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Vallemar Elementary School - Pacifica, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Vallemar Elementary School377 Reina Del Mar Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 738-6655K-8San MateopublicPacifica

Class SizeGradeYear
25 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic59.272009
Black, non-Hispanic0.552009
Pacific Islander1.272009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.912009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Barbara Ng2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/18/2012parentMy son entered Vallemar school in the last four weeks of the 6th grade coming from out of state. The best thing about this school for the middle school age child is the smaller environment. If you have a child, who like mine, is not mature enough yet for the high school like environment of some of the larger middle schools this is ideal. We liked the smaller school environment and easy to navigate campus. Last year, my son's two teachers were very young. While they were nice they were not as responsive to email, etc. as I would have expected and that was frustrating at times. This year his new teacher is a seasoned professional and I am very happy with her so far. The only thing I notice about Vallemar is that even though it is reputed to be one of Pacifica's more academic schools the children, the boys at least, don't seem to care much about learning. My son is applying to private high school and it isn't "cool" to be smart, as a boy, at Vallemar. So parents with ambitious children beware - your child may not be in an environment of peers at Vallemar that supports those goals. Lastly, the principal is the most invisible principals of any public school I've ever encountered. MIA.
9/29/2011parentThis is a fantastic school with excellent staff members. Teachers are very caring and implement a lot of technology within classrooms.
6/12/2011parentThe lower elementary experience is good. The teachers are caring, insightful and creative. Increased class sizes and a few combination classes are an unfortunate reality now. Students are very much expected to learn in the traditional sit-and-learn manner as a teacher imparts information. If you have a child with learning differences or is overly active, this is not a good choice. A few very talented teachers step outside this teaching style and really engage the students in a more contemporary fashion with hands on activities. You cannot request teachers at this school. 5-8 grades is a very different experience. Some teachers communicate well, others have little contact. It shows in how the children are educated. Behavior problems have gotten worse with a new principal who has little experience. Leadership is lacking and the little bullying there is pawned off on the new counselor. The parent group is active, but they spent a lot of money on electronic whiteboards. You don't have to volunteer at this school which is great if you work full-time. The daycare is good. I have sent more than one child through Vallemar, it has changed a lot.
5/18/2011parentgood kids, safe neighboorhood, great teachers, great principal, nice staffs, great PTO. It's the best school in the district! !!
5/21/2010parentThe Teachers, students, principal and educational standards! And the PTO!
5/20/2010parentIt's the best school. The teachers are truely care about their students.
5/19/2010parentIt is the best school , the teacher are super nice with all the children. Their curriculum is excellent, is located in a very safe neighboorhood and I appreciate all the parents involvement. The staff truly cares about their students.
5/19/2010parentThe teachers are simply the best. They really care about our children and educating them to the best of their ability. It is a wonderful place.
5/17/2010parentI love the parent involvement, which makes this school such a great school!
5/17/2010parentThe parents really work with the teachers and it shows in the kids work and social skills. Keep up the great job!
5/16/2010parentThe staff works well together and truly cares about the students. The school community at Vallemar supports parents and students.
5/15/2010parentIt enables a creative atmosphere for my kids to learn and grow. The teachers are very supportive, caring, dedicated, and teach the kids the very best way they know.
5/14/2010parentvallemar is a community geared, academically challenging school
5/13/2010parentAll three of my kids go to Vallemar, and they are all getting a first class education. As an English teacher, I am especially amazed at how well they teach composition.
5/13/2010othermy grandchild is a student of this school and she excells in her class.If it weren't for the interest of the teachers in their students the children would not be successful.
5/13/2010parentMy child and grandchild are in the 2nd grade. From K to 2nd grade all the teachers have been fantastic. The teachers are not only very nice but are also very communicative and helpful. I can email the teacher in the morning and receive a response by noon.
5/13/2010parentExcellent teachers and PTO which raises and uses funds for dynamic classroom/academic enrichment materials.
5/12/2010parentThe staff at Vallemar including office, parents, teachers all work together for the best of all the children. I am proud to be a Vallemar parent.
5/12/2010parentI have had two of my children attend Vallemar, so I have been around for the last 12 years between the two of them. I have really enjoyed the teachers, they have always cared for the children, kept me involved and listened. Vallemar keeps the parents involved in the school.
