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Perris High School - Perris, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Perris High School175 East Nuevo Road
Perris, CA 92571
(951) 657-21719-12RiversidepublicPerris Union High

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic6.322009
Black, non-Hispanic11.182009
Pacific Islander0.412009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.482009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Lynne Sheffield2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/17/2012otherThis shcool sukz ! da girlz dont lik meh :( they be hoesz buht they alll need a beter teacher ... swag ! im on that yolo shiit they dont suk me uhp tho ... swag ! follow me on twitter Dj_FameDoe <-- sext me (;
7/7/2011parentI have two kids that go to PHS and they do just fine. They are involved with ROTC,they have a good solid group of friends, they both get good grades, and love gpoing to school each day. One of my kids lives with Autism and has never been picked on(the kids at that school wouldn't put up with it) and teachers are good. Never have they come home scared, beaten up or on drugs! I have been to the school a number of times and have never seen graffti or tagging anywhere. That's a lie. And, if people want to complain, maybe you should get involved with your kids school more.
6/24/2011studentI am currently attending Perris High School and I love it. Parents are over reacting saying there are fights daily, fights occur, but not daily. Maybe when you attended this school it was horrible, I assure you so much things have changed. Our test scores have raised dramatically not to mention we're all working hard to make it better. Our own community bashes our school, instead of just complaining, why don't you help us make it a better school for your own children? It's sad how the students can't even wear our school's clothing to a store without being criticized. People change, so can Schools. Teachers there help us and push us towards college. Don't judge us based on a few bad students. When you hear our school, "Ghetto" automatically comes into your mind. Once again, thats over reacting. Its actually a great school and I'm proud to call myself a Panther.
2/7/2011parentFights everyday. if you want this for your kids go right ahead but don't let this people fool you when they say this school is great they don't care for your kid they care to have a job. Perris High is the worst school I have ever known GHETTO, rude, bad, bad, bad, bad.................
2/12/2009parentI believe that Perris High is a great school and that the teachers arent just there for a pay check. My child wasn't doing so good and her teachers helped her and stayed in contact with me and even the sprit of the students there make me happy they strive for greatness.
5/1/2008parentto many gangs ,many drop outs, horrible teaching,low funding,
4/23/2008studentThe teachers are great!!! They put goals for us and we don't live in a fantasy like others.We know where we stand and know how to deal with the different situations we encounter. 'Never give up'' is our school moto and that is exactly what we do inspite of the family and economic situations we deal with daily. The teachers as well wa the staff are there and understanding. So parents don't hate if you don't even know what really happens at your own homes. The staff deserve all the respect they deserve!! Know your child before you blame the school for your child failure.
3/15/2008parentPerris High School for a long time has been though of as the 'worst school' in the Perris Union High School district. Ever since Penny Graham started being the principal everything started to change. Teachers follow the rules now and the quality of security is exceptional. Like in all high schools fights are usual, at PHS they are keeping it at a minimum with dedicated assistant principals, infact there are 3 assistant principle. That is a good thing to have because each has their own principal role to handle stuff. The counselors are doing their best to influence kids to do their best. The school even has an AVID counselor which is a great impact in the school because it gives the AVID students an advantage they know more about college oriented steps to take than the other counselors. This school is on track to reversing its bad reputation.
2/14/2008parentThis is a terrible school. The staff is rude. There isn't any excitement about sending the kids to college. The parents have to do all the work for their kids to go to college. Also, the gym is very dirty. Send your kids to Rancho Verde or to Heritage high school. Please do not send your kids here.
1/3/2008parentthis school always had fights and i dont like what my daughter tells me about the gang problem at the school.
12/11/2007student The propensity for violence at this high school is higher than others. Some teachers make a valiant attempt at teaching the students but most eventually fall into the 'not caring' category because the lacking in parent participation/involvement from that area. After attending multiple high schools this one should be avoided if you can help it. Send your children to Paloma or Temescal Canyon where they can think more about school and grades instead of thinking about how to walk home without getting jumped. Good luck.
6/11/2007parentThis school has alot of potential. This school is lacking communication with the parents. Communication prior to failing a student will make this school academics boom to its best acadimic potential!
2/11/2007studentPerris high is not a good school, but they do have good teachers. I am currently a junior at perris, and this is my first year here. This school is also rundown and old. But there is also a positive side. The administration is very good. The counselors in particular. They will guide you on the right road to college, etc. I hope that this will give you some insight before enrolling your son/daughter.
1/22/2007studentPerris high school is a very amzing school with teachers that actually care about you.
12/12/2006studentPerris High School has been plagued for far too long by untrue tall tales of supposed on-campus violence and crime. The truth of the matter is that PHS has been improving steadily amidst these stories; with a new Science building and new Principal leadership, the school seems to have blue skies in its future. Beneathe the reputation lies a flurry of extra-curricular activity, the school's main strong point. Though the level of Parent involvement is almost embarrassingly low, programs like JROTC and the school's active selection of clubs and sports manage to keep the general being of the student body on a positive note. The school faces problems like many others. The staff is consistent in their efforts against such problems--coinciding nicely with the experienced teachers and counselors. As a student, I couldn't be more satisfied with a public school.
9/28/2006studentI think this school is excellent it gives you all the right classes and the new principle there is awesome she boost everybodys spirit. Once your done talking to her she makes you feel like Yess Perris high is the best!
9/22/2006parentThis school is bad. The administration is pathetic. The teachers (some of them do care) think all students are wrong and won't support them.
9/20/2006parentI'm a parent who can say first hand even though the school looks rundown, I can say that my daughter has done a complete u-turn. Perris u need a new face lift. Other then that keep doing what ur doing.
7/16/2006parentMy son went to this school and this school is horrible!
12/22/2005studentThe school has grown very much since it's opening in 1897. The staff is excpetional and great, new technology enviornment.
8/29/2005former studentThis school has grown so much . It seems to have many extra activities for the students. The only downfall is it is surronded by stores.
3/22/2005former studentI spent all of my high school years at PHS (1997-2001), and found it to have great potential for academic growth. Friends in my class went on to attend schools such as USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and Stanford. However, the truly ambitious individual may find the overall PHS experience to be unchallenging. The Honors and Advanced Placement courses offered had perhaps one or two teachers who were able to provide a rigorous enough curriculum in preparation for the AP exams. Those who are artistically inclined may be disappointed by the modest selection of music and art related courses. Parent involvement is also minimal. There are not as many extra-curricular activities offered, but a few that exist are very popular with high participation rates (Dance Team, Soccer). Though I became attached to this school by sheer dint of social association, it is not recommended for the academically ambitious person.
2/8/2005studentVery nice school. A lot of parent involvement and activities for children.
12/1/2004parentThis school is a very good school. My daughter likes it and wouldnt go to another school for anything. She has been going there for the past 2 years and now she is a Junior and is right on track to gradate she is a head in her credits because some of the great classes given there. I beleive this school is very good even if other dont think so.
9/9/2003parentPerris high is an excellent school and has undergone lots of improvements over the years. people should give the schools and city of Perris a chance .
8/22/2003otherI have a family member that attends this school. All i ever hear is that there is a fight everyday, or they can't leave classrooms because of some gang problem. What the limits to students that cause the problems? Or better asked how many strikes do they get before getting expelled. Also lunch schedules. I do know that on many occasions she has mentioned to me that she never has enough time to eat lunch. Either because she is in line the whole lunch period that by the time she does get her food it must be thrown away because it can't be eaten in class. I'm sure she isn't the only one. What can be done about this.
4/19/2003 Perris High is a good if people would give it a chance. We just put a new two story science and history building, with all new equipment.

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