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Empresa Elementary School - Oceanside, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Empresa Elementary School4850 Avenida Empresa
Oceanside, CA 92056
(760) 940-8454K-5San DiegopublicVista Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic49.182009
Black, non-Hispanic3.682009
Pacific Islander0.682009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.142009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Debbie Gosselin2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/30/2011otherThis is the best school I've ever dealt with. I attended Empresa Elementary as a child, along with my two siblings and they have nothing but the best. Their academic standards are high, ensuring a great education and future for your child. Most teachers are tough in the best ways that will ultimately really help your child achieve their goals. Im starting college soon and will always be a huge supporter of Empresa Elementary because of how much I learned there with great discipline and a lot of fun at the same time! My best memories and most favorite teachers are from that school. Mostly because of how hard they pushed me and honestly did benefit me in the future.
6/2/2011parentMy child attended Empresa for 3rd grade, she loved her teacher, the Principle and the school. The staff is wonderful and under the current Principle and all her hard work, Empresa is now a California distinguished school. We will be returning to Empresa for my child's 5 grade. I have been so happy with this school!
3/30/2011parentThis school has good teachers but is terribly ruined by the current principle. Please back Mr. Goldberg or someone with his drive to make a better school.
10/1/2010parentThe performing arts program for the kids and great teachers!
9/30/2010parentThe teachers are extremely helpful and they have a music and arts program.
9/29/2010parentThe teachers love to teach, and my children love to learn! The music teacher and music program are out of this world. There are so many reasons I love Empresa Elementary, it is hard to name them all.
9/29/2010parentIt is the best all around school in the area with its music, plays, and academic programs. The teachers are so thoughtful, caring, but tough when they need to be. Empresa Rocks!
9/29/2010parentGreat teachers and performing arts program
9/28/2010parentEmpresa is a wonderful school with great parent participation and a dedicated staff. This school community takes matters into their own hands when state budget cuts create hardships, that would negatively affect our children. Great kids, great staff, great families!!
9/28/2010otherIt is such a dynamic school. My grandson has been there for 5 years and he has loved every one of them. The school spirit is fantastic and the teaching staff and principal are stupendous!
9/25/2010parentWant to see the kids grow and develop into great adults!
9/23/2010parentThe special attention the teachers and staff give each student is impressive. My Grandson LOVES his teacher and school.
9/22/2010parentParent involvement is amazing!
9/21/2010parentTeachers and staff are very friendly and professional. Mrs. Gosselin is very active and visible in school. My kids love and enjoy their schooling
9/21/2010parentI love the dedication of both the administration and our teachers. They are concerned not only about each child's education, but their emotional well-being, too! We are like one big family! :)
9/21/2010parentThey have a great staff and special thanks to mr. Cook for doing great job in his music class :)
9/20/2010parentEmpressa Rocks! With money short this school has always kept its performing arts with fundraising and creative thinking which seems to be lost in the world today! Great job to the teachers and staff....
9/20/2010parentThe teaching staff are awesome as is their performing arts program. Very few, if any public schools still have a music program, much less performing arts.
9/20/2010parentEmpresa is more than a school, it is a community of parents, teachers, staff, and students who work together toward a common goal; a comprehensive education for our children. Our community refuses to let the current state of the economy affect the education of our students. That is why we work hard to encourage our children to excel in academics, extracurricular activities, music, and the performing arts. Our achievements in these areas are evident in the amount of parent participation as well as in our student's state test scores; where more than 10% of our students scored 100% on some portion of the exam. We also expect our children to be active citizens both in the school community and the global community. We have held donation drives for local families in need and earthquake victims in Haiti, raised money for Unicef, and held a community blood drive. Empresa is a California Distinguished School, and we, as a community, work diligently each day to continue to live up to that title.
9/20/2010parentI love, love, love, Empresa becuase the kids are so wonderful! Good kids that come from good families!
9/20/2010parentThe teachers and staff are wonderful. There is a full time music program and test scores are always improving. The school is safe and my kids love going!
9/20/2010parentEmpresa has always had the best interest of their students in mind by offering a well developed academic, visual, and performing arts program with an amazing music teacher.
9/20/2010parentMusic education, awesome teachers, active PTA, what is not to love
5/14/2010parentI love this school the teachers rock they make me and my cchild so happy it is amazing
6/2/2009parentMy daughter has attended Palmquist for 2 years now, and we have had great luck with her teachers. I think the school gets a bad rap because of all the extra attention it has to pay the the abundance of ESL kids. Alot depends on the teacher, but so far we are two for two. The afterschool programs they offer are amazing. Lots of movie nights, fundraisers and parent participation. if they would only open Ditmar back up so our school could keep its good reputation.