5/12/2010parentLove the unity of the school, including the teachers & students. The emphasis of dedication to school work and helping others is excellent!
5/12/2010parentVallemar is a great school not only because they are very strong or excel academically but also of the good relationships of parents & teachers and also the contributions of all parents to help the school achieve its goal which is always to be on top. Go go go Vallemar.
5/12/2010parentAmazing teacher's who inspire my children!!
5/12/2010parentGreat families, teachers and staff. We have made life-long friends here, and feel our kids are being set up for success.
5/12/2010parentVallemar has a great staff. The teachers are wonderful and each one works well with their grade level team.
5/11/2010parentDedicated staff and awesome technology investment by PTO
5/10/2010parentThis school is awesome. The staff and parents all work together to ensure the success of our children. Everyone goes the extra mile and our children love this school
5/7/2010parentI enjoyed going to Vallemar School. My son enjoyed going to Vallemar School and now my grandson enjoys going to Vallemar School. We love Vallemar School - It's the Best.
5/7/2010parentgreat teachers and wonderful programming at all grade levels.
5/6/2010parentThe teachers and staff are wonderfully dedicated to the students, and the education is solid. And just as important, the families are very involved in the educational process.
5/6/2010parentmy child has gone to vallemar since kinder. and i have been pleased with all teachers, the education provided and my child looks forward to going to school everyday.
5/6/2010parentI feel my kids are getting a quality education and they enjoy going to school.
5/6/2010parentMy kids love going to Vallemar School and I enjoy volunteering my time at school. The Teacher and Staff are very dedicated to the academic advancement of our children.
5/5/2010parentOur children get an excellent education there and the teachers are awesome!
5/5/2010parentGreat teachers, new facilities, an awesome PTO and a beautiful setting. Oh and greta test scores too. What's not to like?
5/5/2010parentThe teachers are inspiring, everyone from students to parents to teachers take pride in the school and all help to maintain it, both in education programs as well as building maintenance.
5/5/2010parentThe students do very well here, we have great parent participation. Our PTO along with our parents and the staff raise a lot of funds to provice extra curricular activities that were cut many years ago. The teachers and staff are great.
5/5/2010parentGreat Teachers that actually care about our kids and their future. They are willing to spend their extra time and money to give our kids the best education they can. The volunteers at our school are fantastic. Being a full time working Mom I tip my hat to those who give their time to our school!
5/5/2010parentAll the staff and teachers really care about the students. They are always willing to meet and work with you and your child for the best learning experiences.
5/5/2010otherGreat teachers that listen to the kids and care.
5/5/2010parentThe teachers are terrific, and the parents are involved. They do so much with so little, and really want the best for our kids. They deserve more funding than they have, and our kids do as well...
5/5/2010parentTraditional academics works. The kids are bright, motived and happy. Thanks to the great teachers!
5/5/2010parentI just love the GREAT feeling I get as I approach the school! There are always so many welcoming faces. Kids are happy, teachers are enthusiastic, parents seem to be friends with one another. The whole school works well together and there is a true sense of community at Vallemar. This is hard to achieve since our district has a lottery system and Vallemar is not a traditional neighborhood school.
5/5/2010parentYou couldn't ask for better staff or more involved parents. It is the best!
5/5/2010parentTHE BEST school district for being ranked very low in government funding, awesome parent volunteers, awesome teachers and staff, awesome down-to-earth community!
5/5/2010parentGreat school. The level of academic standards is very high comparing to other schools.
5/5/2010parentVallemar is a great school because of the teachers, staff, wonderful families and terrific students. We have a community feel on a beautiful campus. We work together and succeed together!
5/5/2010parentBeing new to Pacifica when our first child was ready for school, we had heard great things about Vallemar's hardcore emphasis on academic basics. We sat through all the lottery meetings for the various magnet schools and patiently waited - until the very last second - to get the call from Vallmar that our child was accepted. We jumped on it and have never been sorry. When kid #2 arrived, there was no doubt that she would also attend Vallemar. Our first has since gone onto high school, as prepared as I could have ever hoped. #2 is on track to be as prepared and then some. I wish there was more emphasis or even time made for physical education and activity and I can't say that I've always adored the administration (but have definitely adored most of the teachers!), I wouldn't hestitate for a second to recommend this wonderful school. If you want your child to have an excellent all-around public education, Vallmar is the place to be.
