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Maranatha High School - Pasadena, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Maranatha High School169 South Saint John Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 817-40109-12Los Angelesprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic53.17922008
Black, non-Hispanic14.16182008
Native American or Native Alaskan0.5780352008

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Charles Crane2008

8/16/2012otherIf you start your child at this school this year, it may well be out of business before he or she finishes. They moved to a deluxe campus in Pasadena a few years back, but they have never figured out how to run a school that is worthy of it. As other reviewers have said, admissions here are completely noncompetitive, and the academic level of the school reflects it -- very, very weak. Just one signal example is that young-earth creationism (the idea that the earth is about 6000 years old) is taught as a viable alternative in science classes. If you are a fundamentalist Christian who finds this attractive, you should know that their treatment of teachers and staff is in no way Christian. They have laid off some of their best people to hire cheaper, less qualified ones -- mostly fresh out of places like Azusa Pacific and Biola. The old-boy network dominates here, and there are significant problems with sexism. There are a lot of good options for private education, including Christian education, in and around Pasadena. Don't settle for Maranatha.
8/7/2012parentMaranatha High School has been an exceptional high school for my child. All four years have proven challenging and the school has done an excellent job at preparing my child for acceptance in to some of the top colleges in the country. The school offers the students a full breadth of academic opportunity, including a large selection of Advanced Placement and Honors courses. The one negative that we experienced was during this past academic year. Apparently, the school has brought in some new Board Members and a new principal and they have done a fine job at removing some of the best teachers that I have ever experienced, including the Head-of-School. This is truely unfortunate and Maranatha may have a less bright future due to this change. My five star rating is based upon the experience that we had before the recent changes. Tread lightly when considering this school and be aware of these new changes in staff.
5/27/2012studentI was a freshman this year at Maranatha high school and I left for the second semester. It was not a good school at all!!!! There was no challenge in the academics. I was a straight A+ student (even in PHYSICS). Everything was easy and it was stupid and a waste of precious time. The teachers are young and inexperienced (most). And the christian thing is VVERRY strict. They focused on christianity and Jesus more than our education and colleges. This school is a miserable fail and I'm a hundred and one percent glad I left it. Don't send your daughter or son to this school if you want them to go to a good college or succeed academically. Before I actually attended the school, I was so excited and was convinced that it was one of the best schools around. Well.. it isn't. Sorry to disappoint.
2/16/2012parentWe have had two children graduate from Maranatha High School. Their education at MHS prepared them to thrive at 2 very selective academic institutions. They have found themselves ready and able to contribute in the classroom as well as lead in a number of campus activities. We are thankful for the individual attention MHS faculty and staff gave to making sure our children were as prepared for life outside the classroom as in.
2/2/2012otherThis school fails miserably when it comes to academics. It is much easier than other private and public high schools in the area and accepts anyone willing to pay the tuition. The teachers are young, inexperienced, and the turnover is high (among teachers and administrators). Don't send your son or daughter to Maranatha if you want them to get into a good college and be prepared academically. This school claims to be "christian" to fundraise and manipulate parents and students. Such a scam!
1/29/2012studentI am writing this to say that this school is not for everyone. If you are a student who wants a well rounded education then this is for you. If you want teachers that push you towards getting involved in campus life and or the community then come to MHS. If you want a world class fine arts program then apply to Maranatha. The sports programs are all top class where the coaches are getting our players into college with scholarships. Then come to MHS! This school is helping us get into some of the most prestigest schools in the nation. I am a senior now and hope to have these freinds the rest of my life. I loved every aspect of this school. My only regret is not being able to help some of the very few students that did not fit in as see by some earlier posts. God bless Maranatha High School.
1/22/2012otherGrandson has just been given Early Admission. We are excited. He will be in the 9th grade.
1/20/2012parentWhat an incredible school! If you want your child to experience a total education Maranatha is the right place. The academics are outstanding with students getting into some top universities in the nation. The sports programs are outstanding not only competing but beating schools that are 3 to 4 times larger. The fine arts programs are great where the kids get to perform in a theater that is world class. The campus life which keeps the Christian faith front and center at all-times keeps the kids and families at Maranatha close. I highly recommend this school to all! Stop by and visit. It has been one of the best decision s we have made for our kids.
