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Morris Elementary School - Mckinleyville, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Morris Elementary School2395 McKinleyville Avenue
McKinleyville, CA 95519
(707) 839-1529K-5HumboldtpublicMcKinleyville Union Elementary

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic64.742009
Black, non-Hispanic3.032009
Pacific Islander0.282009
Native American or Native Alaskan15.72009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Michael Davies-Hughes2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/8/2010parentThe teachers are very committed to the students. So many of the students are reading above grade level, and the Spanish immersion portion of the day is amazing to watch. The level of parent involvement is great too - a lot of people really care about this school!
6/13/2010parentWe have two boys who attend Morris and couldn't be happier. We have been fortunate to have many teachers who are committed, dedicated and go the extra mile to make school rewarding and fun. Both our boys have needed extra help in different areas. We have received great support from the teachers, principal and support staff. And the PTO rocks! They have worked tirelessly to support and/or provide many outstanding programs - OMSI, family nights, Exploration Day, and more. And in addition to all of that, they are learning Spanish.
5/25/2010parentI am so pleased that we chose to send our daughter to Morris. She is excelling in reading far and above her grade level, which exceeds our expectations of a language immersion school. The PTO is very active and inviting, adding so many enrichment opportunities for the children. The principal, staff and teachers are so devoted. The summer 2009 remodel and enhancements are wonderful.
4/16/2010parentI was blown away by the parent group, both its fund raising power and the vast array of enrichment activities and events it sponsors. Some activities we enjoy are an annual week-long visit by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Jammin' Jammy Night (an author festival), and Country & Cultures Night. Some schools take a lot of field trips. At Morris they bring the world to the campus so that all grade levels benefit. The language immersion program is awesome. I don't speak a lick of Spanish, nor do I need to. I'm proud my kids will have a competitive advantage in the workplace from the get-go. I've come to understand that at the heart of every good school is great leadership. The principal, teachers, support staff and parents function as a team, one that, after my first month, felt very much like a family.
12/4/2009parentRecently remodeled, excellent teachers, principal, and staff. This school is going to make history. They are celebrating their 10th Anniversary for the Spanish Immersion Program. There is also a pre-school on site this year. I could not be any happier as a parent with my childrens' educational experience. They have exceeded all of my expectations and continue to amaze me everyday. PTO is very friendly and interesting and those who cannot make a meeting can and are still involved.
10/8/2008parentMy children have both attended Morris. We were drawn there because of the Spanish Immersion program which thus far has been successful, even when the district does not appear to give it the support it deserves. The teachers are great, and very much there for the kids. With 2 fabulous schools in McKinleyville i only wish they would have one Immersion school and one Traditional, and allow them both the opportunity to flourish as far as they can.....
5/1/2007parentMorris has an exceptional group of devoted teachers. I am impressed with the muliticultural events and creative curriculum. Morris is a partial Spanish Immersion school. Some of the spanish activities include, art appreciation in Spanish, and celebrating and understanding many of the Spanish holidays, this year students are putting on The Wizard of Oz in Spanish for the school and community. Morris has an excellent Artist in Residence, a music teacher and a computer lab. Sports include basketball and track. The PTO is small with about 8-9 regulars, but a very productive group with successful fundraising and a generous budget.
2/13/2006parentThis school offer 'Spanish immersion' as well as regular classroom academics. Basketball and track are offered to older kids. Sadly, there are less than 10 PTO parents and of those, half make up the work force. My [child] is precocious for her age, however, she is lacking in some fine motor skills. In my observations, it seems that her teachers spend most of their time doing the aide's job(cleaning and preping for the next activity) rather than spending one-on-one time with students to help them develop writing skills. It seems no one is reinforcing proper pencil grip, writing direction or posture. It seems these kids are given their assignment and left to themselves until they ask for help or are done. I just don't see kids getting their acedemic foundation. They get their tools, but aren't given istructions on how to use them.
9/1/2005parentI have 2 children in the Spanish Immersion program and I think it is fabulous! They are picking up a second language at an age where it is easier to do. The teachers are caring individuals who work with the abilities of each child. The new principal is very approachable and friendly.
4/28/2005parentI have a daughter in 1st grade Spanish Immersion Program at Morris. I am very impressed with her academic skills in both English and Spanish. The teachers are always willing to 'go the extra mile' and she really enjoys learning Spanish. She loves going to computer lab and music class as well as art instruction. She also receives gifted and talented instruction. The school will have a very energetic new principal which is going to be great in continuing this amazing program.
4/11/2005parentSpanish Immersion program great- very active parents, lots of family acitivites. We love this school!
3/9/2005staffA California Distinguished School with a state-of-the art, 25-unit computer lab. The School library contains over 10,000 volumes giving a better than 20:1 ratio of books to students. The Language Immersion program begins in kindergarten where students spend half of their day where instruction is presented in the Spanish language and half the day in English. Very active parent-teacher organization.
5/22/2004parentI believe the school priorities are out of balance. They seem to place school programs first and academic standards second. The demographics of the class rooms are out of balance with kids needing special help lumped into certain classrooms. The district administration ignores the concerns of the parents. Extra help is offered to groups of students but not all the students. I have heard faculty express their feeling about issues in private but if their job security is jeopardized or the adminstration is present they will change their stance in a second. If you want a good education for your kids do send them to Morris.

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