5/5/2010parentGreat Teachers and Staff.....They really care for your children to get ahead!!!
5/5/2010parentBecause they are the best school on the coast. The teachers and staff are really good with our children
5/5/2010parentUpdated school facilities, before and after school daycare on site, after-school activities, teachers that care, super-supportive Parent Teacher Organization
5/5/2010parentI love teaching at Vallemar School because we are a family, parents, teachers, and students working together to ensure students get what they need in terms of education, support, character building, and social skills to succeed in today's world.
5/5/2010parentAll my kids went there. My son went to Vallemar from K-8 and is now at San Jose State. I have another child in high school taking AP classes and one in 7th grade that is there now. So that is to say that my kids got the best education at Vallemar! Great teachers and staff!
5/5/2010parentWe have the best, most caring, and inspirational principal and teachers at Vallemar. We are very proud to have our five children attend Vallemar School.
5/5/2010parentThis is a very good school where the teachers care and the parents are involved.
5/5/2010parentAll I can say is that my daughter excelled academically since she moved to Vallemar from a catholic school. She's only on her second year in this school but she continues to be motivated.
5/5/2010parentTeachers and Faculty are all wonderful. Great learning envionment. My Kindergartener is reading adult books to me all thanks to Vallemar School.
5/5/2010parentWish I went to this school when I was a kid. Very warm envionment to be in. Everyone is so friendly. I am a Grandparent that picks up here.
5/5/2010otherLove this School. Everyone should be so lucky to go here.
5/5/2010parentVallemar School has exceptional teachers and principal. My children are very fortunate to attend Vallemar.
5/5/2010parentWe have a terrific School with wonderful Teacher's and Parents
5/5/2010parentVallemar is a fantastic school. The 5 teachers we've had so far have all been truly excellent and the parent concensus is that they really all are. It has a charter or private school feeling with high expectations that we really appreciate. I can't imagine another public school that provides a more enriching education and solid foundation than Vallemar.
5/5/2010parentVallemar School is the besgt school in the Pacifica School District. We have the best kids, teachers and parents!
5/5/2010otherI feel very strongly that Vallemar Elementary is the best in the West ! The Teachers and Staff go above and beyond the call of duty in providing a rewarding educational environment for my most important seven year old Grandson . He looks forward everyday to the learning challenges that his teacher shares with him . Words can`t explain my appreciation for all that you do .
5/5/2010otherVallemar Elementary is a great school. My two grandsons love going there. Vallemar provides mental and physical outlets.
5/5/2010parentBeause even though the state of California has no money for education, the community at Vallemar school; our teachers, staff, parents and kids, still manage to do the most amazing job with very little. I don't know how long it can last, though
5/5/2010parentVallemar Elementary is an excellent school, as well as a caring community of students, educators, and parents. My daughter's teachers are hard-working, creative, and truly dedicated to delivering a strong curriculum.
5/4/2010parentThe teachers are fabulous and the PTO is very dedicated.
5/4/2010parentVallemar has a wonderful community of students and parents who work to keep this school great!
5/4/2010parentBecause the teachers and all the school staff truly care about their school and the children and their families. There is a true sense of community at our school.
5/4/2010parentGreat Teachers, scores, programs! PTO is very dedicated!
5/4/2010parentDedicated parents, teachers, and staff. Wonderful students! Strong PTO bridges state funding shortfalls.
5/4/2010parentVallemar is a great school. Our teachers go above and beyond and the PTO is the glue that keeps it all together.
5/4/2010parentMy daughter has had a fantastic time at vallemar. Her teacher has been great and the parental support is awesome! PTO is very involved and does a great job with fundraising.
5/3/2010parentBecause it is a K-8 school and the parents are so involved that you can't help but know each not just the children but the families, teachers and the staff. You gotta love it!
5/3/2010parentThey have great and wonderful teachers. The teachers are fantastic and the school system needs teachers like the ones at Vallemar.
5/3/2010otherVery supportive teachers and principal. Even the janitorial staff, Kathleen, care about the well being of the children.
5/3/2010parentThis school is excelent. I love because help my son with his special needs, and excelents teachers,and great activities in the after school... Love you very much Vallemar...