1/17/2012parentWe had such high hopes for this school and unfortunately for my child it did not meet our expectations at all. There are so many things that we feel are wrong with this school and we actually would like a refund for the amount of money we have spent thus far. From the quality of the teaching staff, to the lack of leadership, I would never recommend this school to anyone. The only thing that I can say Maranatha offers would be that gorgeous campus and that would be the extent of it.
12/21/2011parentMaranata High School is an appropriate school for students who are not able to keep up with an academic workload in private or public schools. The classes are much easier than most other private and public high schools, it is almost impossible for a child to "flunk out" so long as you pay your tuition. This is not a college preparatory school, but is a good bridge to Junior College or a Cal State level college. The boys' basketball program is very good, but the school's academics are poor.
12/1/2011studentAs a note: this review is primarily through the eyes of an honors student, so I can't speak for the whole school when it comes to teachers and academics. Anyways, I find that although a lot of reviewers complain about the young teachers, they have generally been superb, though of course there are exceptions. However, as some standouts have recently left with waves of new teachers replacing them, my views on the teachers might soon be outdated. I don't find the curriculum conservative at all; in fact, the honors biology teacher (a standout who has unfortunately left) emphasized the importance of at least understanding evolution, even if you don t believe in it. Academics, in both curricula and the community, are pretty low priority in general, though. I wouldn t say that the school is Christian as a whole, though you will certainly find niches that genuinely do believe in Christ. But don t expect the same sense of community like in your church youth group. Advising is what you make of it; if you go, you ll have an audience, but they don t actively seek individual students. Considering its price, I wouldn t recommend sending a student there without a deep reason
10/16/2011studentOnly redeeming quality of this school is the small minority of older teachers there. They truly care about the spiritual/emotional welfare of their students, as well as being passionate about their subjects.The rest/majority of the teachers are young and inexperienced (fresh out of college). Biggest problems: poor administration and student advising. The campus they advertise is not the grounds that the students are allowed to walk on. The school philosophy changed radically when they moved to their new campus. Their top priority was Christ, but in my opinion it changed to raising money and boosting their reputation as a college prep school. The tuition is pricey already, but they continue to make excessive demands for more money from the parents. As a Christian, I would say this school has a spiritual darkness around it. The staff was obsessed with keeping appearances by being overtly strict, and by manipulating students. Most of my friends that graduated with me were traumatized, to the point where some had to go to counseling. I did well academically here, but I met lots of resistance from the staff, and wouldn't attribute the success I achieved to my experience at this school.
10/11/2011studentif you are planning on sending someone to this school, DON'T! this is a mediocre school, for the Rejects of other schools. They will take anyone who can pay the price. but if you want to send your Child for good christian values, DON'T, all the peers talk about is sex, drugs, and how spoiled they are by "god". If you are sending your Kid so that he can get ahead in his academics, and look good for colleges, DON'T! They WILL NOT allow your child to graduate early, though yet they "care" for the students and want them to grow and succeed, they expect you to pay each full years tuition regardless of the amount of core classes, or AP classes you are in. they will not lower tuition for the a student who only has three core classes. If you are sending your kid here, DON'T! Maranatha cost too much, but yet on top they keep asking for money and guilt trip you with, "its the christian thing to do". plain and simple, if you care for your student, you would be wise to NOT send your kid here, even at last resort.
10/2/2011studentComing from a public school I was nervous coming to a religious school; however the religion isn't too much to handle and just give a supportive basis if needed. The education is challenging, and is currently shaping me to try my hardest even the regular classes require a lot of work. Maranatha DOES teach about evolution, and other sciences. Hopefully, more students can experience this amazing education that I and 700 others are currently experiencing.
