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San Fernando Valley Professional - North_Hollywood, CA

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San Fernando Valley Professional755 N. Whitnall Hwy Burbank, Ca 91505
North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 985-94852-12Los Angelesprivate 

School Head OfficialYear
Angie Peiris2013


8/30/2012parentBrighton Hall - As the parent of a young working Actor, we have tried a few different ways to provide our child with a good education from Private School, to Home School then Home School again with a private teacher. The cost has varied from free public school to 30k for private and/or the personal teacher. Only parents of working actors can understand the stress regular school puts on these kids. To have an environment that caters to their educational needs is truly extraordinary. Brighton Hall is a school that these kids can be proud of. The Head Master of Brighton Hall has created a learning environment for our kids that is unlike any other. Everything she has done and continues to do for the enrichment of her students. We feel very luck to have a school like this for our children.
8/29/2012parentBrighton Hall - wow! We like the new look, the new location and the name, it is very inspiring, and my son is excited to about the new school year here. He feels very fortunate to attend this school, which is specialized to accommodate his outside activities such as music studies and performances. His teachers are able to encourage and challenge him - not only in his area of interest- (music) but to expand beyond them. I give this school the highest rating because it completely meets our needs for our talented and creative child, plus our familie's lifestyle, which requires us to have flexibility in his school schedule.
8/29/2012parentWe are ecstatic that not only has San Fernando Valley Professional School found a beautiful new campus, in a wonderful, safe and creative neighborhood - they are committed to standards of excellence in every area. We love the new name, it truly represents the bright futures and dreams of this unique student body. Most important, we are grateful for the Director of this school. Because she recognizes that achieving academic excellence is necessary for success of any kind, and she has a passion for meeting the social needs of these young students. The WASC accreditation and inclusion of AP classes shows that even though this is a small and customized school- it provides the options for our child's academic success.
8/25/2012parentThe school just moved to a new building and now calls itself Brighton Hall instead of San Fernando Valley Professional School. Although the building looks nice don't let it fool you. The administrator is unprofessional and more worried about "hiding" all the negative aspects of the school instead of fixing the issues. Several serious discipline problems have been hidden from current parents so parents wouldn't be upset. The students are unsupervised, often left in potentially dangerous situations where they can wander around the building or leave campus at will. The teachers and classes are incredibly inconsistent with some being adequate while others barely teach. The academic quality of the program is poor and students who transfer out of this school find themselves far behind in their education. Since this school says it caters to kids in the entertainment business there is an extremely high level of competition and jealousy among both the students and the parents.
6/16/2012parentMy child has been at SFVPS for three years and has done very well. There have however been many complaints by my child that others in the class are disrespectful to the teachers and students and are constantly disruptive. The director has very good intentions but the office is definitely understaffed and she is definitely spread thin. Famous parents/children get preferential treatment. The condensed schedule is great for professional kids. My child loves the teachers but doesn't care much for the other kids. The best teacher they have had for about 10 years is leaving so we are debating over moving our child to another school in the Fall
3/8/2012parentAs a parent of a child who is an artist and has a unique educational perspective, I can only say SFVPS was a godsend when we came here more than a year ago. The teachers in particular lent a sympathetic and insightful ear to my son's personal education and I am grateful for it. The Administration bends over backward to accommodate parent requests and there is a conviviality amongst the student body because they are so limited in numbers. More like a large, supportive family. And one that is especially talented!
3/6/2012parentA wonderful shool, great caring teachers, small classes. I can only judge things by the reality of our experience as a family. This school is a amazing find and a well kept secret. I feel very fortunate to have my child educated here.
3/4/2012parentWe highly recommend this school for families of motivated and talented children who just don't fit in to a curriculum of 6 to 7 hours a day plus homework at a traditional school. If they are in training - or auditioning and working as young professionals in entertainment, music or sports having a condensed and focused academic schedule is vital. As SFVPS parents, it solves our issues of time management and concern for our son's happiness in a competitive creative career. The teachers and staff are supportive of this small group of gifted and talented students, challenging them to pursue excellence in all they take on.
3/3/2012parentWe pulled our children out of this school for very good reasons. The students show little respect for the teachers and the director does not support the teachers. As a Christian family, we believe the teacher is in charge, not the children. Because of this, there was so much disruption in the classroom last year, the teacher could barely get through a lesson. My husband and I loved the curriculum she was trying to teach but realized how impossible it was and she was completely accurate when she shared how behind most of the students were in their skills. It's very sad and we pray daily for those children and their teachers, but we had to move to a school where the teachers were respected for the education they have.