5/2/2010parentWish I could have gone to a school like Vallemar when I was a kid. Lots of caring teachers and staff. The principal is attentive to all the needs of the school. Parent participation is terrific and has helped enhance our entire community.
5/2/2010parentThis school supports each and everyone of their students. My child has been surrounded by love and attention from too many staff members to mention. The teachers at this school share a special love for children and desire to teach.
5/2/2010otherVallemar School has such wonderful teachers who do their best to shape children's lives in a positive way. They are limited on resources provided by the school, so go out and purchase their own supplies so their childre won't go without. The experiences the children receive by the great effort and love of the teachers are life changing. Ms and Mrs Stoddard are both wonderful women who truly care for the kids.
5/2/2010parentVallemar School has a strong group of parents involved in assisting teachers to acheive their daily goals of bringing quality education to our children...even in these trying times. The dedication of the teachers through it all is what is key to the success of Vallemar. I would send my children no where else!!!
5/2/2010parentMy child will start Kindergarten at Vallemar next year and I have heard nothing but good things which is why we chose Vallemar.
5/2/2010parentVallemar is the perfect school for my son. The collaboration between the teachers and parents is cohesive it only makes Vallemar the ideal place for my son to learn and become a better person.
5/2/2010parentBecause the Vallemar teachers and school staff inspire and guide our children to learn, grow, and achieve their dreams. The teachers have high expectations, encourage and challenge students to do their best. My two children have excelled at Vallemar. It is a rigorous, structured academic program with caring, supportive teachers. There is also a wonderful group of active parents who give their time, energy, and financial support to the program. The parent group supports and funds art, music, science, psychomotor/PE, computer lab, field trips, assemblies, library, crossing guard, and reading. This support provides the students with an enriched educational experience. Vallemar is special because of the strong community and the love and caring from our dedicated teaching staff. In a school district with very limited funds, our school is A+.
5/1/2010parentThe parent participation helps make the school great
4/30/2010parentThe teachers truly care about each kid and making their learning experience a positive one.
4/30/2010parentI love vallemar school because its very close to my house and all the staff is very friendly .Also its a k-8 school.
4/29/2010parentMy grandson is happy at Vallemar and he is getting a great education there. The teachers and the principal are very dedicated.
4/29/2010parentMy granddaughters is getting a great education there. Her teachers have been great so far!
4/29/2010parentMy granddaughter has such an enthusiasm attending school each day.
4/29/2010otherMy granddaughter's teacher is great. She is enthused and excited about school.
4/29/2010parentThe staff and teachers truly care about their students and families. We are so fortunate to have our daughter in Vallemar School and can't wait for our son to be there too.
4/29/2010parentChildren learns well, they all get along with each other. Teachers keep their class up to date, and they do not get bored easily.
4/29/2010parentVallemar has excellent teachers, staff and students. They strive to achieve the highest goals in the state.
4/28/2010parentVallemar's teachers and staff are wonderful. I feel that my daughter is on the right path for a very successful education. Her teachers and the staff take such good care of her! Thanks!
4/28/2010otherExcellent school for my grandsons! I see wonderful teachers and staff there. I do volunteering there and see great teamworks!
4/28/2010parentVallemar School has a great academic program complimented by great teachers and school staff.
4/28/2010parentWe have a great sense of community that's created when parents, teachers, and staff are working together. The volunteer hours I see parents invest here is a huge source of pride.
4/28/2010parentThe teachers are great! My kids are so happy to be at Vallemar.
4/28/2010parentThis is really a fantastic school! We couldn't ask for more dedicated teachers and staff, parents are really involved, and even in these budget-crunch days they manage to get in so many extras like field trips and after school classes.
4/28/2010parentDedicated school staff, especially teachers (despite budget shortcomings) along with strong community involvement have helped my kids thrive at Vallemar.
4/28/2010parentYou can tell that the teachers here love their jobs and really enjoy teaching. Parents volunteers are welcome!
4/28/2010parentVery dedicated teachers, staff and parents; high school pride by students; consistently high test scores; interesting field trips and overnight trips
4/28/2010parentIt is made up of a wonderful community of families and staff
4/28/2010parentA great school and good teachers. The principal is very dedicated as well.