8/9/2011studentComing to Maranatha my freshman year, I was nervous as any new student would be, however, once I started I knew I had found the right place. I had previously been at another school I was unhappy at, but all of that changed with Maranatha. I joined various clubs and sports, made friends I know will last a lifetime, and was academically challenged to my limit. This school is great about letting kids explore whatever subjects they're passionate about. For whatever subjects you're interested in, there are numerous AP and Honors courses to choose from that will challenge you to think critically and analytically. The teachers here are what absolutely make our great academic environment possible. . The teachers here want to know how you're doing and help you succeed, they're there to mentor you and help you grow as well as challenge you. The club and sports programs are fantastic and give kids a sense of community and friendship outside of the classroom. I can assure any prospective student that you will find the group you desire for here, with such a diverse, yet kind student body. Overall, I thank my parents for sending me here about once a week because I am SO happy at this school.
8/8/2011parentWe are thrilled with the education our child is receiving at Maranatha. There are many AP and Honors classes to choose from and the teachers are very encouraging and caring. The sophomore AP World History class has incredible results. Over 95% of the students get a 3 or better on the AP exam and most of the students get a 4 or 5. The Speech and Debate program offers a great opportunity for students to get involved and the teacher is excellent. The swim coaches are amazing mentors to the swim team. Such a great school!!!!
8/4/2011parentAs I was reading the reviews below, I began to reflect on the reasons why I send my son to Maranatha. First of all, he was faltering in our public school system. Now he is an "A" student, well liked by his peers. I find the school to be a positive environment for learning, with a perk of having a BEAUTIFUL campus. The teachers, staff and other parents have been wonderful and welcoming. If you are considering this school, stop by and visit.
8/3/2011parentMy son graduated from Maranatha this year, and we are extremely satisfied with the education and preparation he received over the 4 years. The opportunities to be involved in athletics, clubs, study groups and service projects, led by caring coaches, mentors and teachers have been many. The encouragement to pursue a life of faith that is authentic and real has been strong. And while he has been taught to think from a Biblical perspective, the excellent teachers who have influenced him have represented a spectrum from conservative to liberal (if political persuasion is sensed at all), and have come from a variety of denominations and traditions. He has emerged as an independent and creative thinker, who has a strong community of diverse friends.
7/23/2011parentMy student just graduation from MHS and for the most part the experience was satisfying. The restrictions placed upon the students keep them in line and disciplined which is a conducive environment for learning. The campus is breathtakingly beautiful, complete with coy ponds, streams, and fountains. However, be warned, that if you student's views deviate from evangelical Christians, and I don't mean loving evangelicals like Jim Wallis, then your child will not fit in with the majority of teachers or students. This promotes an atmosphere where conservative Christians are embraced as well as their charity projects. Yet, if you are kind to, understanding of, or helpful to homosexuals, democrats, troubled youths, or animal rights then you will be ostracized by most of the students and most of the teachers. Leading with kindness and being loving towards all people is not practiced at MHS unless you are very conservative.
5/12/2011studentI am current'y goes to Maranatha. If you want to graduate from high school and have an awesome senior year, I won't recommend this school at all. We have to do senior project called "Capstone" which is a research paper included presentation and etc. if you do not pass it they won't graduate you. The teacher are weird. Every subject they somehow can related it to Christianity. A FEW teacher are very nice. Head of school rarely get out of his cave. And btw, you don't have have to be so smart to be a bible teacher . The student were hang out with their own Ethnic group: black w/ black ,white w/ white, and asian w/ asian. The student gov are acts like they are God or someone special along with all the cool kids. The teacher usually gave more advantage to them. This is a christian school, but student still cursing, doing drugs, making out, etc. The parent have to serves school for certain hours, otherwise they have to pay a fee for it. The school will wants you to donate a lots of stuff. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RECONSIDERED YOU ARE MAKING A WRONG DECISION RIGHT NOW IF YOU DECIDED TO GO TO THIS SCHOOL.
2/14/2011otherThe location of this high school is what use to be known as Ambassador College. It was a wonderful place to learn the truths of the Bible. We attended many a Sabbath Service in Ambassador Auditorium. Listening to Herbert W. Armstrong preaching faithfully God's word. It was a time of our lives we will never forget. We learned about God's laws, the 10 commandments and also that the Holy Days in Leviticus which Christ and the New Testament Church kept. God's law is still in effect.
