-32 students, which is not optimal. However, the kids are seperated by their ability in math and reading so this is good.
6/6/2005parentAfter years of leadership by a dynamic, albeit arrogant, principal who established Westwood as one of the 1st charter schools in LA Unified, the school and its faculty have been adrift for nearly two years under the weak and indecisive direciton of a principal who wisely and thankfully stepped down in the spring of 2005 after 2 uniquely unimpressive years. A new principal is now on board and parents and teachers alike hope that she can stem the recent alarming declines at Westwood. Turmoil at the top notwithstanding, Westwood is home to many fine teachers and many active, supportive parents - though a growing number of mediocre teachers have joined the faculty in recent years, a disturbing trend. The downright depressing physical plant recived a long overdue freshening during 2004, and the formerly barren and crumbling yard area is in the midst of a major, transformative facelift in 2005. I'm cautiously optimistic.
5/5/2005parentMy child is in K at this school. She has learned an enormous amount this year and her teachers are great. Extracaricular activities are marginal. PE once a week, some singing (no instruments) and art sporadically (not very inspired). Parents are involved. Donations are down a bit and are very necessary. School feels under staffed. I worry about safety. I believe these are district wide issues and are not just an issue at Westwood.
4/30/2005parentThe teachers at Westwood Elementary are extremely dedicated and the students benefit from an integrated approach to learning social studies and language arts. The music and extracurricular programs are limited, but fun. The sense that you belong to a community is the greatest aspect of the school. Greater than 95% of the students live in the neighborhood and nearly half walk to school with their parents. There are exceptional parents who work very hard, but even those of us who work are involved in the life of the school and our children's education. It is a large family, but truly a family. Our fifthe grader has been at the school since kindergarten and feels very attached to our neighborhood school. I will continue to value the school as a part of the community even after he graduates.
3/28/2005parentGreat neighborhood, small class size, star program on site.
2/16/2005parentAcademics are good but may not address the highly gifted students. Extracurricular activities are about standard for a public school. Parent involvement is very high which is of great benefit to the school
1/30/2005parentThe academic progam is good, but doesn't quite meet the needs of very gifted kids as they get higher in grade. Music, art and sports are as good as can be expected from a public school. It would be nice to have more of them. Parent involvement is very high and is a great benefit to the school.
12/8/2004parentMy child has attended Westwood since kindergarden and currently is in 5th grade. The school appears large but individual attention is not an issue. My child has enjoyed her time and the majority of the teachers are caring. The 4/5 team is a good way to prepare children for middle school as it pushes them to excel at a higher level.
9/22/2004parentGreat school, great parental involvement, great teachers - too big though.
3/26/2004parentWestwood offers a curriculum based on the whole child. My children have been enriched by the creative, developmental, and solid academic program. They also have benefitted through the community based approach within the school by working as playleaders, big buddies, and reading mentors. I couldn't design a better school.
2/29/2004former studentWestwood Charter School was the best time of my life. The teachers are so wonderful and care so deeply about their students. It is an exciting environment in which to learn and grow! I loved Westwood. It will always have a very special place in my heart.
6/25/2003  As a family we are very satisfied with the quality of education offered at Westwood. We also are extremely happy that the teachers of Westwood did not submit to the district's mandate to adopt the Open Court Language Arts program! At all grade levels, the curriculum is integrated very thoughtfully and presented to the learners so that all constituents can access the information. The certificated staff are exceptionally dedicated to the craft of teaching and facilitating knowledge.

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