5/15/2009parentEmpresa is definitely one of the best schools in the Vista School District! The teachers are top notch and the music program rocks! My son has struggled academically since Kindergarten and the teachers have supported and offered ways to help him succeed. Everyone has worked together so well to offer suggestions on how to help him and when he wasn't making the progress we all had hoped, the support staff was there to identify his special needs and offer assistance. My son is now getting the help he needs all because of how proactive everyone was and how well they worked together. Thank you Empresa!
4/17/2009parentOverall, I believe that Empresa is an excellent school, but not for children who consistently struggle academically that are not diagnosed by a physician. They are not very proactive at identifying or supporting children with learning difficulties. My child has always struggled reaching grade levels, but not once was I contacted to discuss possible ways of helping her succeed. Although my concerns are heard, nothing seems to be done about them and I sense no urgency to address them. Interventions or modifications to help students catch up are not available within regular education program. I am very disappointed.
10/27/2008parentThis is my daughter's first year at Empresa. I am so thrilled . She loves the school! It is a very warm environment that I feel is so necessary in Elementary Schools. There is a strong parent,teacher,and community environment. It was a difficult decision to move her and I have no regrets!
10/26/2008parentmy son has been going to empresa for three years now and each teacher seem to be as good or better for my sons. I notice the individual teachers seem to think ahead for placement of children and it sure shows. There is no higher praise I can give except thank you. staff & teachers.
6/12/2008parentThis school offers many programs other don't. My son was diagnosed with ADD and Dysgraphia, and the teachers were excellent in supporting him as he excelled and tested into G.A.T.E. This is the finest elementary school locally!
11/29/2007parentThe staff at this school is far none the best that I have ever seen. Being in a military family I have seen my fair share of schools. The faculty treats each child special and recognizes their strengths and makes their weaknesses a strength. I am a proud parent that gets choked up when my child is sick and unable to attend school, she cries because she wants to be in school. The other thing that this school is great at, is having parent involvement. They make sure the parents are always aware on how and what your child is doing. Especially emphasizing on the good achievements. I want to thank the entire faculty for providing a safe and educational environment for my child.
11/2/2006parentEmpresa is an outstanding school. Mr. Cook the music teacher is wonderful. The teachers at this school care about the kids, and really seem to enjoy the success of the children. Mr. Goldenberg attends all of the functions, day or night, and pushes the staff in a motivating way to continue to improve. The only negative is in Kindergarten, and that is the district, not the school. I had a child in when they had 20 kids, and had a child in the first year they went to early bird, late owl. I felt sorry for the teachers. It is too many kids, and very chaotic. I wish they could change that back for the future kindergarteners.
10/24/2006parentIt is important no matter what school to take ownership of your child's education. While I generally am impressed with Empresa, one area to be aware of is the lack of information you receive from the administration area - for example my son had to be moved from one grade to another in the middle of the year because I had no information about age requirements at this school and no access to his teacher before the first day of school. So while the programs are good - it was traumatic for my son to be moved after the first month of school. Having said that, the program is excellent and the teachers communicate well. We especially like the integration of music into the program and the Kid's College courses after school. A little more attention and assistance from the administration would lead to an exceptional school.
4/11/2006parentEmpresa is an excellent school with great teachers.
3/9/2006parentSeems like overall empressa has alot goting for them. There is a music program for all students. I am told it is the only elem. School in the district to have a music program. Teh only concern I have is that so far my concerns are heard but made to seem dismissable. I have had no major problems though.
3/9/2006parentThis school is an A+ in my book as far as the academics, teacher comittment, music program (go Mr. Cook!)The Kids have opportunities for lots of school programs, and fundraisers, too!
2/27/2006parentEmpresa offers a healthy learning environment, with ample access to arts programs.
1/11/2006parentThis school is outstanding. I transfered my child from alamosa park and the difference in incredible. Like night and day. The principal is a strong leader and sets a very positive attitude for the entire school. Besides seeing teachers and the librarian go above and beyond to help children where they need it, the music program is great. There are enrichment programs as well as speical education. There are many self esteem building programs for the kids. This school gives children all of the tools that they need to enter middle school with knowledge and confidence. As the kids sing at friday flag salute: empresa rocks!
9/15/2005parentSo far ok, child is only in grade K. am a little concerned about actual teachers my child ended up with. (Seem a little burned out with teaching)Staff is very friendly. My child loves it, but does seem to sense tension from teachers.
8/29/2005parentBeautiful campus. My son really liked this school.
6/18/2005parentGreat school! Has a full time music teacher and many enrichment programs for students. Not just concerned with academics but also the arts.
2/17/2005parentI have been extremely satisfied with the level of attention and academic growth that this school has shown towards my daughters education. Most importantly it recognizes students when they struggle and when it is appropriate to help advanced learners get the level of attention that they need as well. Thank you Empressa.
11/22/2004parentEmpresa is an outstanding school. I feel it is the top school in all of Vista Unified. The teachers go above and beyond the call of duty. Each student is treated as an individual. The administration at Empresa is oragnized and holds a strong vision for positive student learning. I am proud to have my children attend such a fine academic school.

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