9/17/2010parentI would highly recommend Maranatha High School to those who seek a top notch education for their children. If I had more kids to send to high school, I would definitely send them to Maranatha High School. If your child doesn't excel at Maranatha, it is because s/he refuses to put in the work necessary. They encourage the students to go beyond what they think they are capable of. Some people will always have something negative to say about Maranatha, but like they say, "the grass always seems greener on the other side." Sure, Maranatha is not a good fit for all students, but what school is? If you are a person with good morals and the desire to grow in all aspects, and if you are not easily intimidated by challenges and want to have an enjoyable time in high school, then Maranatha is the school for you.
9/17/2010parentMy daughter is receiving an outstanding education at Maranatha. She is constantly engaged and challenged by her teachers. She is taking AP and honors classes, plays sports, is on student government, and participates in the Speech & Debate Team. in addition, she is having a lot of fun at Maranatha! I am constantly impressed by how caring the teachers, staff and students are. There is a true warm feeling of community at this school in which everyone cares about each other. This school is well-rounded, while at the same time grounded by Christian values and good common sense. The teachers and coaches have a deep sense of faith which translates into tough teaching and coaching coupled with loving encouragement.
7/12/2010parentAfter reading some of the reviews, I would question whether Maranatha would be the right school for my child. But as a parent of 2 MHS alums, I know that the choice my husband and I made to have our students at Maranatha was the best. Yes... it was our choice and not theirs. Both graduated from good universities, married and have successful careers. They are happy, well grounded and secure. I know that their 4 years at Maranatha were critical in shaping their adult lives. What more could a parent want for their children.
5/4/2010studentFirst off, yes this is a school that teaches from an Evangelical place. If your family is Evangelical this is a good fit for you. If you are not, you probably won't fit in here. There is no question everything (even sports) are taught from the Bible viewpoint. Some people are looking for this. The standards are some what low and yes a C average can take honor classes. I am a low B student and I took mostly all honor classes. The school's goal is for 1,000 students and we only have about 600, so the admissions is pretty easy, everyone gets in as long as you say you are a strict Christian. I don't like that many things are not discussed and you have to accept all teachings as truth. You can not have another opinion on things like evolution, age of the earth, same sex marriage or other faiths.
4/11/2010parentWe home schooled our kids until 8th grade and Maranatha is the best fit for our family in the Pasadena area. We are Evangelical and this school does teach what we are hoping our kids to learn. It does NOT teach evalution or fraud science. It does teach morality and not to respect those who are immoral. It also teaches our kids that there is only one correct religion. I am happy we found Maranatha and a school that is proud to teach Evangelical princepals.
4/6/2010parentOur family is Luthern and we were promised it was Christian, but does not promote one Christian religion. Boy, were we wrong. This is an extreme Evangelical Church School. Evolution is not taught, same sex marriage is taught as immoral and other religions are not tolerated. This is fine if you are a strict Evangelical, but if you are at all liberal with your thinking about society and/or religion this is the wrong school for you. We pulled our daughter after only three months here.
3/17/2010studentI only was here during my freshman year in 2008. It is the easy school in Pasadena to get into. If you don't get into another high school you can always get in here. I did not like all of the religion. This school does not want you to think for yourself or question anything in the Bible. There is never a discussion, but always filling you with an Evangelical viewpoint. Kids are not very happy here. I am now at Flintridge Prep and I love it. My one year here really taught me to stay clear of teachers who don't allow you to question or discuss any subject.
1/5/2010studentMaranatha teaches religion but little else. Everything from science to history is taught not with facts but through a very conservative Christian prisim. I graduated three ago and found I had to relearn a lot of what other kids came to my college with from their high schools. I found the teachers did not have a lot of expierence. I got a lot of misinformation. The only reason most kids go here is because their parents are Evangelical Christians and being taught everything with a Christian perspective is more important than facts. I would never send my kids here and I really sorry I wasted three years here.