3/3/2012parentThis is an outstanding school that has offered personal attention, academic excellence and even amazing field trips for my daughter. I am so happy with my decision to send her to this school. She is a young actress and in addition to the attention to academics, the school offers flexibility with ther unpredictable work schedule. The teachers are very helpful and always available for tutoring and additional assistance if my daughter needs it.
12/14/2011parentSFVPS is an academic facility that truly is a school with a focus on the child, an advocate for their career while understanding the scholastic requirements of K-12. The class sizes are small. The student/teacher ratio is more than you could hope for allowing each child the opportunity to receive specialized attention. The diversity of the school allows for children of all backgrounds the ability to socialize and learn from each other. The faculty is caring and attentive. The teachers are exceptional. The Parent involvement is fantastic. The academic program is aligned with individual strengths. I would highly recommend this school to any parent with the same unique needs all of our current students require.
11/22/2011parentI was very disappointed the quality of the school and the professionalism of the director.
11/1/2011parentThis is our first year at SFVP. Coming from a large private Catholic school in Iowa, this was a very big change for us. The class sizes are small, so the teacher/student ratio is fantastic! I do not want a babysitter for a teacher...I want someone interested in helping my daughter learn, think outside-the-box in a creative environment and who is able to be as flexible as our schedule demands. Ms. Angie, the founder of our non-profit private school, has been incredibly welcoming since we set foot in her school unannounced last summer. She has found ways to accommodate each student's needs and has never personally asked me for money. Being a private school (and coming from one), I am keenly aware of the necessity to fundraise for gaps in expenses from outside sources. We are fortunate to have those sources, but they do require participation from parents as well. The concept behind this school is exactly what we needed so I can travel to and from home to visit my husband and son, while my daughter pursues her acting career here in LA. Homeschooling was the only other option and I chose to let my child live! Looks like we will be sticking around for awhile.
11/1/2011parentI invite any parent who is considering a school like SFVP to bring their prospective student in for a tour and a day of shadowing a current student to see first hand that SFVP is an amazing learning environment! The founder and administrator, Ms. Angie has done a fantastic job with this school. The class sizes are small which provide excellent student:teacher ratios and fosters wonderful relationships. The flexibility that this school provides with regards to length of school day and absences for entertainment industry work are invaluable. The teachers are excellent and go above and beyond to ensure their students are succeeding and successful in class. You will be hard pressed to find a private, small, exceptional quality school for your student in the area like SFVPS. As for the private aspect of this school, you will also not find one more better priced and well run administratively and financially. Coming from a private school, it is well known across the board that fundraisers and annual giving campaigns are a necessity and are expected! And lastly, the amount of creativity and camaraderie coming from the students is something you won't find in most public or private schools!
10/26/2011teacherI have been a parent volunteer at this school for two years. It is a very good school. There have been a few families that have pulled their kids out because they were failing because they would not do their work. They were offered tutoring and chance after chance but would not put forth the effort. If your kid is failing you cannot get a work permit in Hollywood , so no acting! There has never been any bullying at this school. We have a program that specifically deals with educating children about bullying. My daughter loves this school as do all her friends that go there.
9/21/2011parentPosted on FB by a boy: "I'm sitting in History class playing on my computer and Ms. XYZ has no clue." And a girl writes, "I'm in class texting all my friends and no one notices." What a joke. It's not a school. It's a playground. My kid is not going there anymore but got this on FB yesterday.
8/24/2011parentMy two girls were bullied until their father and I gave up and pulled them out. THEN when we put them in a REAL school we found out how poor the education was. I wouldn't send my dog to that school.
7/10/2009parentThis school is a well-kept secret that more parents need to know about. The tuition rates (for a private school in LA) are way on the inexpensive side, which on its own is a great plus, but most important of all the faculty are terrific. There is a great respect for students who are already working in entertainment and may need deadline extensions on assignments, and just overall comraderie among faculty, parents and students. One big happy (artsy) family. Some very cool kids go here. Check it out, you won't be sorry.
11/7/2007parentSan Fernando Valley Professional school is an excellent school for students who are involved in the entertainment industry and need the flexibility of a school schedule during the time they are on set The teachers will work with the students by giving their work in advance or on a daily basis,it is a wonderful relief to know that the school is here to support you ! There are a fantastic group of faculty and students here. We go out on very interesting field trips that are related to the students classes and the entertainment industry.Parents you can finally be relieved that your children are recieving a strong academic education along with being able to work in the industry without becoming burnt out. It has been a true blessing to have found this school.
11/7/2007parentThis is a great school for children needing a flexible schedule. Very attentive and nurturing staff. Class sizes are small. Great academics and very creative environment. I would highly recommend this school.
10/3/2007parentSchool is good for kids needing flexible half-day schedule.Creative environment.Small class size. Very helpful,caring,attentive staff and administration.Good parental involvment.Very happy with school!

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