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Eisenhower Senior High School - Rialto, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Eisenhower Senior High School1321 North Lilac Avenue
Rialto, CA 92376
(909) 820-77779-12San BernardinopublicRialto Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.9124842011
Native American or Native Alaskan0.08295312011
Black, non-Hispanic17.79342011
White, non-Hispanic3.566982011

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Nancy O'Kelley2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/22/2012parenttoday i try to sing in to go see my doughter clasess .. in my day off and they told me that the teachers need a 24 hrs notice ... mr sanchez told me that is the law...i dont have any problems in this hs i have a grad doughter already .... can somebody tell me went the law change ??? or only change for me
4/28/2011teacherI taught for a good many years at IKE. Although there were rough spots, and some "too-socially minded" administrators, there were many more strongly principled administrators and teachers. Expectations were held high and most teachers held students accountable despite hassle from the BIG whigs. Upper management at the district level was more inclined to roll over at any problem with parents. That is/was NOT good. As a result we turned out some great graduates.
1/26/2011studentI was a foreign student here. Eisenhower students get the opportunities they need. Students who WANT to learn, CAN learn a lot here. Those who don't want to learn or find themselves struggling, are not left to their own devices. There are many motivational, helpful initiatives from teachers, administrators, and student groups. Apparently the school used to have a bad reputation, but when I was there, there were hardly any problems. Sure, it's not the same as my previous, religious school; there were incidents. But I never felt that I was in any danger, contrary to what another alumnus posted. Most teachers I came into contact with were very involved and tried to achieve the most with every single student. On more than just the intellectual level, I gained something from one year at this school that many schools fail to offer their students: a sense of an open, ambitious, and fun community with students from all backgrounds and abilities. Eisenhower is not an elite institute with 50 Ivy League-bound graduates every year, but it is a solid school where students can lay the foundation to lead good lives beyond high school.
10/7/2010otherEisenhower High School is a wonderful place to receive an education. What makes Ike unique is the school spirit it possesses. From 2008 when my daughter first came in as a Freshman I thought that the school was rough looking, however what I quickly came to realize is that what Eisenhower lacked in scenery it more than made up for in the classroom. The teachers that I had the pleasure to get to know all demonstrated one similar quality. They all genuinely cared about the growth of their student's, education-wise and as active members of society. The staff continually dedicates itself to seeing to the needs of the student body and supports student's striving in academics and athletics. Eisenhower has gone through a face-lift or too by now in my daughter's Senior year, but I've come to love the school for what it is; it's truly a special place to be.
10/6/2009parentStaff works together to help the students learn, feel that someone cares about them, get them ready for post high school, and become community volunteers.
10/5/2009teacherI work at EHS and it is wonderful. Over the last two years the school has grown 88 points in their API. The staff is very focused on student improvement. We struggle with parent support (many hard working single parent homes) but are continuely trying offer activities on campus to get families involved. The students are wonderful. They work hard and generally care about their education. Sure, like every school we have a few rotten eggs in staff and students but with 88 points in growth, we must be doing something right. Go IKE!
9/17/2009parent Well I know Most Of the Adminstratior there work really hard to see that the students get the education that they need. And Security staff are really On top of there Job
8/30/2009studentThis school is the best. It has been the ONLY school from Southern California to win the CIF CHAMPIONSHIP!! WWOOOOO!! People might not of thought we would've made it but hey, we believed in ourselves and we made it! Yeah, there is some teachers who you think are not teaching well but there are other teachers who might even change your whole life around and change it for the better too. So come to IKE!! =]
7/26/2008studentI recently attend this school for two years and dearly it was the best school I had ever gone to. Now and days I miss it really bad because I have moved to texas for special reasons of family problems........Anyways besides that this school deserves better than its geting right now! why? You ask because this school gives u everything swim,dance team,theater,choir, know the basic things that a student should earn while keeping there grades up and I say choir has drama but its worth being in choir because you go out to different places doing things you never expect! Choir & Dance are two great classes that I think you should take before your great four years are over! Thank you for taking your time reading this.....
5/30/2007parentI am a former student and I can honestly say that the school lacks in all areas when it comes to getting a valuable or even decent education. The teachers don't seem to be concerned about providing a quality education to their students and students aren't motivated to perform well in school either. The school environment and location is horrible as well, which adds to this effect. I remember being on lock down plenty of times because of campus intruders or drugs/guns related issues. The school doesn't offer its students an opportunity to feel safe and if the students don't take it to their own hands to succeed, no one else at that school will worry about pushing them. There are very few good teachers at that school, but unfortunately those few can't do the work of an entire school staff.
1/14/2006teacherI have 2 children attending Eisenhower and feel they both are receiving an excellent education. Although I don't agree with all the changes that have been implemented over the past few years, I realize they are mainly coming from the district, not the school site. As an established school in Rialto, Eisenhower has the benefit of providing our students with a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. The many outstanding teachers at IKE not only know what to teach, but how to teach it. If a student wants to succeed and feel prepared for college, Eisenhower High School is a school ready to provide that opportunity!
10/27/2005former studentThis is the best high school in Rialto!
1/24/2005former studentThis school is very underachieving in test scores/grades.
5/16/2004studentStudents can be successful anywhere if they choose to, so it's not smart to blame a school for a child's success. Also, parents need to be involved for a child's success. Eisnhower, although not the best school, does provide those kids that what to do something with their life an opportunity to succeed. Currently, EHS is taking new measures to improve education by forming small learning communities in which students have more ways to interact with their instructors for assitance or mentoring. It also offers an Internship Program for students to get job experience and it has various active organizations on campus such as FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) to give students business education and an opportunity for community service. Furthermore, although a very diverse campus, there are no racial tensions among the students!
9/9/2003parentI was amazed at the lack of attention the white students are getting when it was time for help with scholarships and college assistance programs available for them. Note:I am a Black parent with white stepchildren who once attended EHS.Unfortunately the table has turned but in the wrong direction with the teachers and staff.I strongly suggest sending your children to a school that can make a difference not trouble with your child especially if he or she is white.
6/23/2003  Do not send your kids to this school, the school officials have no control over the students. It is a bad school.
5/20/2003 The teachers are very helpful in making sure the students reach their goals.

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