10/8/2009parentEven though I graduated from MHS, I would never send my kids to this institution. For a school that costs as much money as other top college prep schools in the area, Maranatha fails miserably when it comes to academics. With inexperienced teachers, most of whom are straight out of college, and limited course offerings, few students end up at top ranked colleges or are accepted into a UC campus. If this is a concern for you, as it is for me, I recommend sending your son or daughter to a different school.
8/30/2009parentMaranatha is a good christian high school, my daughter is very happy there, she has a wonderful christian education and many good friends. This is her second years in this school, she is an hornor and AP student, she is not a B or C student to get into this program, she has all A's since she was at First Lutheran Elementary and Middle school, Maranatha is a high performane high school in academics and sports.
8/23/2009parentI am not only a maranatha parent, but I also graduated with many family members. I know first hand that I would not be who I am today without the love and support of this amazing school! We moved our family just so my boys could attend. I asked my senior if MHS has been what he had hoped for and he said its been much more! My other son is also having a great experience! MHS is like being apart of a loving christian family and I feel very saddened to hear that someone felt like an outsider. I know that once you come meet the staff and the many happy families you will find your home! MHS has many areas for students to become involved and I think that is a key point . I have built lifelong friendships with very special people and I feel very blessed! Thanks
8/14/2009parentMy husband and I are dissapointed in what has become of this school. Our oldest daughter graduated 4 years ago and had a great experience but our second daughter, now a junior has not found this school challenging at all. She was frustrated when students with C's were accepted into honors classes and she, always being a straight-A student, recieved an appreciated but very small amount of financial help for what she deserves. This year she will begin at La Salle High School but we are sad that in order for her to recieve a wholesome education and an integration of religious values, she mush change schools. Our son, entering 7th grade, will not apply to Maranatha.
2/24/2009parentIt stunned me to see the negative reviews hee; it makes me wonder if those of who must use the private schools focus less on websites such as this one and more on personal experience and word of mouth. Maranatha is beyond stellar.The caring of the staff has been unspeakably wonderful to my child and our family in the storm of being a teenager.One visit to this campus and the truth will display itself.We could not be happier with a school.
11/20/2008parentThe school is a joke and has lost touch with its roots and is weak academically.....I know several 'b & c' eighth grade students who ended up in all 'honors' classes. This is not the same school it was when it was in Sierra Madre or Arcadia. But in todays superficial world of constant keeping up with or 'one upping' the neighbors it serves as a status symbol irregardless of the quality of the education it provides
5/7/2008parentIt is truly a sad process to report when a school looses it's original christian vision. In Maranatha's struggle to become a premium California prep school, it is turning it's back on the christian principles that made it what it was. Crosses and logo drama aside, a schools christian influence is based on the leadership and faculty, and that is sorely lacking here. I am sending my next child to Brentwood School . Sure it isn't a christian school, but neither is Maranatha, and at least Brentwood can't call themselves hypocrites. In addition, I would rather the longer drive to be certain that my child is associated with a school that cares more about the student's personality and education than their schools image and status in the eye of the public. Because in reality that is what makes a real school.
4/30/2008studenti will say that many people say this school is less 'Christian' than others but the fact is that if you dont want to be at this school you will say anything and once you go to PHS or another around here you will see how nice this place is and we have a really great campus im not the average student at maranatha but i do feel that many uof us share the same opinion
3/17/2008studentthis school is much bette rthan i excpected i enjoy it alot there are many extra curricular activities to join. i am a freshman this year and it really helps to be involved, there are so many sports teams and clubs and activities to do and it helps you feel to be a part of the school-it is a great envirement to be a part of. i love mhs!
3/11/2008parentMy daughter finds this school very unsatisfactory and I agree as I am deeply involved as a parent. However, it fails to meet requirements and does not provide challenging courses. It is not worth the high price we pay to keep our daughter there
10/3/2007parentThis schol seems to have very good academic education. Also this school also has a good amount of extracurricular activities
9/26/2007parentMy children are enrolled at Maranatha because it is the best school for them in this area. Academically it is stronger than it has been in years. Most of the teachers are qualified, caring individuals. However, I do have concerns. I was shocked and offended when the cross was removed from the school logo. The parent involvement is controlled primarily by a few well to do families whose children receive preferential treatment.