4/27/2010otherMy grandsons go there and I can see they are getting good education with great teachers and staff.
4/25/2010parentThere is a great partnership between the teachers, staff, and parents that help all of our students be successful at this school.
4/25/2010parentTeachers & Staff are always helpful and caring. Parent Volunteers are the best.
4/13/2010parentVallemar is one of the only schools I can send my child to that offers even more than any other private school. It's staff exhibits a great dedication to the future of it's students, and takes pride in the life it leads
12/16/2009parentVallemar is head and shoulders above all the other Schools in a district that has genuinely stiff competition. I have 3 children and after 8 years am still amazed at the dedication of teachers and parents that make Vallemar such an exceptional school.
9/18/2009parentThe best thing about Vallemar is the enthusiasm of the principal, teachers, parents, and students.
9/16/2009parentThe volunteer parents are truly awesome. They work so hard in keeping our school beautiful and enriching.
9/16/2009parentVallemar is an outstanding public school and learning community. Even after budget cuts, Vallemar continues to offer a well balanced curriculum and learning experience for Pacifica students. Vallemar has excellent leadership in its Principal, dedicated teachers and staff, and a great parent volunteer group. On a more personal note, I attended back to school night along with hundreds of other parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and students, and was amazed at the turnout. The school was a-buzz with people filling the auditorium and classrooms to capacity, eager to learn about the new school year and ways to work together to help make Vallemar s 2009-10 school year even better than last year!
9/19/2008parentI love this school, the teachers are wonderful. Both my children are exceling in this school. Even my child that has been having a really rough time in school. We hardly have any problems with him since coming to Vallemar. He tells us he likes this school alot.
5/30/2007parentVallemar is an outstanding school with responsible students. The teachers and staff are truly dedicated to making it a successful school. Even with one of the lowest amounts of spending per pupil in the Bay Area the test scores are among the best in the area. Much of the success has to do with the active participation of the parents combined with a Principal who stresses the fundamentals and who scours the area to find the best teachers available. It is a testament to the school that most of the teachers and staff tend to stay for many years even though salaries are not the best.
2/20/2007parentOur child is in year 3 of her Vallemar experience. We have been fortunate to have wonderful teachers in each of her grade levels. Academics are strongly promoted in the school (as they should be). My only disappointment is regarding extracurricular programs. Other schools in the district have included drama, intramural sports, shop classes etc. Vallemar simply does not have the resources, either in funding or space. Also, the school was refitted a decade ago (not rebuilt as other schools in the district were) and has therefore received the smallest piece of the bond money pie. Some new construction will be underway soon but unfortunately it won't help some of the original construction issues and poorly constructed upper grade classrooms.
7/29/2006parentGreat school if you have a student that is a 'good student', ie: self motivated, bright, learns easily. If your student needs any extra help, this is not the school for you and Brian Connor will tell you that out right (to your horror) 60% of parents are invlolved, 15% are overly involved, 25% not involved. Problem is, it can be hard to assess what kind of student you have before you are committed. If your child needs extra help, this is not the school, or district, for you. The school is well run, but all students are a record to the principal, not an individual. Teachers seem happy to be there.
3/29/2006parentI am a true believer in the principal of a school and how this position is what holds a school together. Brian Connor, the principal, is one of those leaders who takes real caring for the kids and school. He has a true relationship among the student population. What really makes this school great is the parents and PTO. If you are a parent that never wants to assist the teaching staff in whatever duties thay may need (i.e. driving, copying, helping out during lessons, art projects) then you would be doing a dis-service to this school. I have two children at this school (3rd grade and below) and would rate this school very high for its cirriculum, principal, teachers and parents.
3/13/2006parentVallemar is a great school. Consistently high API score. My kids have been there from K-5 and have done extremely well. With the exception of 1 or 2 the teachers are all great, both in their teaching capabilites and people skills. The principal, though, is a paradox. He runs a good school. Most of the kids seem to like him. We do our best to avoid him. Other than that, we've been very happy with this school
12/16/2003parentVallemar School provides a lot of activities and learning apportunities for the students. You can see the Principal's leadership skill from the school environment and the students performance. They have great teachers and staff as well. We like Vallemar School. My daughter really enjoys studying and learning there.

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