7/31/2007parentI agree with the last parental review. We pulled out our son after his junior year. We don't like the changes or the leadership. My son did have some very good teachers that had been there a long time, but overall, the quality was disappointing at the top academic level. The only place for students to relax is in the Cafeteria. Lastly, every school event was a fundraiser in disguise. It made us stop attending school functions altogether.
7/28/2007parentWe agree with the other negative comments. MHS was both wonderful and horrible for us. We were very happy when we started here years ago. It was truly a 'Christian' place. This is no longer true since MHS moved to its new location. We don't know what happened, but suspect that a change in leadership at the top affected the new direction of MHS. If you want a school that feels like the 'San Marino Women's Social Club', MHS is for you. It's no different than Polytechnic, Westridge, Mayfield, etc. With sorrow, our last child will attend La Salle.
3/20/2007parentI have a Junior and Freshman at Maranatha. My older children went to other area private high schools. I believe Maranatha gives a complete education to the whole child no matter what your strengths/weaknesses are. Some of the other local private schools are only about being the best of the best of the best. And if you do not always fall into that category- well watch out, you will be left behind in a heartbeat! While my older kids had a great experiences, I think my younger two would not have had the best experience. On the other hand, they are thriving at Maranatha. The caring teachers and staff that goes out of their way to get to know each child personally, and their parents too. We have had a wonderful experience at Maranatha and are blessed to be a part of their family.
1/7/2007parentWe've had three of our children at Maranatha. The oldest graduated in 2001. Yes, there have been some changes over that time, notably the move to the new incredible campus but, without question, sending our kids there has been the absolute best decision we ever made. All three developed great friends, were academically prepared well for college (where they have excelled), grew spiritually (due to caring and Godly teachers) and had great sports and other extracurricular activities. I'm surprised to see the negative comments from one parent because we know many, many parents there who feel as we do. Yes, there are fundraising efforts but compare the Maranatha tuition with the other schools in the area (many of which are several thousands higher). Our experience is that Maranatha has become stronger academically, is better run and has a better overall spiritual climate that when we first started.
1/5/2007parentMaranatha is an amazing place! Yes, there is a heavy emphasis on college prep and the fundraising efforts are never-ending, but face it, that's reality for this generation! Whenever I have a question or concern, all I have to do is email the teacher and they respond back within 24 hours. The staff knows my daughter by name and she feels comfortable asking for their help. The enthusaism for the sports and performing arts programs is contagious and parents are very involved in the school and in the lives of their children. It is exactly the kind of high school we wanted for our daughter!
12/9/2006parentMaranatha has changed for the worse. If it continues on its path, its going to become the opposite of what it is striving for. Maranatha is not what it used to be, I would not recommend this school at all. My eldest child graduated from there, and my youngest is now a freshmen. We are not happy at all, and have more than had it with fund after fund.
10/18/2006parentMy youngest Daughter is a Junior at Maranatha and loves it there. I love the overall respect and reverence the kids there have for God and the seriousness with which they approach their studies. This is College Prep and there is much more expected from the kids than at other schools but as a parent, that's one of the things I expect from Maranatha. Teaching a child to be a strong Christian is a parents job, not the school's. Since when did having a cross in your logo mean your kids would become better Christians? Maranatha students are proud of how beautiful their campus is and they learn that by not walking or hanging out on the grass, that beauty is preserved. I would recommend Maranatha Highly!
9/7/2006parentMHS has had a long, positive history. Their motto was, 'Every child deserves a Christian education'. This has all changed since MHS moved to it's new campus at Ambassador College last year. Now their goal is to be the 'top prep school' in the country. They took the cross out of their logo. The kids aren't allowed to walk or sit on the grass! They're herded all together at lunch and snack, which is hard on teens after being stuck inside all day. Every thing is about image, (and not a Christian one), and giving them money! Only top performing kids need apply. If not all the kids in your family are high achievers, you'll have to enroll your kids in more than one school. This is highly inconvenient and so unlike the Maranatha in the past. The kids are so stressed out! This is not an exaggeration! Sad!

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